Saturday, May 19, 2007

Marriages to foreigners increasing

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Between 2003 and 2006, there were 1,034,976 immigrants who got green cards via marriage to a U.S. citizen, or an average of about 260,000 a year. (stats here: )

Meanwhile, the number of marriages in FY2006 (ending September 2006) is estimated to be 2,155,000 (stats here: ).

What this means is, 12% of all marriages in the U.S. are between U.S. citizens and foreigners. Historically, the lion's share of these marriages (about three-quarters) are citizen man/foreign woman, and this trend seems to have held up in recent years.

In addition, it appears to be accelerating. In the 1990s, marriages between U.S. citizens and foreigners were well under 200,000, translating to about 6-8%.

In fact, the acceleration in marriages between U.S. citizens and foreigners appears to be a factor in the long visa wait times that other immigrants bringing in adult children or siblings have to endure. Although spouses, children, and parents of U.S. citizens can immigrate without limit, current immigration law takes it out of the hide of the number of visas for these other categories of family-sponsored immigrants, so that no more than 226,000 of these other immigrants can come in every year.

Also, these only count U.S. citizens who marry foreigners and bring them to immigrate and live with them in the United States. It does not account for, say, a U.S. citizen man who has fled and married a foreign woman and went to live with her in her country!

The marriage strike is reaching epic proportions! For 12% of American citizens who get married in the U.S. every year to marry foreigners, considering the size of the American population, is huge!!

This is very interesting news, especially for folks who believe that Foreign Women are a better option. Let's face it - there is tremendous pressure on men to marry and provide from every angle, and if one has to marry, might as well do it with a woman who is less likely to divorce you and run off with José, taking your money and children with her. About 20% of foreign-citizen marriages end in divorce, compared to more than 50% of citizen-citizen marriages.

While I don't believe that marrying foreign woman is a panacea (see this post and this one and this one and this one and of course this one for my views on foreign women) - I think that there's a difference compared to marrying a venomous western woman, but its still akin to handing someone a shotgun and asking them to shoot - there might be a lower chance of the foreign woman firing, but if she does, you're just as dead.

The best option is still to not marry - the rest all involve compromise or self-sacrifice. You could give up your high standard of living and settle in a country that respects men somewhat, you could marry a foreigner, or you could simply continue living here, and only involve yourselves superficially with women. The disadvantage to that is that men are supposed to place all their eggs in one basket and reserve all emotion and feeling for their wives only, and true friendships with men are harder to find than the the Patriarchy HQ.

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