Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wolfowitz forced to resign because of Shaha Riza

I wrote about Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Riza a while ago. Essentially, Paul allegedly pulled some strings to get his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, a good high-paying position at the State Department. When it was found out that Paul may have used his influence, an investigation started.

Obviously, Paul took the fall. No mention of whether Shaha Riza will suffer any consequences, but oh she was just a girl!! Just a poor wikkle innocent girl who got caught up in big bad Wolfowitz's plot to get her a high position and a big salary! We know she shouldn't suffer any more, the proof of her innocence is right there between her legs!

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  1. Shaha Riza Cries Wolfowitz

    >>>Mystery surrounds Shaha Riza’s personal life, by her design, yet two things are beyond doubt. She is smart. And angry.

    Guess what ?

    >>>Riza, an Oxford-educated Arab Muslim feminist in her early 50s, has worked for years for democratic change in West Asia and for sexual equality both in repressive societies and within the bank.

    The Boyfriend's take:

    >>>He hinted, too, that she was none too happy with him. He quoted her as telling the panel that he should have stood up for her, rather than accepted an arrangement that moved her out of her job.

    And she still wants him to defend her job?

    >>>“He became them—you—the Bank,” she told the panel, “and I had to fend for myself in the same way I’m now fending for myself.”

    And when nothing else works, she uses the 'victim card'(aka 'pussy pass')
    Damn. She's good at this. After all, she is a feminist.