Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advice for the Nice Girl in School

Here's something from Gonzokid. Fantastic advice, the problem is that most women are too ensconced in their entitlement mentality to take it upon themselves to improve. The maximum improvement you will see out of most girls is a willingness to shop till they drop for that ONE outfit which will make them look drop-dead gorgeous, that ONE eye shadow which will make them irresistible, or that ONE workout which will make them shed X lbs.

Anyway, here it is.

Okay, once again the whole "Nice guy/Bad Boy" thing rears it's head, and it is grumbled "Well, you nice guys were chasing the cheerleaders and left us nice girls alone on the sidelines!"

Okay. Let's take a look at that.

Too late for us adults, I am afraid, but here are some frank words and good advice for the High School "Nice Girl." So for this, I am drawing from my own experience in High school for a lot of this:

1) Looking like a girl on occasion would help.

Ladies, if we think you are that kind of effeminate boy who is always hovering, we're likely to get creeped out and think you are the school fag who has a crush on us. A skirt. Show off some curves - hell, you don't have to give us a bunch of cleavage, but it would help to somehow know, "Yes, I have tits and am indeed FEMALE." Ditch the baggy and androgynous garb. Unless you are going for a guy who is also turned on by guys, it is not going to help your cause.

2) Look attractive on occasion.

And be this I don't mean "Look like something out of Glamour shots" but for pity's sake don't play up UNattractive as much as possible. Surprise! If you are trying to be unattractive, people will pick up on it, and read it as "Stay Away." Clearasil. Brush your teeth. Shower. And while you don't have to be a supermodel waif, reducing the weight to below "Blubber" is a bonus. Even the "muffin top" is cool with us, but chances are if you have to lift the roll of fat to undo your jeans, you have some work to do.

3) Ditch the Lesbians

Yes, I know. You and Julie have been friends since kindergarten. She is, however, known as the school carpet-muncher, and you two hang around together constantly, and worse yet, you take all these pictures of female singers and post them in your locker. Whack with the cluebat, girl. We really don't think we're qualified for the position of "Significant Other" as far as you are concerned.

4) Learn to say no GRACEFULLY.

Yes, Little Dorky MacDweeberson is a repulsive creep, who has been hanging around and all but stalking you since the 5th grade. And then he finally got up the nerve to ask you out, and what did you do? Verbally tore his balls off in front of homeroom class. Hmm. How eager do you think any other guy is going to be to risk that razor sharp tongue of yours?

You watch how we treat the Waiter. We watch how you treat other guys.

5) In that vein - CAN THE MAN BASHING.

Yes, you hold us in contempt as a gender. We get the message.

6) Or perhaps, "5b." A woman needs a man... much as she wants a date. Ya know, ladies, when you send the message that a man is disposable, the only ones who will bother are the ones who don't mind being disposed of; namely, the guys who will have little interest in you after they cut that next notch on their bedpost. Just saying.

7) Mind your reputation.

And it is not the "Do you put out?" reputation. It's the one that says "Do you cheat? Are you a tease? Are you sexually manipulative? Do you talk about your wild and sexually adventurous past, and only go for vanilla missionary sex now?"

8) Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

Unless you are willing to initiate things, you will attract the kind of guy as you set bait for. This means, if you like the "hottie"who is the mechanic, he'll be in those classes and activities, not in the chess club. If he never sees you, then yes, he doesn't know you exist. You're a band girl, and hang around the music crowd? Guess who will be asking you out?

If you don't like this, then (8b) - you'll have to do the initiating.

9) Get rid of the chip.

If the first hour of the date is spent with you "laying down the law," count on you being dropped off when the dance is over, and there being no second date. We don't want to date our mommies. And if you lay down a bunch of rules before the date, you may be stood up. What time you need to get home, and where you aren't permitted to go is sufficient "rules."

10) Being asked for a date IS being "hit on." Grow up.

Expect a move to be kissed goodnight. Hand holding - or some other such stuff. This will continue, and escalate, until you put an end to it. Your sisters have taught us this by being annoyed when we are "too slow." Believe it or not, 99.9% of us can - and are accustomed to - taking no for an answer. Don't freak out. And if he is moving to slow, I guarantee - if he has worked up the nerve to ask you out, he wants to have sex with you. If all you want is a kiss, go for that - he won't turn you down.

11) Be Approachable

The final and most important one. Lose the "Hard to get" page. Most guys have a "3 No" rule. Shoot him down three times running - he gets the hint. He doesn't want to ask you out publicly and get shot down publicly - let him take you aside.

And above all - for pity's sake, if we ask you out, fucking meet us halfway and say "Yes."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What happened to all the nice men?

This is yet another post in the theme of man-woman relationships. I seem to be on a roll here.

Anyone reading this blog should know that being a "nice guy" today is the death knell for pretty much any man. Its as if a switch is flipped inside the modern woman who hears "nice" and thinks "loser". In fact, it is one of the tactics you can use as a Pickup Artist - If a woman seems too interested in a guy and you want her to focus her attention on you, subtly put him down on something, it can be anything, and say "but yeah he's a really nice guy and all." Instant lowering of his value. I used it the other day, to great effect, against this guy I know who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and let a man talk to a woman and who always wants to show himself superior to me.

What Happened to All the Nice Guys?
Date: 2007-11-19, 3:52AM PST
I see this question posted with some regularity in the personals section, so I thought I'd take a minute to explain things to the ladies out there that haven't figured it out.

What happened to all the nice guys?
The answer is simple: you did.

See, if you think back, really hard, you might vaguely remember a Platonic guy pal who always seemed to want to spend time with you. He'd tag along with you when you went shopping, stop by your place for a movie when you were lonely but didn't feel like going out, or even sit there and hold you while you sobbed and told him about how horribly the (other) guy that you were fucking treated you.

At the time, you probably joked with your girlfriends about how he was a little puppy dog, always following you around, trying to do things to get you to pay attention to him. They probably teased you because they thought he had a crush on you. Given that his behavior was, admittedly, a little pathetic, you vehemently denied having any romantic feelings for him, and buttressed your position by claiming that you were "just friends." Besides, he totally wasn't your type. I mean, he was a little too short, or too bald, or too fat, or too poor, or didn't know how to dress himself, or basically be or do any of the things that your tall, good-looking, fit, rich, stylish boyfriend at the time pulled off with such ease.

Eventually, your Platonic buddy drifted away, as your relationship with the boyfriend got more serious and spending time with this other guy was, admittedly, a little weird, if you werent dating him. More time passed, and the boyfriend eventually cheated on you, or became boring, or you realized that the things that attracted you to him weren't the kinds of things that make for a good, long-term relationship. So, now, you're single again, and after having tried the bar scene for several months having only encountered players and douche bags, you wonder, "What happened to all the nice guys?"

Well, once again, you did.

You ignored the nice guy. You used him for emotional intimacy without reciprocating, in kind, with physical intimacy. You laughed at his consideration and resented his devotion. You valued the aloof boyfriend more than the attentive "just-a-" friend. Eventually, he took the hint and moved on with his life. He probably came to realize, one day, that women aren't really attracted to guys who hold doors open; or make dinners just because; or buy you a Christmas gift that you mentioned, in passing, that you really wanted five months ago; or listen when you're upset; or hold you when you cry. He came to realize that, if he wanted a woman like you, he'd have to act more like the boyfriend that you had. He probably cleaned up his look, started making some money, and generally acted like more of an asshole than he ever wanted to be.

Fact is, now, he's probably getting laid, and in a way, your ultimate rejection of him is to thank for that. And I'm sorry that it took the complete absence of "nice guys" in your life for you to realize that you missed them and wanted them. Most women will only have a handful of nice guys stumble into their lives, if that.

So, if you're looking for a nice guy, here's what you do:
1.) Build a time machine.
2.) Go back a few years and pull your head out of your ass.
3.) Take a look at what's right in front of you and grab ahold of it.

I suppose the other possibility is that you STILL don't really want a nice guy, but you feel the social pressure to at least appear to have matured beyond your infantile taste in men. In which case, you might be in luck, because the nice guy you claim to want has, in reality, shed his nice guy mantle and is out there looking to unleash his cynicism and resentment onto someone just like you.

If you were five years younger.

So, please: either stop misrepresenting what you want, or own up to the fact that you've fucked yourself over. You're getting older, after all. It's time to excise the bullshit and deal with reality. You didn't want a nice guy then, and he certainly doesn't fucking want you, now.

A Recovering Nice Guy

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Losers hit the mainstream

I got "The Ex" from the library yesterday. I hadn't watched it, but it was there and I figured I'd check it out to see what its like. I'm pretty much sick of misandry in the media, i.e. TV and movies, and as such don't really watch much of either.

Anyway, it was horrible. I really felt for the guy, you know? He has to move back to Ohio from NYC because his princess "fell pregnant", "got knocked up" or whatever you want to call her pregnancy that places all the blame on external forces conspiring against a wee little girl.

So he moves back, moves in with her parents, her father gets him a job in a stupid hippy-cultured hyper-sensitive company, working under.... drumroll please... the guy who his wife cheerleaded (is that a word?) with in high school. Fucking high school. Not even college, we're talking aeons ago here. And apparently the bitch is getting all chummy with him again, allowing him to do whatever with her, while our long-suffering, long-duffering "hero" watches.

In one sequence, when the ex and the wife meet, they do a cheerleading routine which ends with her balanced on his hand by her ass.

It would make my blood boil to see something like that, and I would dump the bitch in a split second. Sorry, but I don't play that bullshit "Oh are you jealous?" *coy eyes* game. Fuck yes I'm jealous bitch, but you're nothing to me anymore, you're not even worth a speck of dirt on my shoes, out you go on your ass. I only feel emotions like jealousy and anger for people who matter to me.

But wait! We're married! Which means she gets to keep half of what I earned while she enjoyed her early retirement sucking off the 7 year old kid next door (I think we can reasonably conclude that a lot of women are pedophiles eh, the least we can do is repay the favors they did us for 40 years) and watching Court TV.

Best of all, the sex completely dries up as soon as they hit Ohio. Completely. Fucked. Up. And of course he can't acknowledge that he's a man and that he has sexual urges that won't be satisfied with his hand, because to admit as much means that he's some kind of fucking monster.

I stopped watching at the point the 7 year old kid gets smart with Zach Braff (God I want to punch that guy for being such a pussy).

I started to think - why is it that so many movies are coming out with this loser theme nowadays? Why was Spiderman such a big hit, and Harry Potter too? Why are so many "main characters," can't even call them heroes, such pussies and idiots?

Make no mistake from my title - Loser in the mainstream does NOT mean loser is acceptable. It isn't. But so many men are buying and watching these movies and are nodding their head, I think its possible that more and more men are turning into losers while still beating themselves up and being beaten up by society about it.

Could it be that more and more men nowadays are turning into beta males? Have this many men really internalized the message that they can never be good enough, that the girls will always flock to the thugs and jerks, that they will always be beaten around by the ones they love and cherish the most? And that they will be helpless to do anything about it?

What is the answer to this? Will there even be a backlash if so many men really feel they have nothing to live for except shitty video games and occasional sex from some broad who is banging five thugs right now?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

An older article about men committing suicide after divorce

I saw this article today on, about how men are more likely to commit suicide after divorce. This was written on March 15, 2000, more than 7 full years ago. As we head into 2008, its worth noting that the laws have only gotten worse, judgements have gotten more punitive, and child visitation is still not enforced while there are more and more methods to punish men who can't pay child support.

Men more likely to commit suicide after divorce, study finds

March 15, 2000
Web posted at: 10:36 AM EST (1536 GMT)

In this story:
A variation in coping
Women suffer too
Staggering results
Only for the divorced

By Sarah Yang

(WebMD) -- Men seeking a good reason to salvage their marriages may want to consider this: A new study finds that divorced and separated men are two and a half times more likely to commit suicide than married men.

Divorce, however, doesn't seem to lead more women to commit suicide -- a surprising finding considering the popular wisdom that women suffer more than men after a divorce, according to the study, published this week in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

"We now need to look at the possibility that divorce negatively affects men, too," said study author Augustine Kposowa, Ph.D., an associate professor of sociology at the University of California at Riverside. Women are set back financially, he said, but "the man does not emerge unscathed."

A variation in coping

The difference, he theorized, lies in how men and women form social bonds. Men make friends with whom they can hang out, and women make friends with whom they can share their feelings. "Women are socialized to have more friends, deeper friendships, and so on. Men are socialized differently, to be macho, and do not have much deeper friendships. So when a divorce occurs, women have more of a social support network."

Another reason why men may have problems coping with divorce is that they not only lose the role of husband, but their fatherly role also often changes, said Bruce Hillowe, J.D., Ph.D., a family law attorney and a clinical psychologist in Long Island, New York.

"It's still generally the case that when children are involved, the mother becomes the custodial parent," said Hillowe. Generally speaking, "men lose the role of being a father in a way that women do not lose the role of being a mother."

Compounding the problem: Men often feel like they're responsible for the failure of a marriage, said Alvin Baraff, Ph.D., an expert on relationships from a male perspective, and founder and director of Men Center Counseling in Washington, D.C.

"Typically, the man is shocked at the news that he's going to be divorced," said Baraff, noting that women initiate the majority of divorce proceedings. "The woman has also been dropping hints all over the place for the man, but he just doesn't get it. He never thinks it's as bad as she does. He's lost not only a wife, he typically loses his children, home, and money."

Women suffer too

That's not to say divorce is a bed of roses for women, said Howard Markman, Ph.D., author of "Fighting for Your Marriage" and a psychologist at The University of Denver. Rather, the findings reflect different coping styles between the sexes. "Men, in general, in the face of stress, tend to do more destructive coping, like turn to substance abuse," Markman said.

He pointed out that men tend to have a higher suicide rate because they are more likely to use guns to kill themselves, whereas women attempt suicide with less lethal methods, such as poisonings or cuts.

Staggering results

Kposowa analyzed data on more than 472,000 people collected from 1979 to 1989. Of that group, 545 people committed suicide, with men outnumbering women four-to-one.

Confirming other studies on suicide, Kposowa found that for both sexes, poverty and age increased the risk of killing oneself -- those 65 and over have a 55 percent greater risk than people aged 15 to 24. White men in the study were also 51 percent more likely than African American men to commit suicide, a finding that may suggest a stronger support network among men in the black community, Kposowa said.

The study emphasizes the need to adjust the gender roles expected by society, said Constance Ahrons, Ph.D., author of "The Good Divorce" and a sociology professor at the University of Southern California. But experts admit that convincing men to acquaint themselves with their emotional side can be a hard sell. "Maybe, if we go back to (a younger) age, we can teach men skills for having friendships," Ahrons said.

Only for the divorced

Unlike prior research on marriage and suicide, this study showed that widowed and single people weren't at higher risk for suicide.

"With death (of a spouse), I don't think there is that sense of failure that follows divorce. There's no sense of personal inadequacy," Hillowe explained. "I guess in (the) case (of divorce) it's not better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Look at how, from the very beginning, the topic of male suicides is like an afterthought. Look at how they say that men should try to salvage their marriage, while inside the article, the actual researchers say "Men often feel like they're responsible for the failure of a marriage."

Guys, its not going to get any better anytime soon. This stuff is not a secret, the fact is that nobody cares.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The truth about women from a PUA perspective

This ought to go well with the Schopenhauer post I made a while back. I got nothing to add except that I already kinda knew this before I got into the pickup community.

The Truth About Women

by Unknown

I wasn't a sexist before I understood women. There was a time when I was blissfully ignorant.

I grew up watching Disney cartoons, I believed in romance and "true love conquers all" etc. I wanted to find a woman who could be my equal, my partner. I believed in finding that one true love and being committed to each other forever. You know, like in the marriage vows, "for better or for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer" etc. And I believed that women basically wanted the same thing. Now I understand that this was only possible when society was structured to enforce it. Now that women are "liberated" (and thus at the mercy of their own emotions and baser instincts) this is mostly no longer possible in today's society. Victorian society, or many Arab societies, are examples of how society used to be structured to keep women as faithful as possible.

I'd like to point out that I am not a misogynist...I love women. But I AM a sexist, in the sense that I believe women are vastly different than men and, according to the standards that men hold for other men, women are inferior as well.

I must be a bitter loser, right? In fact, I enjoy more success with women than most of the men in this city. I have slept with over 200 women in my life. I am sleeping with 5 different women right now. They are all normal, healthy, well-adjusted, good-looking (8+ on the looks scale) professional women. (At least as normal and healthy and well-adjusted as women can be - most women have issues.) But that's not all. I can go out any night of the week and pick up a woman. I can pick her up in front of all her friends (with 80% efficiency for each approach.) Women will slip me their phone number when their boyfriend is in the bathroom. I can talk to women on the street or in the grocery store and within 30 minutes, I can usually have sex with them right there in my car or get them back to my place. If I have to settle for a phone number, and I meet her on another day, assuming she doesn't flake, I WILL fuck her that next day.

Let me point out right now that my Modus Operandi doesn't change in the slightest if she single or if she has a boyfriend or husband. I just do my normal routine and I fuck her. Sometimes she brings up the boyfriend so she won't feel guilty when I fuck her because now it's "my fault." Sometimes she hides it from me until after I've fucked her, then she admits it. I can't tell you how many times I've been laying next to some chick, all sweaty cause I just finished busting a nut all over her face or in her mouth or on her back, and suddenly her phone rings and she's on the phone with her man, giving him some bullshit story. This is with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER!!! The sweetest most innocent girls you ever laid eyes on, will cheat at the drop of a HAT. The one thing that most men value most - loyalty - is just not there with women. Women don't think in terms of honor, women don't say "word is bond;" women are basically emotionally driven. If they feel it, they do it, period. Then they rationalize it to themselves later. Nothing is more meaningful, or compelling, to a woman than (1) the way she feels and (2) learning more about her own inner self and having emotional realizations. That's why women love astrology, chick flicks, soap operas, stupid Cosmo quizes that supposedly reveal info about yourself, etc.

I must be really good looking, right? NOPE. My looks are marginal; I'm maybe a 7. I don't work out (though I'm not fat or anything.) In fact I didn't have any success with women until I was in my early 20's. That's when I decided to go out a lot and start trying to get laid... I was willing to face rejection a thousand times a night, and do it over and over, trying everything, until I got it right. I had to completely set my ego aside. I didn't get laid at all for the first few months. Then every now and then. Then pretty often. Then downright consistently! I'm in my early 30's now and I am basically a sexual god. I wouldn't have even believed this were possible when I was in high school. The ONLY factor that determined whether a woman would cheat was my own skill level. When my skills were poor, women shit all over me. (Everyone knows how women think they have license to be rude bitches in social situations... in fact I understand and appreciate that behavior now.) But once my skills got good, I could fuck just about anyone's wife or girlfriend. And many times I didn't know they had a man until after I fucked them.

Look, I'm not saying that men are perfect, or whatever. Far from it. I'm just saying, I've spent a lot of my time studying women and interacting with them, and I know how they are. In fact, sometimes I hate knowing it. Sometimes I wish I had taken the blue pill, and never went down the rabbit hole, because now there's really no going back. I didn't want to believe these things... but how could I ever get married now? How could I ever be the chump who pays for everything and blissfully goes through life not worrying about his woman because he trusts her? Look, would you leave your dog alone with a steak? You can't hate the dog for doing what's in its nature. You can't trust a dog, BUT you can trust a dog to BE a dog. Some men are disloyal... but I could *never* trust a woman to be loyal. Some men are bad presidents...but I could *never* vote for a woman to be president. I can rarely expect a woman to regard her own promises as more important and compelling to her than the emotions she feels in the moment. She will rationalize it to herself later.

Here's an interesting fact. Did you know that the median 22 year old woman has TWICE as much sex as the median 22 year old man? You might ask, how is that possible? If a woman's having sex, doesn't that mean a man is having sex at the same time? And thus, shouldn't men be having just as much sex as women? NO...because most men hardly get laid, or if they do, it's because they "got lucky." But a small group of men get laid ALL THE TIME, and fuck LOTS AND LOTS of women! It's evolution at work. Women follow their emotions, and that leads them to sleep with men like me (who know how to control female emotions.) Women want the top the top man fucks lots of women. That's right - the sexual revolution, feminism, etc has resulted in a return to harems. Women, at the mercy of their own emotions, are volunteering for the modern-day equivalent of harems. Lucky for me!! Heh.

You might say, "But...but...I'm so nice! I'm a nice guy!" Guess what? That's like a fat chick saying, "But I'm so smart!" As if those things have anything in the world to do with sexual attraction!

I'm going to give some tips here for the poor sucker guys who are posting online trying to get laid and who are spending hundreds / thousands of dollars on all those whores out there without getting any play. (You bitches know exactly what you're doing, and I'm on to your game!)

* Don't be sexually judgemental in any way. A woman's worst fear is to be perceived as a slut. She will suck your toes and take it in the ass if she thinks you don't view her poorly for it (and she knows her friends won't find out.)

* Don't get angry at her. Women know they have emotional outbursts and they need to trust that you can handle that. It's ok (and necessary) to occasionally put your foot down...just make sure she knows you are fully in control of yourself.

* Don't let her manipulate you or control you in any way. She will immediately lose all respect for you. Always be leading. It's just like dancing - women hate a man who can't lead.

* When first approaching a woman or a group, they tend to get a feeling like this is just your little scheme to get close to them, when you really just want something from them - like sex. (And they're right.) It's important to structure your body language and conversation so that they honestly don't believe you want something from them. They should feel like you are about to leave at any second.

* DON'T TRY TO IMPRESS HER IN ANY WAY. Don't show off. Don't talk about accomplishments or possessions. As soon as she perceives that you are trying to prove yourself to her, she loses all interest.

* Don't ignore her friends. A woman values her friend's opinions more than just about anything else in the world. Nothing matters to her more than what other women are thinking. Give her friends lots of attention and get everyone laughing. If one woman is feeling different than the others, she will drag them away. They will follow like a flock of pigeons. Society is the book of women. (Notice that men do NOT behave this way! Women are very different!)

* To get a woman attracted / emotionally vulnerable, give her lots of emotions and feelings. Don't just make her feel good. Make her feel good, and angry, and sad, and connected, and astonished, and intrigued, etc. Make her laugh. Tease her. Tell stories about your sick puppy. Tell her why things would never work out between the two of you. Call her a dork. If she gets heated up, she will start touching you...playfully push her away. If she calls you a jerk and punches your arm, you are doing it right. If she gives you that "I can't believe you just said that" look, do NOT back down, do not say "Oh I'm just kidding" or anything like that.

* As she gets more emotional, she will try to ruin things by throwing in logic. She will ask you if you are a player, or if you say this to all the girls, or whatever. The trick is this: Don't take it seriously by giving it some logical answer! That's right...women lose interest if you take them seriously!!! It's crazy but that's how they behave. Just blow it off or misinterpret what she's saying as though she is coming on to you. If you fail these tests, she will be gone so fast your head will spin.

* She will start asking you lots of questions. This is what chicks do when they suddenly find themselves attracted to a man they know nothing about. This is your chance to open up a little and also find out more about her and build a deeper connection. You have to do this, or she will flake later (even if you've kissed her!) Women are the worst flakes in the world! Don't make it too easy for her, make her work for it a bit. Then talk about connections and childhood memories and things you have in common, etc. She needs to feel that this is genuine. This is usually the time when I throw in a few fake vulnerabilities, like pretending I'm shy or insecure about something. I know it's fucked up but women need to see that there are at least a few small holes where they can sink their hooks in you. They get uneasy if you are too perfect.

* Make sure she gets the feeling that you have standards and that you are judging her based on them. Ask her questions that show her you are checking her out to see if she is up to snuff. Women don't like to feel like you are with them only because you can't do any better. They prefer to feel like you have high standards; you can get any chick you want, but you chose HER because she is SOOOO special and SOOOO different from all the others. Yeah, I know.

* Move her to different locations. Take her next door for a drink. Take her across the street to check out some art. The more locations the better.

* Take responsibility for every escalation. A woman will do just about anything as long as she doesn't have to feel like it was "her fault." Make it YOUR fault. Make it "just happen." She will rationalize it to herself later using the same bullshit generator that women use to flake out on dates at the last minute. Don't get her horny until you get her isolated. Believe me, emotional is better than horny.

* Keep the woman always swinging somewhere between validation and rejection. If she feels rejected, she drops out or gets REALLY MAD. And if she feels too validated, she will ditch you in a heartbeat. So push her away (emotionally) and then pull her back in.

* BELIEVE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT. Chicks do not look at your excuses and try to see if they are bullshit or not... because that is the logical thing to do, and chicks are not logical. Rather, what they do is see if YOU seem to believe your own bullshit when you say it. If you look like you do, then chances are, they will believe it too. So the key is to believe your own bullshit, and other aspects about yourself that you want the chick to believe about you too (alpha male..whatever)... because your own self beliefs for some reason will automatically 'impart' to the chick!

* One more thing...many guys make the mistake of listening to female romantic advice. Don't listen to them, THEY DON'T KNOW WTF THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, and they WILL steer you wrong. They will tell you what they THINK they want, instead of what they actually RESPOND to. And furthermore, a large part of the female sexual experience IS the inability to admit these things BECAUSE they derive sexual pleasure from putting up resistance and being overwhelmed.

If you do things this way, after a few months practice you WILL get laid like a rock star. The guys who get laid are the ones who know what they are doing, because they have practiced on lots of women. Ironically, women are most attracted to the men who are most likely to fuck them and then dump them on their ass - because those are precisely the men who have so many other options because they practice on lots of women. That's why you always hear women bitching about how men are assholes that only want to fuck them and dump them - because those are the men that they gravitate to.

Women tend to wise up when they get towards their 30s, and they start looking for a nice wimpy beta male to settle down with and pay for all their shit. As they get older, they will get more and more desperate to find this guy. Once they do, they will cheat on him with an exciting fun guy like me. (But who wants to fuck some old chick in her 30's? That's what beta males are for! Heh)

Hey, don't blame me - I didn't make things the way they are. I was just a guy who wanted to get laid. And I do. :-)

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Eternal Bachelor is back!

Yes indeedy, Duncan Idaho is back to blogging, and Eternal Bachelor is up and running again after a few months where we all thought he was kidnapped or forced to give up blogging like Ilkka.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Not tonight dear... in fact, not ever.

Here is an excellent article by a woman who wants to do the politically incorrect thing and hold women accountable for their actions. Read it, its good.
Feminism gave women control of their sex lives, but has it gone too far? Author and sex expert Dr Pam Spurr argues that many women are risking their relationships by saying ‘no’
Emily, 37, is a successful solicitor with a husband and a two-year-old son. To her friends, she doubtless lives a charmed existence. But recently she sat across from me in a life coaching session. She was very distressed. Having just discovered that her husband of five years had had an affair, she felt that her world had disintegrated. She’d been a good partner, hadn’t she? She was caring and hardworking, wasn’t she?
Closer examination of their relationship revealed that Emily hadn’t had sex with her husband for many months. When I pushed Emily gently on this she was incredibly defensive. It was her view that she was too busy with her career and raising their son to give any thought or time to sex.
Over the past two decades I have worked as a psychologist, life coach and sex expert, and I have found that Emily’s attitude is all too common. And such views don’t bode well for the success of relationships. With increasing frequency, women in their twenties, thirties and forties take a pragmatic, postfeminist view that sex is something over which they have no need to negotiate. In the bedroom, there is no compromise. If a man has a higher sex drive than a woman, then he can sort himself out. If he wants to try something new and she can’t be bothered, tough luck to him.
Eventually, Emily and her husband repaired their relationship – which meant learning how to confront their differences, including sexual ones.Recapture the honeymoon spirit
Olivia, a 39-year-old investment consultant, was less fortunate. She had wanted to make certain financial investments that her husband was against. Issues about their finances spread bad feeling into all other areas of their life and, like a stone dropped in water, the ripples from their acrimonious “discussions” reached far and wide.
When Olivia found that the stress of their differences diminished her sex drive, she felt completely justified in suggesting separate bedrooms. As she recounted to me – with bitter regret, after their divorce – sex had been the last thing on her mind. Her biggest mistake was not considering what was on his mind.
Having researched my new book, as well as talked to thousands of men and women over the years, I now firmly believe that too many women see the sexual side of their lives as something to be claimed completely and utterly as their own. That’s fine for single women flexing their sexual muscles.
But once they settle into a relationship, many will continue to do so. This doesn’t make sense to me at all – and unfortunately I’m privy to the heartbreak and distress that goes along with this view.
Like it or not, a sexless life is at the root of much heartache and many affairs and/or relationship break-ups. And although lack of sex can often be a symptom of other problems that lead a relationship to break down, it can also be the cause.
At the risk of being called old-fashioned (though I don’t think that old-fashioned should always have negative connotations) and antifeminist, I’d go so far as to say that for both partners sex could be considered a duty, if it is something that one partner knows would make the other happy.
Does he really want to go up on the roof to repair a leak on a Sunday afternoon?
Does she really want to take out the rubbish in the pouring rain? No, but partners in relationships do such things because they know that it makes the other happy. Sex should be seen in the same light.
I am not advocating submission. I oppose the idea that anyone should feel pressured into sex; I understand that the “sexualisation” of society often puts unnatural expectations on both women and men. I am merely pointing out that sex, as with other parts of a relationship, needs constant care and compromise. Why should the sexual area of a relationship be ringed by an emotional fence that makes it a no-go zone for discussion, while other areas are discussed openly, argued over and resolved?
Sometimes where sex has waned, both parties initially had different physical needs that were not discussed openly at the time. I have spoken to a fair few thirty-something women who settle down with a “decent chap” knowing that he’ll make a good father. On producing babies, though, many such men find themselves left out in the cold when they still desire the sexual warmth that they initially enjoyed. Such complete sexual pragmatism seems fair to these women, but what about the men? To them, sexually, men don’t seem to matter much once they have served their purpose.
Sometimes both partners feel that sex does not rank highly on their list of priorities. That’s fine. There’s no negotiation necessary when you’re both in agreement. But many women simply feel that their lives are too stressful, or that they are dealing with other relationship issues, and they don’t want to raise sex as yet another issue with which to contend.
That is a very dangerous place to be if the man doesn’t feel the same way. You may find, as Emily did, that he will seek sexual satisfaction without you. I certainly don’t justify infidelity but I can often understand why it happens. In contrast, when a woman’s sexual needs are denied, Heaven help the man responsible.
Jessica, 36, a political lobbyist, told me that she felt strongly that she and her husband were too young to give up enjoying sexual pleasure. It caused her much pain that he put long hours at work above consideration for their sex life. Tellingly, the reaction from many of her friends was “How dare he?”
That goes to the heart of this issue. As women, we have come to expect that we can control our sex lives completely – but we get angry when a man wants to do so.
Some may argue that sex is such an intimate and personal set of behaviours and beliefs that lack of compromise is justified. I would argue quite the opposite. It is because of its personal nature that sex should be explored between a couple. And by exploring their differences, and reconciling them, a couple’s attachment to, and love for, each other is often heightened.
In other cases I have found an even more disturbing attitude: that it’s fine to use occasional sex in a cold-hearted and calculated way as a favour or bartering tool for jobs well done by the man.
Amanda, a 38-year-old photographer, bartered sexual favours with her live-in partner when he did a particularly difficult piece of DIY or nasty bit of graft, such as unplugging drains. Using sex as a bargaining chip demeans both partners.
The solution is to take a holistic approach to a relationship and understand that every part of it – careers, finances, family issues, sex – needs nurturing and understanding. It’s the “only I count” sexual attitudes that are killing off much sexual intimacy.
Never be bullied into sexual activity that turns you off or be pressured into sex that doesn’t satisfy you. But always be prepared to discuss your feelings and desires and listen to his. Hopefully, that will improve your sex life and help to strengthen your relationship in other ways, too.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

San Diego PD puts ho's online

Prostitutes' photos, case details put online

EL CAJON – Mug shots of convicted prostitutes are appearing on the El Cajon Police Department's Web site. Police hope to discourage them from plying their trade in town using a 21st-century version of public flogging.

Naturally, they couldn't leave the men alone, could they...

Pictures of 11 women, details of their crimes and areas where they are banned from loitering were posted as of yesterday. Police said they plan to add pictures of convicted “johns” – the clients – within weeks. They are urging viewers to report when the offenders violate probation.

The goal of putting the faces of convicted prostitutes on the Web “is to move them and the crimes that come with them out of our city,” said El Cajon police Special Investigations Sgt. Mike Hook.

And naturally, some stupid academic with his head up his ass has a comment...

The tactic has drawn mixed reactions.

Marjorie Cohn, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, said the Web site violates the women's right to privacy.

“It's an incredible invasion of the privacy of the women, with no real benefit to law enforcement,” Cohn said.

Like I've said, women have a right to privacy enshrined in law - Roe vs Wade. Men? Men don't have shit.

I'm betting that there will be a furor, an outcry, feminists will bitch and moan, and eventually they will remove the prostitutes from the website. But the men will remain. Oh yes siree, they will remain.

Here's my favorite.

Elisa Salinas

Salinas, Elisa

Hispanic female 125 lbs 5’05” Brown eyes Brown hair
Arrested 647(b) PC found guilty in Superior Court
Geographic probation until 05-31-2010

Geographic probation conditions: Defendant shall not:

(1). Contact or attempt to contact passing motorists. (2). Engage or attempt to engage motorists in conversation, (3) Solicit or accept rides from motorists or, (4). Loiter, congregate or remain on a public street, sidewalk or alleyway without apparent lawful reason or business at the following geographical areas of the city of El Cajon:

(a) The 500 Block of West Main Street to the 1600 Block of East Main.
(b) El Cajon Blvd between 100 and 1300 Blk
( c) The 500 Block of West Douglas Ave to the 300 Block of Douglas Ave.

The following conditions were deleted in this case
Additionally not to be in possession of a cell phone, pager, beeper, or other communication device while in the geographical areas described above, except in the course of lawful employment.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A poignant observation

I was going through the threads linked by NO MA'AM on his post the other day, and one observation of his stuck out at me.

Another thing that you can notice almost instantly, that all married women do when they join the MRM, is right off assure everyone that they are not like that. In fact, they go out of their way to tell every male in the MRM, many of whom have been royally screwed by Western Women, that they are the epitome of the perfect woman & wife, which has been eluding all of us men our whole lives. Our lives would be perfect if we had just been lucky enough be one of these women's husbands.
So, it again becomes not all women are like that.
And they go out of their way to let us know that they are the perfect woman that we should all strive to find.
Oddly, these women's husbands are never posters on MRM boards, so we don't really know what their perfect marriage is really like, do we?

I think this man speaks the truth. The first thing any "anti-feminist" woman says is that "she's not like those other women" - the same way a girl trying to wheedle you into signing your balls over says "I'm not like those other women who will divorce you and take your money and children."

It has been said in the past, that dissimulation is the order of the day with women - it is what it is, you just have to guard yourself against it. You can't get mad at the rattlesnake for striking, and you can't get mad at the woman for her dissimulation and manipulation. That's why feminists call you a misogynist when you complain that women lie about rape or abuse or about basically anything, because it is in their nature. And to some extent people know it but don't want to say it.

I quite agree that things will be much worse for women than men. In fact, feminism's largest damage to women will be if men begin to see the natural manipulations that all women do, and men actually do make them equal and don't stick up for them anymore.
I don't really care what the women on the board think, and I am hardly talking to them, except to tell them to shut up. It irritates me though, to see women show up and start the mangina factory over and over again, and to see so many men that just love to come to heel for a "good woman." Of course, this is all just on these women's word. Every woman who's ever cheated on me told me she would never cheat on me at the beginning of the relationship too. Of course they are going to make us think that "they are not like that."
Notice that expat married men living abroad (of which I believe you are one) rarely talk about how good their marriages are compared to how the women in the MRM do. Basically, it seems that expat married men realize fully the nature of females, but have chosen to engage with one in a place where the law affords him the right to be in more control over her - expat married men are not preaching that "women are not all like that."
What we have going on in the MRM, in fact, what I view as the biggest problem overall, is that we are like a person trying to start a fire but there is someone right next to us who keeps blowing out the match before we can get it to the kindling. That's the effect that letting women into the MRM at the MRM's youthful stage has been having - they keep blowing out our matches before we can get the wildfire going.
Certainly, when the MRM reaches critical mass and takes off like a wildfire, there will be women involved. It is inevitable. Also, certainly when the MRM's message becomes more mainstream, it will tone down it's radicalness and become more docile and acceptable to the public in general.
Until it gets to that point, however, allowing women into the MRM and not pushing them away so we can get the damn match to the kindling, is going to be our eternal pitfall, as has been proven over and over by the MRM's history itself. Why are we still so small after being around for decades already?
I wish more in the MRM could see this, but they rarely do because they are just continually desperate to believe that all women are not like that.

Another good post.

I've noticed the "all women are not like that" crap a lot, but I never put it together the way Rob did here.

Why are all-girl schools ok while all-boy schools are not?

I've always been curious as to why, exactly, men's colleges are subject to legal challenges while women's colleges are not. Why the YMCA is open to both sexes while the YWCA isn't, and why the same fate has befallen the Boy Scouts and various fraternities but not Girl Guides/Girl Scouts and sororities.

Why Single-Sex Classes Are Generally Unavailable

When the US Supreme Court ruled in 1996 that the Virginia Military Institute was violating the 14th Amendment by excluding women, it dealt an almost-fatal blow to same-sex education for boys. In the majority opinion, written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Court retained full protection for any female-only programs that could be said to compensate for the disabilities women suffer: "Sex classifications may be used to compensate women 'for particular economic disabilities [they have] suffered,' to 'promote equal employment opportunity,' to advance the full development of the talent and capabilities of our Nation's people. But such classifications may not be used, as they once were, to create or perpetuate the legal, social and economic inferiority of women."

In light of this ruling, all-girls programs could still be seen as compensatory; all-boys programs, on the other hand, are regarded as discriminatory. The ruling puts a chill on all special initiatives for boys. However, while it discourages them, it does not strictly prohibit them. Programs that separate the sexes while offering each the same resources and opportunities remain permissible. In practice, however, single-sex education is an allowable option for girls, but rarely for boys.

This is straight from "The War Against Boys" by Christina Hoff Sommers.

Society is abusing boys by treating them differently from women, and not in a good way. Boys are treated as trash and scum, and they grow up internalizing that message. Its a pity that so many parents love their boys less than they love their girls.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Men are responsible for their wife's behavior

Russell Yates was dragged over the coals over Andrea's multiple murders, just as the husband of that woman who drove the family car into the lake was questioned, even though she kicked him out and drove the car into the lake with the kids screaming, strapped in their car seats.

The man is expected to be fully responsible for his wife in America. Let me remind you that this is by definition domestic violence, but I guess men are expected to walk the tightrope over the Grand Canyon every day and be happy about it. How else would you explain the number of women who wait for men to approach them and cry sexual harassment when they do?

The man is expected to be responsible for his wife's murders, his wife's abuse, his wife's spending them into credit card debt, hell, he is held responsible for "driving her" to kill him.

Is there anything that society is willing to hold women responsible for?

Now we have a mom who has already saddled the family (husband) with $135,000 in debt, goes out shopping every day, spends $400 at Starbucks in a month, and doesn't see anything with it. She goes on Oprah, goes "Hell yeah!" and basically says "Fuck you all, I'm not changing."

She holds all the cards and she knows it. A simple divorce motion, and all that debt that she was the sole contributor to, her husband will be responsible for, all those clothes she buys, those are the "manner to which she has become accustomed" and the children will naturally go with her to maximize the wealth transfer through the inevitable child support.

Consumers Gone Wild

I love new clothes. However, I like getting rid of the clothes just as quickly to go buy new ones."

This lady who appeared on Oprah lives the life of a big house in the burbs, new cars, six beautiful kids, and spending way beyond her husband's $5,000/month salary. Felice drops $400 a month on Starbucks, $240 on tans and manicures, and her children have no health insurance.

"I have six kids and I sell their toys sometimes just because I don't like them."
When money runs dry, as it often does, she takes out cash advances. She handles the family finances and hides receipts from her husband underneath a baby blanket in a drawer.
When I do shop, I do kind of get a rush. It makes me feel good... but afterwards, though, I get depressed. I'll buy something even if I really don't like it because I have to come out with something.

On page 5 you learn they're on the brink of being totally financially destroyed with $135,000 in credit card debt, $1,700 a month for three cars, two mortgages at $685,000, and are two weeks behind on their mortgage payment. Before you make Felice out to be the totally baddie, the husband is just as culpable for not asking more questions and making sure the numbers add up. He even says that he would get credit card bills and not know where $10,000 of it came from.

Lady? That fucking cow is no lady, let me tell you that. Why do idiots like this collaborationist Ben Popken insist on calling cunts and whores ladies?

Anyway, take a look at that last sentence and let it sink in. "The husband is just as culpable for .... .... .... not asking questions and making sure the numbers add up." All while the wife claims that she can’t go get a job because she has to be “home for the kids.”

This is what you're in for.

Look down. Have a penis? Congratulations, society considers you scum no matter what you do.

Unrelated link: Susan Smith - Child murderer or victim?

Wife strikes gold with husband's death

Another dead man, another rich wife. Another "wrongful death" lawsuit. What's new here? Well, she and her lawyer and naturally the accomplice judge, raided another dead man's estate to pay the fiend.

$4.5 million awarded in Carrera GT case

Over two years ago a crash involving a Porsche Carrera GT during a Ferrari Owner's Club track day killed two event participants when they hit the wall at over 100 mph while trying to avoid a Ferrari merging onto the front straightaway. The driver and Carrera GT owner was Ben Keaton, an avid automotive enthusiast who regularly shared his wisdom on the website The car's passenger was Corey Rudl, a prospective Carrera GT buyer who wanted to take a ride. The tragic loss of these two lives brought out a great debate in the safety of California Speedway's tight infield road course, the responsibility of the event organizers, and the design of the Porsche Carrera GT itself.

Tracy Rudl, the wife of passenger Corey Rudl, filed a lawsuit claiming gross negligence by many parties associated with the track event. She recently received a settlement of approximately $4.5 million. The contributing parties to the settlement fund were 2% from the merging Ferrari driver, 8% from Porsche, 41% from California Speedway and Ferrari Owner's Club and finally 49% from the Carrera GT driver's estate.

The Ferrari driver was not found very responsible since he was waved on by a track worker, Porsche was found liable because (believe it or not) they didn't put Traction Control in the vehicle. Maybe I should sue Chevrolet if I get in an accident because my car doesn't have traction control and runflat tires and all the other assorted safety features it never had and I know it never had them?

The track is paying because the track worker waved the Ferrari into the track, and the GT driver is responsible because?? Oh, that's right, he had the money. Forgot that justice is always about getting the biggest payoff in the US.

Sickening. Why is it that judges and juries just can't help forcing other people's purse strings open whenever a woman comes along with a few crocodile tears?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Noted female chefs say that bias smolders inside the kitchen

Accomplished female chefs still face deep-seated bias in the restaurant business, seven prominent female chefs tell New York magazine.

Seven prominent and presumably accomplished female chefs claim to struggle against Teh Patriarchy when they skated in on their Pussy Pass? Will wonders never cease?

In the fine-dining atmosphere where restaurants are identified with their chefs, these female cooks contend with regular reminders that the industry isn't comfortable with the idea of women in charge.

Here, naturally, the industry is wrong and the little princesses are right...

The chefs, all of whom have run well-known kitchens, describe situations in kitchens in New York or Paris where male colleagues insult or ignore their female counterparts.

And of course, male colleagues never insult or ignore their male counterparts, female colleagues never insult or ignore their male counterparts, and female colleagues never insult or ignore their female counterparts. Nope, no way. Or maybe they do, but its only notable when men do it to women. Its funny how the chefs find the time to be such good cooks when they're patriarchally oppressing these poor widdle women all the time.

Chef and restaurant owner Anita Lo says that her mail is frequently addressed to "Mr. Anito Lo."

Now that's just hilarious.

Wary of the machismo found in the main kitchen, women are more likely to gravitate toward pastry, a relatively calmer and more traditionally female area.

Ah yes, can't stand the heat, so they get out of the kitchen and whine about it. That is these women's motto. The pastry area. Relatively calmer, more female dominated, pays less but the work is easier? Sounds like all the pink collar jobs women flock to in droves. And when women run HR, guess who they hire. And bonus, they then whine about "the pay gap" and want to be paid more for less work.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Woman wants to ban books without happy endings

What in the fuck... this stuff is better than any satirist could come up with.

We want happy endings for kids' books

04 October 2007 09:43
A crusading mother-of-three has made it her mission to ensure children grow up hearing of only the good things in life.
Norwich woman Clare Hughes is spearheading the eastern arm of a new national campaign to put a stop to children's books that don't have a happy ending.
The 42-year-old has been appointed head of the Happy Endings Foundation's East of England Cheering Committee, which urges parents to only let their children read books with happy endings.
The group was set up after its founder, Adrienne Small, read the first book in the series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket to her daughter.
She said the books caused her daughter to take a more negative approach to life, which only got worse when she subsequently read all 13 books in the series.
Mrs Hughes, whose children are 13, 12 and nine, said: “I've seen the way my children respond to news that goes on in real life, whether that be the disappearance of a child, like Madeleine McCann, or bombings, and that gives them enough nightmares.
“Books should give them a sense of good triumphing over evil and let them be rest assured that the goodies will come out on top.”
“It's about encouraging children to read books with positive values. Look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there are some unpleasant characters, but Charlie wins out in the end. That's the type of book we support.”
As part of the campaign, letters have been sent out to school libraries asking them to remove Lemony Snicket books from the shelves and HEF are holding a number of activities, such as Bad Book Bonfires, where they are encouraging people on Guy Fawkes's Night to make their bonfires from “bad books”. Other reads on their “bad book” list include Villette by Charlotte Bronte, The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jeah Rhys, The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson and Shockheaded Peter by Heinrich Hoffman.
However, Harriet Cox, librarian for Norfolk's School Library Service, said the campaign was unnecessary.
She said: “It's patronising children if there are only books with happy endings and they will see through it because they know there's good and bad in the world.”
Are you campaigning for or against an issue that concerns you? Call Kate Scotter on 01603 772326 or email

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Frigid Women = Victims

So here's another "boo-hoo, women" article. This one focuses on how, when a man doesn't want to have sex with his girlfriend, he's denying her something. He's the one to blame, he's the stupid one, he's the closet homosexual, he's the creepy pervert. All because he would rather choke the chicken than do his girlfriend. She is of course, morally pure as the driven snow (sound familiar?) and has no blame in this whatsoever. Oh poor victim. I can hear the sound of a thousand keyboards firing up to denigrate the guy, how he must be such a loser, how they will show her a better time, whatever.

Read on...

The Web: Just another way to avoid sex, friends

By Helen A.S. Popkin

So here’s a story you’ve heard before, or at least some version of it. If it didn’t happen to a friend, you may very well be the protagonist of such a tale. This one I’m fixin’ to share comes straight from the mouth of a formerly-Internet na├»ve friend who, just a few years ago while closing in on the ripe age of 30, lost her boyfriend-since-high school to the wicked world of Internet Sex.

FYI: I’m not talking about me. Fortunately I’m not so unfortunate to have the same loser boyfriend from high school. Also, my mind’s been in the gutter way too long to not have heard this train coming down the track.

So, there's this couple from high school and they go to college and then on to grownup working life together and monogamously. As is easily predicted, things got super dull in the bedroom. And the living room. And the kitchen. And anywhere else they tried to zest up their premarital bliss.

Instead of doing the safe and sane thing by breaking up and moving on, The Boyfriend moved to the burgeoning world of Online Porn, dragging his Good, Giving and Game Girlfriend (as insightful, hilarious sex advice columnist Dan Savage would describe her) with him. After awhile, however, the GGG Girlfriend wasn’t enough. On his own, the Boyfriend discovered chat rooms, which then progressed to video chat rooms.

Video chat rooms then progressed to the GGG Girlfriends 28th birthday which she spent alone in their bedroom while the Boyfriend (per usual by now) sat up all night in the living room in front of the monitor with his pants around his ankles, if you catch my meaning.

Did I mention that the GGG Girlfriend was still pretty much as cute and pleasant as she was in high school when they first hooked up? Not that it matters, as is totally explained in the recently-released poll results from advertising agency JWT which states that Americans are giving up friends and sex for Web life.

While anecdotal evidence like my poor GGG Girlfriend and The Boyfriend abound, you kind of have to wonder at the reliability of such a poll. According to the results, “More than a quarter of respondents — or 28 percent — admitted spending less time socializing face-to-face with peers because of the amount of time they spend online.” However, that doesn’t take into account hanging out with friends online through such exceedingly popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.

More importantly, however, it doesn’t seem to define Sex, and as Bill Clinton taught us, Sex means different things to different people. Internet Sex, via downloadable porn, chat rooms, or Second Life, may be the closest the phobic and shy ever get to the so-called “real thing.” Meanwhile others, like the aforementioned Boyfriend, find the virtual version of “It” more fulfilling that the real thing waiting in the bedroom.

Other seemingly-important information imparted by this survey states that out of the 1,011 adults polled regarding the amount of time they would feel OK without going on the Web, 15 percent said they could do it for just a day or less. Twenty-one percent said a couple of days and another 19 percent said a few days. Only a fifth of those who took part in an online survey said they could go for a week. (Probably the same people still on AOL dialup, LOL).

That’s all very well and interesting, I suppose. But despite the suspect sciencey-goodness of such a poll, didn’t you pretty much know in your heart that the above was true? We love the Internet. Just like we used to love TV … long, long ago, before the Internet started making TV obsolete.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got the patience to search through microfiche, no doubt you’ll dig up an old alarmist news report from some other sort of suspect poll that states something along the lines of people giving up real friends and sex for “I Love Lucy.” You’ll probably also find such overarching statements about giving up same for marijuana. Or jazz. Or fire.

Whatever version of society-destroying evil you happened to scan on the microfiche viewer, there’d be an element of truth. Because, hey, all the above, like the Internet, are distractions. And as humans, we actively seek out distractions. Because when life isn’t painful, it’s often painfully dull.

So viva la distraction, or whatever. Just like the Boyfriend of GGG Girlfriend would’ve have been a perverted jerk even if Al Gore never invented binary code or whatever. If it wasn’t the Internet, we’d find some other reason to avoid our friends and sex.

So when do these bitches get off acting as though they're God's gift to mankind? "Real thing waiting in the bedroom" my ass. Its all about her, and sometimes even I would rather take care of business myself than to get her all aroused and lubed up, then make sure she comes first, and finally cuddle afterwards.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Privilege Checklist

The last thing feminism is about is equality. If it was then I would support it. No feminism is all about privilege for women at the expense of men. Remember, these are the same women who fight to get into men's-only clubs but support banning men from women-only health clubs as discriminatory. Here are some more of their double standards.

The female/feminist privilege checklist:
1. Do you experience other people paying for your dates, or occasionally even picking up the tab in non-romantic settings? Or paying for vacations when the relationship moves along?
2. Do you occasionally experience subservient gestures by the opposite sex(opening doors, giving up a seat in the bus, standing up when you come in the room)?
3. Are you able to simply pursue what you are interested in at university without much societal pressure on "breadwinning" - although you could also take that route if it interests you?
4.a. Have you had to register for selective service? Would you be ripped out of your life and forced to defend your country in time of attack or national emergency? Can you demand strength and full participation in society, but then get out of this obligation by pretending to be weak with no influence over society (only when it suits you)?
4.b. Can you come up with any and every excuse to get out of this without being laughed at ("No one should be drafted" - when you would be the first to cower in the corner and demand that someone do something if China & Russia combined and attacked full force - and "If men start wars ..." when women are the majority of voters and the expression is more likely "Men are SENT in wars ..." - exactly what you're trying to get out of - and sometimes sent by M. Thatcher, G. Meir, I. Gandhi, B. Bhutto and others)
5. Will you statistically get a much lighter sentence for exactly the same offense if you commit a crime?
6. Are you able to take on a job or choose a career route that is only capable of supporting yourself, with no thought to preparing yourself to also support a spouse/children, although you are also free to choose a more difficult career that will bring you more money? Do you not have much pressure on you with regard to this?
7. If you are in a committed relationship, do you have much greater flexibility to choose whether you want to work or simply stay at home (even without kids)?
8. Will you be called an unemployed loser if you decide to be a homemaker?
9. If you have a flat tire on the road, if someone is harassing you in a public place, if an animal attacks you, or if you are lost, will someone be much, much more likely to help you?
10. Are people generally much nicer to you in public? Are you sometimes given privileged treatment?
11. Are you much more capable of "marrying up" - enjoying the money and status that comes with this?
12. Are you statistically much more likely to be given money in a divorce - sometimes huge amounts - even if your behavior caused the divorce (e.g. affair) and even if you didn't work for the money?
13. If you slap a person - or even knock someone's tooth out throwing your Aunt Selma's Christmas mug at that person - is it much more likely to just be viewed as cute, understandable or not a problem?
14. Do you statistically live much longer - possibly due to less stress on you with regard to breadwinning, providing protection, being responsible, not having society viewing you as "expendable" or viewing your problems as not being important?
15. Do you have much more money spent on your health concerns in reality (e.g. 5 times as much on breast cancer as on prostate cancer - although they have roughly the same death rates) while you simultaneously claim that more has to be done for you?
16. Are you much less likely to be homeless? Is more offered to you by society when you are in this position?
17. Is there far less scorn and pressure on you by society when you are an irresponsible doofus? Are your default rates for payment of child support roughly twice those of the other gender, while you simultaneously complain about the other gender not paying?
18. Has whining about and hating the other gender actually been made into a course of studies in college (women's studies) - as opposed to the true, neutral, unbiased study of this topic - which is simply anthropology?
19. Do you have full opportunity to do anything you want in life - become a doctor, a lawyer, start a business - while simultaneously using the fact that many of your gender don't CHOOSE themselves to do these things as an argument to try to gain even more advantages? Do you get affirmative action because many of your gender don't choose to do these things, and thus the numbers don't "come out right"?
20. Can you manipulate the other gender with sex in some cases to get what you want? Can you pretend like you don't even know what anyone is talking about on this topic?
21. Can you manipulate using old notions of men protecting and deferring to women when it comes in handy?
22. Can you effectively manipulate by playing the victim? Do tears work sometimes?
23. Can you get sympathy if you don't work and don't have children by listing all the household work (hmm ... Oprah really does get high ratings, though) while simultaneously being able to bear the cognitive dissonance of calling your sister's husband who stays home a worthless bum that she ought to leave?
24. Can you "mix and match" traditional and progressive roles - finding just the right mix to get what you want? Can you be a "traditional wife" - enjoying the positive features of that (like not having to work) - while simultaneously being a progressive feminist when THAT gets you advantages? Or having a career while simultaneously using traditional chivalry and male deference to your advantage?
25. Can you constantly say "that's just typical" and "it doesn't surprise me a bit" and make a lemon face if you are a parent-in-law? Is near-universal contempt by both genders for your behavior hidden to a much greater extent?
26. Can almost any remark by your partner be construed as verbal abuse if you want sympathy, but the meanest, nastiest, most humiliating things that you can say simply involve "speaking your mind" and "some people just don't want to hear the truth"?
27. Can you use the fact that gender roles were differentiated long ago - with different advantages/disadvantages for both genders - to try to induce guilt today in people who had absolutely no connection with any of that? Can you say that you have been discriminated against for thousands of years - when you're only 20 years old - with a straight face? Can you even make things up about history and no one will really check or dare call you on it?
28. Can you propagate myths and outright lies ("Superbowl/domestic violence hoax", "rule of thumb", 1/4 rape statistic, intentional misconstrual of pay figures, and many more) and be given a "pass" - without more rigor being demanded?
29. Can you rationalize your own failures using the concept of the "patriarchy", and blame the other gender for nearly everything that goes wrong in your life - even with quite contorted explanations that no one would otherwise buy - while failures of the other gender are just ... failures?
30. Do you want to be treated like a child when it suits you but as an adult when you get an advantage from that? Do you "look the other way" when someone doesn't require responsibility from you that they certainly would from the other gender?
31. Can you focus heavily on perceived earnings in the workforce - the statistics of which are influenced by people's choices in reality - while utterly ignoring the inter-family transfer of wealth? Can you completely ignore the fact that one gender picks tougher jobs (garbage collector), works more hours and takes on more responsibility because of more pressure to earn - but the other gender has the same lifestyle and statistically more assets (and not just because of inheritance/earlier age of male at death...). Can you deliberately claim that earnings figures are based on equal pay for equal work? (when you probably full well know that they simply involve all people working more than 35 hours - and don't take type of job, hours worked over 35/week, danger, responsibility, years in the work force etc. into consideration at all).
32. Is what used to simply be an irritation for grown-ups many years ago - the self-centered rantings and foot stompings of spoiled high-school and college brats - now not only embraced by your movement but almost the modern cornerstone of it?
33. And if you are irritated about generalizations and stereotypes - and utterly fail to see the hypocrisy in stereotyping and generalizing about one gender while simultaneously making a career (literally in some cases) whining about your own gender being stereotyped ...
... you may have female/feminist privilege! Congratulations!

But don't let on - because you can gain much more with a continual and manipulative victim status.

I found this today, it was originally on the Forbes forum. Good times, great writing. This guy is a budding MRA with fire in his belly.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why do married women stray?

Its a topsy-turvy world...

Why do married women stray?

By Nanita Quigley

September 26, 2007 06:00am

WHEN you look at Simon Callahan and his lovely children you can't help but ask why Susan Warne has thrown it all away.

The same can be asked of any person who has cheated on a gorgeous and loving partner.

In a week when Warne has been accused of doing so again - and beauty contest star Michaela Clark has been photographed getting up close with a young man who isn't her stunning boyfriend Lars Bingle - you have to wonder if these gals have rocks in their heads.

Is it being far too simple to say women cheat simply because they can?

Take Hollywood actress Estelle Hawke, who said of the first time she saw Richard Thurman: "I was standing behind him in line (at the automatic teller machine) and thinking he was the most handsome creature I'd ever seen.

"I introduced myself, but he hadn't seen my film (Dead Poet's Society) and was polite, but just treated me like any fan."

Obviously Thurman - one of the most handsome men in the world - eventually did pay her attention, because the pair married and had two children. Then Hawke cheated on her, and they divorced.

I wonder if Hawke thought biker Janus Perzow, the man she had the marriage-ending affair with, was the second most handsome creature she'd ever seen? Or was he just the closest male with a pulse when Hawke was feeling frisky?

Actor Michelle Douglas thought claiming to be a "sex-addict" gave her repeated affairs some kind of legitimacy as a medical condition.

If you believe that, then since being married to Neil Jones she must have been miraculously cured because, hey, so far so good.

It may be safer to assume their pre-nuptial agreement, which included a $5 million "straying fee", has more to do with her embrace of monogamy.

The typical pathetic female response of a woman caught with her pants down is to call it anything but what it is.

Up there with Hillary Clinton is celebrity fisherwoman Rachel Hunt.

Last year Hunt admitted paying a man $1000 a week in order to, in her own words, get her "rocks off".

She paid money to two other men for sexual favours, but refused to call it prostitution.

Yesterday, in response to a piece I wrote about the Warnes, one bright female reader offered this profound explanation for Shane's repetitive philandering: "If men want thier (sic) woman to remain faithful (sic), they need to ensure that they don't have any energy left to spend elsewhere."

Another female reader boasted of her infidelity: "When I had a fling ... both of us were married to different spouses who we loved, and we had kids ... but we needed a lot more ... and we went for it.
Yes we had plenty of wowsers, die hard fundamentalists and purists who, like yourself, obviously didn't understand ... (who) never dared and never enjoyed the huge adrenaline rush of a sizzling hot hot hot relationship outside the box of incantations and indoctrinations.

"Frankly we didn't give a s...! In truth we both got a huge kick out of doing what others couldn't fathom or had no guts to do ... it was part of the experience and added to the rush! The adrenaline was sensational and I have to admit, was far better than anything you get in a repetitive, predictable marriage environment."

What a great role model for her children.

Of course the "experts" have their own theory, with scientists claiming that some people simply can't help being "sex addicts" because of their genetic makeup.

Last year a team from Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel claimed a gene called D4 was responsible for some people having a much stronger sex drive than others.

Blaming a gene doesn't cut it. Blame what's in their jeans.

(Mind you, these bright academics also "discovered" that women thought about sex more often than did men. Hold the presses.)

Men who sleep with other men's wives do so because they can't find a happy relationship of their own - so they mooch in on other people's.

But why do some women, when they have found a happy relationship, continue to blow it for a life of empty liaisons when so many others wouldn't dream about it?

She's a feisty one all right!

Most women get away with murdering their husbands because they use more indirect methods... such as poisoning, hiring a mercenary, influencing other men to do it, and of course, some more direct methods too, like driving over him with his own Mercedes and shooting him in the back while he is sleeping.

But female violence does not just take the shape of domestic violence. Noooo. That would be stereotyping, wouldn't it? And we all know how much the equality-chasers hate stereotyping...

No, female violence against men can take any form. Consider this. Barmaid with a real sense of humor.

You might be wondering, just what does a sense of humor have to do with violence? The answer is everything, when you're a female.

An Australian "prankster" barmaid who served a patron a shot of disinfectant has appeared in court over what her lawyers said was a "misguided" joke.

Melbourne barmaid Emily Craig, 23, served a client a single 30ml shot glass of Pine-O-Cleen disinfectant in March during a 6 a.m. drinking bout at Evolution Nightclub, causing him to become violently ill, the Melbourne Magistrates court was told.

"This was a misguided joke at an ungodly hour," Craig's lawyer George Balot told the judge, according to reports on Tuesday in local newspapers.

Police told the court that Craig "was known for her prankster-style behavior" and once covered a bar in sticky tape. She "upped the ante" with her pranks by serving up the powerful floor cleaner after giving the man shots of pure water.

The patron developed ulcers on his skin after drinking the disinfectant shot from Craig, who has since lost her job and faces four charges of intentionally causing injury.

Oh yeah. Serving straight-up poison is a "prank". I bet everyone involved thinks this is just a big hullabaloo, it should never have blown up this way, yadda yadda. Except the poisoned man. The victim, remember? This story talks more about the bartender than about the victim, funny how that's always the case with a female perpetrator. Serving up poison is just one step on the prank ladder above covering the bar with sticky tape.

Of course, Australia is one of the most feminist countries, so look for her to get off on the pussy pass.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Feminism and Nazism

The other day, ArgusEyes made a video on Youtube where he claims that men who call feminists feminazies are not very nice. There are some more arguments, but I forgot them. You can watch the video here - Why I don't agree with the term 'Feminazi'.

Here is an excellent post by Exposing Feminism about how feminists have co-opted Nazi terminology and imagery into their own movement. Feminism - Cult of Victimhood. Here are a few feminist quotes from that article:

‘A woman reading Playboy feels a little like a Jew reading a Nazi manual.’ - Gloria Steinem

‘the women who ‘adjust’ as housewives, who grow up wanting to be ‘just a housewife,’ are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps….’ - Betty Friedan

‘I have little sympathy for men. Like a Jew just released from Dachau, I watch the handsome young Nazi soldier fall writhing to the ground with a bullet in his stomach and I look briefly and walk on. I don’t even need to shrug. I simply don’t care. What he was, as a person, I mean, what his shames and yearnings were, simply don’t matter.’ - Marilyn French

Marriage today

I saw this article today by the Oregon Live website - Marriage today: Fewer 'I do's' and more just 'I's'.

Its yet another article meant to shame and blame men for not wanting to marry a Western Harridan and subject yourself to the scrutiny of a court which is based on lies, deceit, and bias. Like what was said for me in my previous post, marriage today brings ZERO benefit to the man, and a big "Fuck You" to ANYONE who dares to imply that men should sacrifice themselves in marriage for women. Women aren't worth that level of self-sacrifice, and a society which hates men certainly isn't worthy of self-sacrifice by men.

However, contrary to the way some folks in the MRM believe, I don't think that the marriage rate is going down solely because of the marriage strike. I think women are contributing a lot to the late-marriage/no-marriage culture. First of all, careers are very important to women because money is how you gain independence, and independence (from consequences) is very high on western women's list of priorities. Children are also very important, but family and a husband isn't. So we have women in their 20's who still have a very adolescent frame of mind, like a teenager with a job and no limits. They hate their Dad, they tolerate their Mom, and just want to spend, spend, spend. The amount of TV they watch is inversely proportional to the number of intelligent, independent thoughts that come out of their head - more TV, less thought. Less TV, more thought.

These women with their adolescent frame of mind want to find a white knight (or rather, want a white knight to find them), but not before they're done partying. Kind of like how a 16 year old wants her parents to come pick her up, but not before she's done hanging out.

So that is why I think women are also contributing to the marriage numbers. Note that this line would be taken as misogynistic in the mainstream media, so you never see it. Its allllll men's fault. Whether they marry or not, its our fault. It seems that its men's job to carry women, kicking and screaming, to the altar, impregnate them as they are kicking and screaming, and force them to stay home and live off your salary as they continue kicking and screaming.

Could there be a bigger lie? It seems that the only time women stop kicking and screaming is in the post-coital afterglow with the latest bad boy who makes them feel so good.

Despite their strategy, and individual successes, their county -- and Oregon -- is less married than ever. New census data reveal the share of married adults has shrunk noticeably since 2000. And the drop has been steepest in rural counties and suburbs.

Nationally, the percentage of people ages 15 and older who are married has declined 4 points since 2000. The drop in Polk, Umatilla, Yamhill and Klamath counties was twice as steep.

If you think it's young, unattached people moving in, you're wrong. Compared with 2000, a smaller share of Oregon's adults are under 35. The state's population surge has come primarily among people ages 55 to 64. Oregonians at that, and every other age span, are less likely to be married than before.

What's happening? Marriage has changed, even in the most married places, researchers say. People no longer consider marriage the first step into adulthood, and they marry later. Living together has become a normal part of courtship, and for some, an acceptable alternative. Divorced 50-year-olds remarry at lower rates, avoiding economic entanglements close to retirement. And Oregonians live longer than ever, making "until death do you part" a long time indeed.

The unprecedented changes unsettle many people, who are uncertain of where they fit and what will happen to children. Some lash out at same-sex unions or no-fault divorce.

Funny how they make it sound like same-sex unions are as harmful to marriage as no-fault divorce is. They intend to do that, they intend to imply that the same kooks who are against same-sex marriage are against no-fault divorce. Media = propaganda.

"And marriage is more open to renegotiation. Is it for a lifetime? Until I'm not happy? What does it mean? People aren't as sure, so they're a little more hesitant to get in and a little more willing to get out."

The trends emerge from the 2006 American Community Survey that allows the Census Bureau to compare the population mid-decade. And they frustrate Tom Dressel. "Couples are looking at their parents, at divorces and difficult marriages and saying, 'We don't want a marriage like that,' " says Dressel, who helps run the nonprofit Every Marriage Matters in Oregon City. "So they're putting it off or choosing to avoid it completely."

But marriage is not doomed, says Stephanie Coontz, a sociologist and author of "Marriage, A History." Optional? Yes. Fragile? Certainly. But a union today is more likely than ever to be a lasting love match with more joy, intimacy and satisfaction than our ancestors dreamed.

A last love match with more joy, intimacy and satisfaction? Pure, 100%, Grade A Bull Shit.

The content of the article belies its title and its premise - that men are to blame. Here we have a man who can't find a woman. I thought they wanted to be married? Picky, picky.

When Dahl finally took an economic development job in John Day, he thought he'd have time for a personal life. A Canyon City official thought so, too, bringing him a list of eligible local women. Despite the list, and a few forays into Internet dating, Dahl discovered the exquisite difficulty in finding someone right. At 40, he became economic development coordinator for Grants Pass. He's still single.

And here comes the misandry:

Researchers say that women, whose remarkable gains in education and the workplace mean they no longer must settle, may be the greatest complication of all.

"If you talk to young guys, they are terribly confused by women who are just as smart and sexually empowered as they are, " Kimmel says. Such struggles over equality, power and expectation are slowing remarriage rates among older men who still haven't adjusted.

Angie Sandercock has found a job she loves, close friends and raised an 18-year-old daughter alone. "I would love to be married," says Sandercock, 36, of Oregon City. "But a lot of men my age don't seem mature; they're not focused, and I'm not going to settle. Because I really can do it by myself."

Smart = Slept her way into middle management.

Sexually empowered = Slut who likes bad boys.

Equality = Some are more equal than others.

36 year old single mom = Abused her child by denying her the father she rightfully should have had. Another poisoned western woman created.

"Older men who still haven't adjusted" is quickly becoming "younger men who don't want to adjust." Better watch out, girls. And older men are the most likely to get caught out by the marriage scam since they grew up with parents who stayed together and they sincerely believe that women are better, more moral and nicer than men. Remember, a gentleman is a man who is prepared to draw his sword to defend women. A man who doesn't draw his sword at all is a pussy, not a gentleman in entitled women's eyes.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marriage is a bitch

I saw this post on a forum that I visit the other day... this guy is married with a toddler, and his wife is starting the descent into insanity that will end with him penniless and unable to see his kid. Men who marry today are just stupid.

Alrighty, here goes...wanted to get some general opinion on this and see how common this kind of thing is.

Last night, my buddy Mike calls me and asks if I want to go engagement ring shopping with him. Long story short, I end up not going, but tell him that I'll come over to his house to check it out when he gets home. In the meantime, my wife wants to watch a movie. We end up watching the movie, which was turning out to be pretty good, and she ends up falling asleep. I turn the DVD off and tell her that I'm going to go to Mike's because he really wants me to see it (he was proud, ya know), and that this would be be only chance to do so before he pops the question (we are heading out of town today to visit the in-laws). She looks at me like I just lit a baby on fire.

I ask her what is wrong...she just stares at me, looks at the clock, then looks back at me and says "That is just STUPID!, it's so late!". Granted, it was about 10pm, but that's not incredibly late, he only lives a mile from my house, and I wasn't going to be there long. He's a good friend, and really just wanted to show it off. I then call him, and tell him that I wont be coming over because my wife said it was stupid that I'd want to come over so late, so in order to avoid a fight, I'm just going to stay home. She hears this, and says "Oh fuck you!". She then runs in to the kitchen where I am and screams "FUCK YOU! I didn't say you were stupid! I can have my own opinions! We don't have to agree on everything, FUCK YOU!".

Now, this isn't the first time she has talked to me like this. Last week she cut me down and I spent three nights on the couch because I didn't want to sleep near her. There have been plenty of other times she has done shit like this. One time, she was sitting down with our daughter on her lap and screamed "you're a total FUCK" at me.

Hell, one night we went out to a local bar to watch a band play. I'd had four drinks the entire night. We came home, went to bed etc. Her mom was staying the night and had babysat for us. Well, I guess at about 4 am, I woke up, went to the bathroom, started moaning and pissed all over the sink. She came in to the bathroom and asked me what I was doing and I replied "Computer programming" and went back to bed. Obviously I had been sleep walking, as I've been known to do. I finally came to with her screaming at me telling me how she was going to call the cops on me because I was "so drunk". I reminded her that we had a totally lucid, normal conversation when we came home, and since I wasn't drunk then, how could I be drunk after sleeping for two hours? It was super great, especially since her mom got hear her daughter SCREAM at her "drunk" husband about how she was going to have him arrested, for being "drunk" in his own house.

I know this isn't "normal", but how common is stuff like this in marriages?

Oh its really common boyo. More common than you think. And if your wife were a man, you'd be able to get her hauled away on multiple domestic violence charges, have her go through anger management classes, forced therapy (brainwashing) according to the Duluth Model of Men are Always Perpetrators, the whole nine yards.

But since she's a woman, she's immune. She can call the police at any time and have you taken away. And other men will laugh at you and say "You must have done something to provoke her, she's a woman, only next to God in virtue."

Here's a clueless fuck:

Haha, I'm not married, but in my relationship experience it happens pretty rarely. I'm going to guess that she will apologize for over reacting. What is wrong with your relationship that you're not allowed to go to a friends house? Especially if she was sleeping after you ditched a friends big plans to hang out with her for some (apparently) boring ass movie?

Rationalize with her, and if she doesn't follow, then just drop it and wait for her to think it over.

Here's someone who believes the man is ALWAYS at fault:

How come you didn't want to sleep near her?

Because she cut him down in an argument.
Here's further explanation by the idiot who got married:
Well, yes, I did say that. More or less because she get's mad any time I hang out with my friends. Basically she gets mad if I go out to a bar, for any length of time, because for some reason, she can go out with her friends to a bar, but I cannot. Not sure why that is. However, on this particular night, I wasn't going to a bar, was simply going to a friends house. Any time I go anywhere with friends I get the third degree. My friends rarely visit because they feel uncomfortable in my home.
Controlling behavior, nagging and withholding sex are the order of the day when you've signed over yourself into lifetime servitude. The worst part is all the idiots in the thread who just can not imagine that the woman could possibly be at fault. It is just unthinkable for them. They keep coming up with excuses for her, trying to elicit some sort of confession from the married dolt that he has done something to upset her, maybe if not in this life then in a past life, if not then maybe there's some other way he's at fault... its just insane.
She works outside of the home, school teacher. She did not work, she was finishing up college. My behavior has changed some.

The day we brought home our daughter, my wife basically pretended that I no longer existed in the home. I thought it was a "phase" that a lot of new families go through. The thing is, it never changed. She devotes ALL of her attention to our daughter while she is at home and awake. This sounds great in theory, but it's almost over bearing.

It has gotten to the point where my daughter, now almost two, has no independence what-so-ever when mommy is around. My daughter even flat out rejects me when my wife is around. When my wife is not around, my daughter is super affectionate and fun to play with. Hates me when the wife is around though. My wife has even flat-out told me that our daughter gets all of her attention when she is awake. Afterwards is her time to grade, and after that, if there is time, that time she can give to me.
See that? That's what is in store for you if you get married. This is why Parental Alienation Syndrome is not recognized - because its the order of the day, its what 90% of marriages with kids are like. A quote:
Basically, I think she resents me.
Probably, because you knocked her up and ruined her life. And yours, too.
Pinning responsibility on a woman? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.
We are not intimate very often. Maybe once every 10 days or so, and most of the time, she is pretty disinterested and makes it out to be like she is doing me some huge favor. Daughter is almost two. She wasn't really like this prior to my daughter's birth. I do not think she was terribly upset by my sleeping on the couch.

Another poster replied with "You sound like you're willing to accept horrible treatment and haven't established what you will and won't accept in a relationship. Your partner is completely neglectful of your needs, and that means it's not much of a relationship."
----------It's not that I'm willing to accept that, and it's not that I haven't tried to establish bounds, but seriously, and I mean this, how does one try to set these bounds, and have them crushed time and time again, and still try to have said bounds. I don't know what I'm trying to say...i've told her that I do not want to be talked to that way. I've told her to never do it again. She keeps doing it. What do you do to remedy that? I really don't know.

She had the summer off, for the most part. She did a few random catering gigs for weddings. The summer was about the same, maybe a little worse. I was working full time (still am, of course) and she was staying home. There would be trash on the floor, dishes laying around the house, laundry not done, filth everywhere.

I did a lot of the cleaning. Not once during the summer did I come home to a decent looking home. I'm not saying "its a woman's job to do a woman's work, har har har" I am simply saying that if you have an entire summer off (without pay, she wasn't contracted yet), and I'm working, still doing the yard work, cleaning the cars, etc, I could have at least gotten a clean home once.

Instead it fell to shambles, and that bothered me a lot. She told me the whole reason nothing was getting done was because she "didnt have time" but oddly, she had time to take all kinds of fucking surveys on the internet. every day.
Here's an idiot who would fucking lick the ass of a whore on the street just because she's so superior to the male sex in every way:
She's probably depressed. Teaching is a demanding, thankless profession. Some people just aren't cut out for it.

As for her sitting home all summer, the transition from work->no work is stressful, and then she has only two months before she has to go back to her thankless, packed-full schedule, so she feels like she shouldn't have to work around the house (my wife is also a teacher, and she comments on this at times - thankfully, she deals with it in a more positive manner).

Your wife is unhappy, and you're there at home and it's convenient for her to take her frustrations out on you. Sounds like she's taking you for granted. This is common in marriages, and it's something marriage counselors see and work with all the time.
And THIS is the pinnacle of the whole skimmity-riding thread.
Play another DVD,and when she falls asleep, it's OK to do the nasty. She's your wife, and this is well withing your rights as a husband.
How the fuck do people not know about the concept of marital rape? Why the hell are men so goddamn stupid? Why don't they know all this stuff, they have parents, neighbors, friends, uncles who went through the bullshit of marriage, divorce, alimony and child support, did they not? Why don't they fucking learn?

I can excuse somebody who recently came to the US and wants to fit their culture in with American laws, but how the hell does a man who has lived here his whole life, who doubtless knows men who were devastated in divorce, think "OH THAT'S A GOOD IDEA, I'LL MARRY!" People are way too ignorant of the truth, as is demonstrated above.

I'm betting that marital rape was enshrined in law before this jackass was a twinkle in his mother's eye, yet he thinks that we're in the 1950s or something. "This is well within your rights as a husband" indeed.

Hey you idiot, the husband has NO RIGHTS in marriage or in divorce. Get that through your thick skull.