Wednesday, September 26, 2007

She's a feisty one all right!

Most women get away with murdering their husbands because they use more indirect methods... such as poisoning, hiring a mercenary, influencing other men to do it, and of course, some more direct methods too, like driving over him with his own Mercedes and shooting him in the back while he is sleeping.

But female violence does not just take the shape of domestic violence. Noooo. That would be stereotyping, wouldn't it? And we all know how much the equality-chasers hate stereotyping...

No, female violence against men can take any form. Consider this. Barmaid with a real sense of humor.

You might be wondering, just what does a sense of humor have to do with violence? The answer is everything, when you're a female.

An Australian "prankster" barmaid who served a patron a shot of disinfectant has appeared in court over what her lawyers said was a "misguided" joke.

Melbourne barmaid Emily Craig, 23, served a client a single 30ml shot glass of Pine-O-Cleen disinfectant in March during a 6 a.m. drinking bout at Evolution Nightclub, causing him to become violently ill, the Melbourne Magistrates court was told.

"This was a misguided joke at an ungodly hour," Craig's lawyer George Balot told the judge, according to reports on Tuesday in local newspapers.

Police told the court that Craig "was known for her prankster-style behavior" and once covered a bar in sticky tape. She "upped the ante" with her pranks by serving up the powerful floor cleaner after giving the man shots of pure water.

The patron developed ulcers on his skin after drinking the disinfectant shot from Craig, who has since lost her job and faces four charges of intentionally causing injury.

Oh yeah. Serving straight-up poison is a "prank". I bet everyone involved thinks this is just a big hullabaloo, it should never have blown up this way, yadda yadda. Except the poisoned man. The victim, remember? This story talks more about the bartender than about the victim, funny how that's always the case with a female perpetrator. Serving up poison is just one step on the prank ladder above covering the bar with sticky tape.

Of course, Australia is one of the most feminist countries, so look for her to get off on the pussy pass.