Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Unrealistic wishlists of washed up feminists

Here we have the 27-point wishlist of a deluded woman who claims to be a feminist (don't most of them? They're sure happy as fuck to claim the benefits and use the unfair laws whether or not they self-identify as feminists.)

Dilnavaz's List of Relationship Non-negotiables


I'm putting my own comments in parentheses.

  1. Respects and trusts me a significant amount — my character, my profession, my mind, my choices. (I've made a few bad choices and I want someone to save me, not to lecture me. Plus I may cheat and I don't want to be questioned on it)

  2. Is an avid reader - and not only of comic books, please! (I read Femina and trashy romance novels since I think comic books are for kids)

  3. Is open to communication and can effectively engage in debate and discussion a significant amount of time (Communicate = I will "communicate" at him till his balls shrivel up)

  4. Has a sharp mind that he is willing to give freely of. (I may be dumb but I sure am not admitting it)

  5. Is a non-smoker (for those of you who don't know, I'm hideously allergic) (Hideous is right)

  6. Has a reasonable level of education (Earns big bucks)

  7. Fights fair (Lets the girl win every time)

  8. Has a liberal social outlook and an active social conscience (I'm a puppet of leftist media and I expect him to be too)

  9. Is non-religious — no formal worship or rituals for me (The only rituals I'll allow are those involving the worship of ME ME ME)

  10. Shares at least some of my important values and life goals (Earns big bucks)

  11. Likes children at least somewhat - given that I've already named mine, it would be helpful if he did! (I'm totally inflexible, and have an unrealistic view of a partnership)

  12. Is committed to the relationship and willing to work for it (He buys me stuff when I get mad)

  13. Is emotionally available and capable of demonstrating affection (He buys me stuff when I get mad)

  14. Recognizes that my freedom cannot be curtailed unless it is significantly affecting our relationship — especially when it comes to spending! (Its all about the money, Its all about ME)

  15. Partakes in my excitement and spontaneity in a non-patronizing manner (Follows my plans no matter what)

  16. Shares at least some of my interests/ ideas about fun. I wouldn't know what to do with him if he only liked F1 and nothing else! (He is not allowed to have any interests that are different to mine)

  17. Is non-jealous, non-possessive, and does not expect my life to be a shadow of his (Earns big bucks and doesn't complain when I don't do the same)

  18. Is a lifelong learner who will not stagnate and is supportive when I attempt new paths. (Earns big bucks and doesn't retire)

  19. Does not expect a gender-stereotypical role of me and shares tasks (Does 75% to 100% of the earning and at least 50% of the housework. Because I'm worth it. Or at least my vag is.)

  20. Can communicate well with me in English. I can't fight as well in any other language! (Lost touch with my roots, I also think I am an attractive blonde.)

  21. Is the calmer of the two of us. Two of me would not be fun. (He buys me stuff when I get mad)

  22. Makes a reasonable amount of money, even though I will be an income earner. I make a really grouchy pauper. (Earns big bucks)

  23. Does not engage in physical or emotional violence in any way, shape or form (Domestic Violence = Raising his voice and "withholding" money, and I know how to call 911)

  24. Is tolerant of my quirks. (I will not peel a banana, I cannot sleep on an unmade bed.) (I am a princess and I have a gold-plated vagina.)

  25. Includes me and my opinions in every significant decision making process. (I want all the rights and none of the responsibilities.)

  26. Does not need babying. If I want a child, I will produce/ adopt one. I don't need to marry it. (Earns big bucks and does most of the housework.)

  27. Leaves the toilet seat down. Always, always, always. (I'm a huge cunt, this should be the biggest indicator of that.)

  28. Does not think such a person can't possibly exist. ;-) (I'll throw this in because on some level I know what a whole lot of mental masturbation this was.)

Note that there is no mention of what she brings to the relationship... its implied, "I'm bringing my cunt, which is a very valuable commodity!" Someone teach the bitch that an excess of supply reduces demand. She has twenty-seven fucking items on her goddamn shopping list of male qualities, and the only thing she has is her reproductive organs.

Entitlement princesses come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This one is a fine example.

EDIT: Thanks to Anonymous for pointing out what this princess actually looks like. I hadn't noticed the photo, well maybe I did and my subconscious mind tried to mentally block the ugliness, but here she is in all her glory.
Imagine a brown Andrea Dworkin here


  1. The worst part is she isn't even remotely attractive.

    If a guy wants to commit suicide through marriage at least make it count and marry a hot chick.

  2. If an Andrea Dworkinesque woman can make demands like that, imagine what a similar list would look like for a reasonably proportioned, pretty, non-bespectacled woman...

    The brilliant irony of making these demands is that she has ensured her own perpetual disappointment. Also, she appears to be Moslem, so the chances of finding Mr. sperm donor + walking wallet are substantially decreased.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out, anon. I've edited my post to that effect.

    davout, Dilnavaz is a Muslim name, you're right on the money. And this woman is 28, practically an old hag by any standards let alone Indian standards.

    I'm sure the tirades of "No good men" and "Look at my PERSONALITY!!! My INNER BEAUTY!!" will be coming soon.

  4. Man, what are you talking about? This babe has everything a (sick) man could ever want. Fat; Ugly; and Obnoxious! Cool!

    This horrid sight and attitude really messed up my mind. In the morning, I need to watch out my window here in the Third World and see the gorgeous smiling young women walking by, just to clean out my brain again.

    Anonymous age 64

  5. The rule in my house is if you're a female you must put the lid up when your'e done!

  6. Sorry it took so long to respond. I'll add a link to your page as soon as I can. Keep in mind though, my page doesn't get much traffic cause I don't have the time to update like I want to.

    As far as this woman is concerned... I wonder what makes her think she can make those kinds of demands without giving up anything in exchange? I haven't read what she's will to do to get her demands met. Sounds to me like she wants a slave. I think Santa should take a dump down her chimney for that wish list.

  7. I had to delete a comment because it was taking up the entire page, but here it is...

    " Anonymous said...

    me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me"

    Imagine a page full of that.

  8. Does not need babying. If I want a child, I will produce/ adopt one. I don't need to marry it.

    She is very old now, but still: one child is not enough for a worthy marriage and I want to have a caring wife. She shall care for me.

  9. Holy cow. Literally. My first thought at seeing the picture was that she must have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every damn branch on the way down, but appearantly she also landed on her head and pretty hard at that. How unrealistic can you be? I hope she enjoys her cats.

    Why is it that the ugly ones go over board bitchy and demanding. Is it like a poor sport realizing that they have lost the game and so they quit trying just to see how badly they can loose?

  10. Anon 64 again.

    I went over and read her blog, and the comments. She has her own resident sycophantic mangina, and choir.

    As dumb as it sounds, there is always a possibility she will find someone stupid enough to marry her. If so, there will be kids then the divorce. You can bet on it. This fiend is nothing but trouble.

    However, there are millions of self labeled Princesses just like her, and with the trends in marriage in the last five years, if she marries, there will be millions who won't.

    I could write a book in response to her blog. I have known so many losers just like her. They assume they can get any man they want, so they make this great list of nonnegotiable demands.

    Side note: grouchy paupers are still grouchy when they become rich.

    From 1978 till 1993, I wrote op-eds on men's rights issues to a local newspaper, as well as supplying no-fee divorcce counseling to more than 1,600 men. I finally stopped when I realized men were mostly spineless wimps. (We didn't have the word mangina in those days.) I concluded it is impossible for men to organize to stand up to women.

    However, this one-at-a-time marriage strike seems to be the answer. I felt back in 1985 that any man who married under the new laws was certifiably insane. Since I had already been married for ten years, it made no sense to get divorced to avoid divorce. I met my first marriage striker in 1995. My hat is off to those of you who have figured it out!

    The only thing I can add is to Get the H**l out. For retirees, the Phillippines have absolutely no divorce at all. Mexico does not give unilateral divorce to adulterous women, and for people with certain technical scientific careers, there are foreign companies which will hire US men, with few problems if they don't speak Spanish to start.

  11. I expect my stock in Vibrators Inc. to soar over the next decade!

    I'm thinking of re-investing the dividends in Cat Food Futures.

  12. This woman is certainly a nuisance and not wife mateirla at all.
    But young women can be so great. The very fact that they are young women makes them attractive.

  13. Guys,

    This gal isn't ugly on the outside; in fact, if she had a nicer personality, it could make her look pretty decent to me. Ah, therein lies the rub! Beauty is skin deep, while ugly goes clear to the bone. This chick is a living example of this pithy, little maxim...