Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wages for Housework

Wages for Housework
Apparently, there was a movement by the name of "Wages for Housework" in the mid 70's. The feminists' complaint? That women do a lot of work inside the home and this should be added to the GNP, used to pay off debt to the IMF/World Bank and all sorts of other hare-brained entitlement schemes.

Today, for men, marrying is a very dicy proposition. There can be any number of things demanded of you, Mr. Wage Slave. This wages for housework thing is very interesting - you are supposed to pay your wife maid wages, so does she pay you for the rent? Do you get to cut all the food she stuffs in her maw out of her fees? Can you fire her if she doesn't do the job to satisfaction? Oh wait, no you can't do any of that, you just pay up and shut up. And if you don't, the jackbooted thugs will just take your house and give it to her and force you into indentured servitude to pay for her lifestyle.

Wages for Housework

Pop-feminists are demanding laws requiring men to pay their wives housewife wages: "In the United Kingdom and other countries, there is a movement, 'Wages for Housework,' which advocates the idea that the husband should pay the wife for her services within the house -- especially if she works fulltime at home, doing the child rearing and cooking, cleaning, etc." (Women & Love, St. Martin's Press mass market edition, 1989, Shere Hite, p 383)

Thus, pop-feminist complaints against male housekeeping habits have nothing to do with the work itself, but with manufacturing excuses to force men to subsidize women even more than they already do. Rather than granting credibility to their unwarranted complaints, we should suggest they find out why men marry.

Do men marry for housekeeping services? Unlikely. A once a week maid service could be cheaper and more convenient. Do men marry for sex? No. As Warren Farrell points out, marriage means infrequent and poorer quality sex for men. (Why Men Are The Way They Are, Berkley edition/September 1988, Warren Farrell, Ph.D., pp 171 - 172) A twice a week whore would probably be more satisfying and cheaper.

Essentially, pop-feminists are trying to reduce women to the role of subsidized whores and housekeepers. If they succeed, men might be better off boycotting marriage.

But men already pay their housewives something more valuable than money -- time. Women who don't have a job outside the home have time to do things. Time to read, study, think, create, compose music, invent, and build and reshape the world. Instead, many spend six hours a day doing a job that "can be capably handled by an eight-year-old child." (The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan, pp 245)

Women have never had it so good. That doesn't mean their lives cannot be better. But turning them into subsidized housekeepers and whores with "wages for wives" is not the way to do it.

And making their lives better certainly doesn't mean taking from the men's pockets and subsidizing women in everything they do.


  1. My sister, a feminist harpie, once yammered on and on about how women should be getting paid for housework.

    I said: "I agree, women should get $25/hr and then when they divorce their husbands there will be an income figure of over $4000/month that will ensure the husband doesn't have to pay her alimony."

    She shut right up.

    Feminists are so stupid. They are motivated by greed and power. And, to make another analogy to feminism/nazis; just like Hitler, they are too stupid to know when they should stop but rather keep grabbing for more and more. It will be the death of feminism!

    How many of the 7 deadly sins does the feminist movement fall prey too?

  2. I agree, pay women...

    Then charge them room, board, electricity, phone, and fees for gigilo services, mechanic, computer expert, plumber, gardener, exterminator, removalist, painter, carpenter, bodyguard, audio expert, financial planners, morale support, chaffeur, chef, etc...

    You know all the stuff men are expected to do for free.

  3. I like what you write, even so, you called me a "cuddled ho" in duncans blog. Try to think before you do that.

    This wages for housework thing is very interesting - you are supposed to pay your wife maid wages, so does she pay you for the rent?

    That is the basic question. The man provides for her through paying for several things. She bears children, cooks and cleans the house, has no financial risk etc.
    There is no reason for further money, she is very well "payed".

  4. Here's something feminists should consider before mouthing off about paid housework:

    Paying for:
    1. the privilege of staying in man-made civilization instead of grass huts,
    2. disturbances caused by their PMS
    3. getting men to defend them

  5. @davout

    Very true. Do they pay men for defending the country?
    In some respects women were oppressed, there is no doubt about thta. But men were "oppressed", too - by women.
    Is fighting a war and see women stay at home, not a kind of oppression?

    I am sure that if it were the other way round you would hear the feminists scream.

  6. Anonymous 1:07PM, I apologize if you are actually a supporter of men's rights. Its hard to gauge who is what on the internet, and nuance is right out the window.

    You might want to get an alias, that way people will remember you from other posts and not think you are a troll if you post something that can be misconstrued as coming from a troll.

    Keep reading!

  7. Knowing these harpies, they'll subcontract out the shit-work like cleaning the crapper to an illegal immigrant woman who will work for cash and not require such nuisances like social security taxes and following the minimum wage guidelines, then demand even more money from their husbands because they're not working, they're supervising, and thus deserve more money.

    And I think quantifying female housework labor is a good thing. It'll show these nonsensical fools just what the market value of their labor is, and exactly what a sweetheart deal they're getting compared to janitors and hotel maids.

  8. rob fedders, I wish to God I had thought of that before I got married, and she would have run off in a huff ... and I would not have to work until I die of stress or a cerebral hemmorage at 80.

  9. You're a piece of shit and a disgrace to men. And because I'm sure you'll suggest this, no, I'm not a woman.