Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boy, 12, commits suicide

Another victim of bullying, another suicide...

Saw this sad article when I was browsing through the Daily Male Hate website. The story is about a boy who was bullied for God knows how long, and who eventually committed suicide by hanging himself. But then the old hag begins the article with an account of what pretty much every man in the UK must live with - chavs on a train. From what I've heard, they're a bloody empidemic over there. My condolences to anyone who has suffered close contact with one of these creatures.

At the beginning of last week, which was national Anti-Bullying Week, I was travelling to Weston-super-Mare. Suddenly two men in their early 20s appeared in my train compartment, shouting and throwing water over each other.

They chucked rubbish everywhere, laughing boisterously, then ran up and down the aisle so wildly that I wondered whether they were drunk.

An old man pushing the drinks trolley told them the Transport Police would join the train at the next stop, but they clearly knew that was half an hour away.

The yobs slumped down in the seat behind me, still throwing water over each other. Uneasy, I decided to try to calm them. But as soon as I spoke they started making gross sexual comments to me and about me. The situation was becoming very threatening.

The irony was that I was on my way to an anti-bullying conference, and suddenly I had become a target myself.

I was shocked not just by the language and the attitude of these louts, but by their simple lack of respect. (respect my VAGINA!)

They didn't care that they were making a mess, disturbing other passengers, and that it's hardly normal behaviour to insult an elderly woman. But their behaviour is, alas, all too common.

Now, bullying is typically defined in colloquial speech as a form of harassment perpetrated by someone who is in some way more powerful, physically or socially, than a weaker peer. So this old lady promptly rushes to define herself as a victim, despite being under virtually no threat compared to a man the same age, or pretty much any age. Warren Farrell blew the violence myth apart in his book, "The Myth of Male Power" with statistics like this: a 65 year old man is 3 times more likely to suffer a form of violence than his female counterpart. And that's if he lives to be that old. Naturally, women claim that their suffering is more because they exclusively have a vagina, and well, that vagina needs to be protected! Men, with their assholes are worth nothing but a good laugh at the de riguer prison rape and "don't drop the soap" jokes.

Anyway, back to the poor boy who was bullied. Oh wait, this journalist obviously has ADD, she could not focus on the boy for more than a few sentences. She starts on about some girl who hung herself because nobody would hang out at the mall with her. Obviously that is the same as "for two years he had been bullied, taunted, spat at, pushed down the bus stairs and had his earring torn out." Yeah, the feminized school system was just preparing him for a life of hard knocks.

You know, I wonder. Do these self-righteous prats keep statistics on bullying by gender? I'd really like to see the incidence of female-on-male bullying and compare that to male-on-female bullying. And let's not even touch on the issue of the girls who just bat their eyes and the testosterone charged boys rush to kill - girls who bully indirectly.


  1. Yeah good point, it doesn't consider the more devious methods of manipulation girls will use. Getting a guy to fight another guy because of the other guys girlfriend or something. And chavs are disgusting creatures, another symptom of the single mother brigade. How empowered.

  2. Girls are masters of the underhanded. Children can be quite cruel because they haven't been "socialized" to respect others' rights and feelings, and girls especially can get away with anything. Why wouldn't they use all their power if they know it can never come back to them?