Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Origins of an Anti-Feminist

Recently, a topic came up in SYG - Did you ever support feminism?

I have never supported feminism. Its true that a lot of people support feminism because they naively believe the dictionary definition - that it is about equality and equal rights.

I never bought that. Ever since I could recite my A B C's, I could tell that girls were favored, and boys weren't. I was repeatedly abused by a teacher for three years who was divorced and would only hit boys, but of course you couldn't tell that she was motivated by some other urge because nobody ever hit the girls.

When I was in school, boys were still getting the top scores, but it was easy to see how school was changing - we barely had any male teachers from K-12. The male teachers were mostly of the hard sciences or mathematics.

All of this was in a 3rd world country, not the US. Feminism has still not permeated it to the extent that it has in the first world, but the rot is spreading. When I was in Grade 8, I saw an article about how boys were damaged due to growing favoritism towards girls, and it was then, as I tried to show the article to the class, that I earned my first beating for being an MRA. Yep, chivalry is still alive, as is bullying.

When I landed in the US, I was horrified by what I saw. Women had all sorts of privileges and rights, they were horribly stuck up, being a man and talking or touching any man was considered gay, women had so much authority and power in the universities, there was a Women's Center but no Men's Center, and the TV, oh god the TV was a box spewing misandric crap 24/7 (didn't know the word but I sure got the message). It was too much, so I turned to the Internet and got exposed to the MRA message, bit by bit.

Did you ever support feminism?


  1. I remember them days too, just now actually. I never really thought about the school days much. I remember when we had our 1st female principal, that's when paddling was banned and they smacked you on your hand with a ruler. My mom knew that if a male principal or teacher would paddle you, you probably deserved it being a male student. When a female teacher would do it she literally drove 90 miles per hour to the school in her HUGE Buick and walked right passed the office into that dykes class and let her have it! My mom hated them women.

  2. I believe that if corporal punishment is reinstituted, records should be kept as to how many boys are being hit versus how many girls.

    I know this sounds incongruous, but if this was spoken by a feminist, you'd see the sellouts in the government scrambling to make it law:

    We, the women of the AAUW believe that if corporal punishment is reinstituted, records should be kept as to how many boys are being hit versus how many girls. We want to keep our girls safe from pedophiles in our schools, as we believe that there are a number of sadist teachers in the system.

    That's it. They don't even have to use the word "male" and automatically the nation will know what they mean behind the gender-neutral facade. And this is if laying a hand on a female student isn't declared an automatic 20 to life.

  3. Feminist for life. :-)

  4. Pete,

    just curious. Don't provide any more info than you feel comfortable doing, but...

    Can you be a little more specific about which 3rd world country this was in? If you don't want to name the country, then perhaps a mention of the region and religion so we have some perspective? Roughly how long ago was this? Have you been back there since? As if I can't guess the answer anyway, but just in case... how's things there now?

    Also you mentioned that you're a consultant. May I ask in what?

    Finally, roughly where in the country are you? N S E or W? ...or middle, I guess.

  5. There are so many problems with feminism, it isn't even funny. Well, okay it's kind of funny since there basically defeating themselves and their messages. All that bullshit about how they want equality and how they are never being treated fairly. For instance about equal pay. Do you know why they don't get paid the same? It's because they change jobs so often that they don't give themselves the chance to get a py raise. I will answer any questions people have about the issue.