Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Shaming Language

One thing you can always count on in a healthy debate - with feminists or just people who are trying too hard to not appear misogynistic - is personal attacks. Lots of them. Most people can debate things pretty sanely when it comes to religion or politics, but question the accepted feminist dogma and you're in deep shit.

Many MRA's know this already - that's why we have a name for it, we call it Shaming Language. Some have been known to refer to it as Feminist Bingo, the idea being to get the most points with all the cliche personal attacks feminists make on blogs and forums.

I have noticed that feminists like to downplay the negatives of women and do the exact opposite for men. So a discussion about the famous turkey baster girlfriend, who came into the news in a big way some time ago, turned into a debate about how many men were afraid of the child support and divorce grabfest. The feminists came out with the tired stereotypes about the poor abused wymen who don't have a choice, who are lumped with the chilluns by the evial patriarchal courts, et cetera et cetera. They even try to blame the divorce rate on men - and when confronted with the data showing that 75% of divorces are initiated by the women, try to downplay it or keep blaming abusive inhuman stupid men. Its like an experiment I read about in "If Men have the Power, How come Women Make the Rules?" Great book, by the way, I fully recommend downloading it from the above link. In that survey, two sets of study respondents were given two different statements - one was told that men initiate 75% of divorces, and one was told that women initiate 75% of divorces.
Both groups blamed men. It is simply not in our societal makeup to blame women for anything, and I don't blame us - women have come along and have taken more than their fair share of rights in less than a blink of an eye by civilization's standards.

Anyway, when the feminists came along to the discussion, the shaming language started. First of all was the assumption that women are too good for the nerds on the forum, along with this gem: "Who would want your sperm anyway, you creepy paranoid nerd?"
Essentially, that's like shaming someone who is expressing fear that his brand new Mercedes will be stolen if he leaves it outside in the ghetto with the keys in the ignition. Even better, accusing him of racism because he knows that the neighborhood is full of minorities and is thus implying that minorities are more likely to steal. Political correctness, you go too far.

Leave alone the fact that these cunts are on the very same forum that they allege is home to such nerds, benefiting from all sorts of pro-female discrimination - posts are censored heavily to avoid offending these fragile flowers and users are often banned when they express skepticism about a girl's attention whoring. Then the forum has the dubious claim of being 'the most pro-female forum around.'

Its a pity that pro-female always means anti-male. Feminism really is a zero-sum game, isn't it.


  1. I once said to a woman that 70% of divoprces were initiated by women.
    She told me: men were at fault because they were the reason for the divorce or they were afraid of initiating it themselves.
    In any case it will always be the man who is at fault.

    The same applies to the women who are bored: there are so many who complain that their huisband does not appreciate them enough during marriage, that they are bored etc.
    No one ever says that it is their own fault: men are bored, too, when their woman is not doing her duty, demanding too much and withholding sex.

  2. Don't even get me started on the appeal-to-emotion that "appreciation" is. I was a sucker and believed that women were sincere, and that the man should pay more attention to them. But then I realized that he was being asked to pay more attention along with being asked to pay the mortgage, car note, pay for that furniture set, etc. Gets old very quickly.

  3. The link is dead.

  4. Hi Anon at 6:50PM, the RulyMob link is working for me. Care to enter in your address bar manually and see if it works then?

  5. Thanks, Pete. I Got it. Must have been a net-fart.

  6. Both groups blamed men.


    Another example is the HUGE post-fem rise in pornography. 50 years ago, feminists moaned about how "sexually oppressive" men were for "imposing decency standards" and expecting women not to act like harlot tarts.

    Now, they are being blamed for loosening those same standards and "allowing" women to act like wanton harlot tarts.

    See how these byches work? It's NEVER their fault, and everything gets scapegoated on men. This is no different than extremist racist scapegoating where certain races get blamed for EVERYTHING under the sun.

    I guess their FINAL SOLUTION would be to kill all men and live out their last generation with leftover sperm samples, stockpiles of D cells and herds of cats.

    Good luck with that. Nothing would make me happier than an island full of self-exiled feminists who chose to self-exterminate and remove themselves from the gene pool! :D

  7. It's not shaming language to blame everything on men but a realistic assessment of the world.

    On many other sites men claim (including your friend Angry Harry) that men are responsible for EVERYTHING.

    You invented everything, built everything, thought of everything from the invention of the wheel to the modern if that is the case and I believe it could be, then you must accept responsibility for ALL of your handiwork...not just the good, but the bad as well...

    From the nuclear bomb to the cure for polio...YOU are responsible for it...

    You don't like it, tough...

  8. Yes nymom, I blame myself and men for everything you just wrote. I, and other men, helped move your fingers across the keyboard, on a computer that, yes, men made. I, and other men, created the words and language that you used to convey your thoughts just now. Thoughts that me and other men put in your mind through schools and the media. Everywhere you look, everything you do, we actually are the cause. You cannot escape! Throw up your arms now and surrender, there is nothing you can do that is yours alone. You are under our control, you helpless little puppet. Ah ha ha ha!!! (Evil man laugh.)

  9. Lol! Margaret Temple,

    Not only did men do all those things - but apparently men also figured out how to train a walrus to type!


  10. I'm talking about the larger picture here...which clearly you would like to ignore.

    Many of the things that happen today, the laws, the public policies, the deteriorating social mores: such as spread of STDs, low marriage rates, growth of single motherhood, etc., are the RESULTS of men's activities.

    The end game, so to speak.

    They are REACTIONS to the actions of men.

    As much as you would like to ignore this's like trying to address the issue of flooding w/o addressing the underlying issues of changing weather patterns due to indusrialization, due to overusing of earth's resources, due to overpopulation, etc...

    You cannot just look at the final stages of a situation, but must work your way backwards to see all the steps that led up to the end result...

  11. NYMOMMA,

    Who is ignoring the larger picture?

    Listen, we all have points of view, nothing wrong with that. You are totally entitled to yours, I'm quite sure you feel you are right. And we're wrong.

    I feel the opposite. To me, you're viewpoint is wrong.

    Is the glass half empty, or half full? It's both. You can argue that it's half empty. I can argue it's half full.

    Who's right?

    Depends on which side you are on.

    The larger picture is that the glass is both half full and half empty. Men can be courageous heroes and pitiful zeroes. Women can be loving mothers and back-stabbing bitches. The highs and lows of humanity are in each of us. We all have the potential to do great things, as well as bad things.

    That is the larger picture.

    What drives men to call you every name in the book is that it appears you have a much smaller picture in mind. A picture that selectively ignores women's negative behaviors, and puts 100% of the blame on men.

    This is blindness.

    They say to really understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes. When it comes to men however, it appears you would rather go barefoot, and then continually curse men the entire time because your feet hurt.

  12. NYMOM,

    You claimed the same OUTRAGEOUS thing at Eternal Bachelor! PLEASE explain to the loyal readers how only MEN are responsible for STD's.

    The entire feminist movement has taken on this ludicrous line of thinking since Dr. Leslie Tutty from the University of Calgary claimed to be the first to track this form of "domestic violence."

    Holy Online Herpes, Walrus! That is just the most INSANE claim I have ever heard, and I thought that even feminists would be too stupid to agree with that one. What a shameless attempt to expand the DV numbers - but this has been the modus operendi of stunned supremacist feminist researchers all along. Lying filthy pigs, all of you!

    Like I asked you before, Margaret Temple, of Columbia University, where do you suppose the men get STD's from? HMMMM???? Did they get these diseases from sticking their willy in the STD machine we keep in the Patriarchy Clubhouse basement?

    If you want people to take you seriously, you first have to stop with completely stunned, supremacist logic. Next thing you know, your're going to claim that Jewish bankers were solely responsible for pre-WWII inflation in Germany.

    The only thing that stinks more than your bullshit claims is your fishy walrus breath! Gag! Brush them tusks already, Walrus.