Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Abundance of stupid people. And hippies.

I noticed that someone called "Mr. Nice Guy" had left a comment on MRA Revolutionary's blog. I followed the link, and was awestruck by the blinding stupidity some people seem to display.

Not only does he mistakenly think that Oregon is between Tennessee and Alabama (references to country boy lifestyle), but he is stupid enough to be a sperm donor for some alternative lifestyle cunt's ticking biological clock, enabling yet another single mother to raise a fatherless child. Yes, he says the following:
R and I agreed that we would have unprotected sex, so that she could have a baby. We also agreed that she was going to be a single parent, that whatever involvement I would have in her child's life, it would not be as what is conventionally thought of as a "father".

This was R's choice, all the way: she's the one who wanted a baby, she's the one who paid me the compliment of inviting me to contribute my DNA (looking at myself and my immediate family, I'm not sure that was the wisest choice, but it was hers), she's the one who set the terms. I chose to accept them, because I think she's going to make a superb parent, single or otherwise.

Belatedly, he added with a wistful look in his eye, "Someday, I'm sure I will get the honor of having to pay child support for eighteen to twenty-one years, and maybe they'll even throw me in jail for being late once or twice! Ooh, tickle my sphincter!"

And the apple of his eye, the sauerkraut in his bun, what does she say?
For a longtime I made a personal choice not to have men in life as anything more than friends. Today, there is a part of me that now wishes I hadn't changed my mind...

It gets better. This "R" person is a friend - he already has a wife. Stupidity knows no bounds.


  1. Pete, I'm truly sorry that you are so unhappy with your life, with the choices you have made and the people you have gathered around you. My heart goes out to you in the life you have built for yourself.

    But my sympathy does not extend so far as to allow you to drag me down with you. I will not be joining you in your lonely, bitter existence.

    I am a feminist. And I am R's friend. And N's friend. And above all, I am a friend of Mrs. Nice Guy, whom I love very much. I understand that this declaration will make you even more unhappy than you were before, but that's life.

  2. Misterniceguy is utterly irresponsible.

  3. Henry The BitchSlayerNovember 15, 2006 12:05 PM


    Don't tell me you believe that fake BS story?

    That aint no male, it's another perverted feminist fantasy of rape and domination of the male.

    Nice try!

    But men are far better at subjugating women and women are far better at being subjugated.


    I always tell a woman to assume the SUBJUGATED position I when Im about to

    fuck her face out

    with my fist first then dick - and they love it so much they all CUM back for more when they've digested all the spunk I made em swallow and they've stopped haemorraghing blood from their cunt ass and mouf.


    And funny they all say I'm nice guy too.


  4. Misterniceguy, the only person who should be unhappy with their choices is you. I'm young and have lots of opportunities, and trust me, I'm learning from mistakes made by the likes of you. The primary emotion I was feeling when I wrote this post was not jealousy that I couldn't irresponsibly knock up some slut who assigns numbers to the men who fuck her. It was disbelief that people this stupid exist. No malice meant.

  5. misterniceguy1960, Your'e setting yourself up for a real expensive piece of ass. Really, that's all it is. Once that chick starts needing a babysitter and the bills come rolling in you'll be like a walking MAC machine. If you don't go broke, send some to my Paypal later on, I could use a little extra retirement to replace my depleted one from the support I paid in.

  6. He will certainly have to pay child support. The judges rule this way -not his.
    He is really blind.

  7. What you don't know will certainly come back to bite you in the ass. Misterniceguy has not even acknowledged that there is a very real possibility that this "R" person will file for child support (and in many states, it automatically comes with being named the father on the birth certficate or when the moo files for welfare).

    Also, child support debts are not forgiveable, and are retroactive. So she could be all gooey mama, happy for 2 years, then she files and hey presto, you're on the hook for tens of thousands in back child support.

  8. He is not financially wise (I could use some stronger words).
    And he is irresponsible towards the child, who needs his father. I would never let a child alone with his mother for years.
    And he is irresponsible towards his wife and his other children, who will need the money that will go as child support to the woman.
    And child support payments are much higher than needed.

    That is real stupidity - but he belives to be the good samaritan, helping a woman to have children.
    How can you?! How could you have been saved from this mess?

  9. Isn’t free speech wonderful!That’s the interesting thing about blogging, you are only given the details the author wishes to share. BTW, I am R

    Anyway, here are some misssing details, I am well-educated, white-collar, have conservative views and values, my word is my bond, and most importantly... I draw a annual six-figure income for a consulting firm which I own, so even if I were to go after child support, which I have no intention of doing now or in the future (I have offered official documents to that fact to MNG), in a comparison of my income/standard of living with MNG income, no judge would award me anything in the form of child support that would be worth my time, effort or expense.

    Because 98% of women burn men, when it comes to children and support issues; doesn’t mean I do/will so please stop lumping me in that category.

  10. Can you atleast record the conception? I'd like to watch it, keep us posted.

  11. R, you're a terrible mother. Your child will be a bastard, raised without a father and probably will end up dysfunctional or on drugs or at the very least justly hating you for inflicting illegitimacy on them.

    And MrNiceGuy, you are an embarrasment to the male sex. Come back here when you've been pulverised for Child Support so we can say "Told ya so!" Women always change their minds remember? "Oh, but I won't go Child Support." Yeah, believe that and you'll believe anything. Like feminism.

    Irresponsible pair of fucking idiots.

  12. henry the bitchslayer said...

    <strange, strange things>

    Dude, you're weird.

  13. Pete, this whole thing was kind of funny at first, but the amusement value has worn off.

    I don't care even a little what you say from your fortress of ignorance, but you have genuinely offended R, and I'm not going to put up with that.

    You are no longer welcome at my blog. Go fap to someone else's.

  14. @r
    You have a career - so what?
    Of course he has to pay child support, it does not matter that he earns less. It simply does not matter.
    Talk to a lawyer he will tell you.

    You are irresponsible: this child will have no father, just you. That is a big problem.

    If you had married and had a few children we would not comment.

  15. This behavior is so disgusting.
    Both are totally irresponsible, the man is financially totally stupid. Yes, stupid. I assume you did not even talked to a lwayer, right?

    The man is 46, I suppose. You are believed to be grown-up by then.
    He impregnates any woman who comes by, does not care for the children, doies not care at all. Utterly disgusting behavior.
    The woman wants just one child, like someone buys a dog or a cat.
    She doe not even want a family.
    Hey, with your great career (I am sincere: you have well done), could not you find a decent man to marry?
    No, she wants the child just for herself. The "cuty baby" shall just be in her hands, until he is a male, then he will bear the brunt of her anger towards men.
    Read the blog of MRA Revolutionary (it is not me), it describes this behavior well.
    The same can be seen in England. Women like children as long as they are "sooooo cuuuuuute".

  16. This man has no legal protection at all. No Judge will allow him not to pay child support. Child support is for the child - not for the wife. It is independet from what the woman is earning.
    At least this is how the law is applied.
    Even prenups are dismissed as illegal and without relevance. especially if it is written that the man will not pay child support.

    So misterniceguy has no legal protection. He solely depends on the mood of the woman - on her mood.

    Is there a special reason to trust her? No, there is even more of reason to do the opposite: women who do not marry to have children are suspicious, at least weird.

    Misterniceguy, as your name suggests you are nice, your wife is certainly nice, too ("married,, but looking").
    But so many women are not nice.
    We just want to save you, from doing a terribel mistake for your finaces and certainly the repercussions it will have on your private life (Marriage to your wife).

    Maybe you do not believe us. So please get the advice of a lawyer or an old judge. Do it for yourself.

  17. Neither MisterNiceGuy or R has bothered considering the rights of the child to grow up in a stable family.
    It's people like these who shaft society and then wonder why things are so screwed up.

  18. Don't tell me you believe that fake BS story?

    I agree, what a load of BS. And "R" now claims to pull 6 figures? Gimme a break.

  19. Misterniceguy is like a man who jumps a cliff without knowing he will die reaching the ground.
    You might desperatly try to help him, to explain to him what will happen when he reaches the ground. You recommend that he talks to a physics professor before doing it - but he is stubborn and he insults the concerned people and he jumps.
    During flight he is happily believing that everythhing is OK, until he reaches the ground.

    Misterniceguy does the same.

    R could well earn 100000 $. It is not so much.

  20. He is not the only disgrace on the Web who inappropriately calls himself Niceguy.

    He is also not a nice guy except in his own imagination. He recites all his lovers in great detail. Then, when he brings the Japanese girl to the US, he suddenly realizes, oh, crud, what if she finds out I kissed and broadcast?

    His rather large page is valuable mostly because he does very graphically demonstrate the extreme difference between American women and women from many other nations.

    As far as child support goes, there are protections of sperm donors if paperwork is done correctly, at least in some states. I was just reading some of the court rulings via ifeminist Wendy.

    But, no matter what she writes and promises, if she changes her mind, or loses that wonderful $100,000 affirmative action job, and needs welfare, since you are giving the sperm via natural means, there is no escape for you. this is Federal law.

    Anonymous age 64

  21. Misterniceguy is a poor man full of illusions.
    He rejects help. That is sad.

  22. I can not believe I found this post 2 year later. Here's the update -- my child is now 19 months old. I have not asked MNG for a pennie or to take an active role in my child's life. MNG has made my a living hell for the last year. Today he used my child and my love for my child to strong arm me to give his wife visitation with my child. Yes, I said his wife not him. I waiting to be sued for custody and the made pay the child support.

    You all should be very proud.