Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Estrogen Express by Marc Rudov

Do take a look at Marc Rudov's writings at Men's News Daily. Here is part of an article by Marc - The Estrogen Express, a runaway train to Disasterville.

The typical man, traditionally, has been so deferential to — and fearful of — women that he automatically will allow one to commandeer the dating, engagement, wedding, marriage, and divorce phases of his life. Then, he will kick himself afterwards and cry into the beer of anyone sympathetic enough to listen. Surrendering these phases to her is akin to riding a runaway train — The Estrogen Express — to Disasterville. The only question is, Will he disembark in time to avert the inevitable?

When you think about it, the traditional way of dealing with a woman is to permit her to control your life. Men mistakenly believe they will have more peace that way. This moronic behavior, based on the false assumption that men must crawl through broken glass to get laid, leads to devastating consequences. It’s quite scary to realize how much control over their lives men have conceded to women, with lots of help from misandric feminists and politicians.

But, it seems that the tide is now turning. Men are increasingly saying no to marriage and relationships, and the Census Bureau statistics prove it. Alas, the out-of-wedlock birthrate (see my article “Playing Abortion Chess”) also proves it. Men are finally realizing that they don’t have to get married and don’t want to get married. They are tired of playing a losing game against the house. To modern men, matrimony equals alimony — not safety, comfort, and love.

When I see a million women marching on the Mall in Washington, DC, demanding that our elected officials restore dignity to men and fathers and the family unit, I will become convinced that they truly believe in matrimony — not just alimony and child support. Until then, I’m not holding my breath.

A really cool graphic, wise words, and an accurate depiction of how things are today.


  1. Yeah right...

    I've seen this Marc character on TV...He's a tall, good-looking man for his age. So he'll get plenty of women to date (at least until he starts showing his age) no matter his attitude.

    MOST ordinary men, on the other hand, who listen to guys like this will be spending a lot of time home alone...

    You have attracted many of his ilk to your movement...

  2. "He's a tall, good-looking man for his age."

    NYMOM, are you projecting again? You know as well as I do that any 50 year old man is going to look better than your fat and hairy sourpuss self, and you know as well as I do that women are about the money and power, and older men, especially those who have been on TV, are rolling in it.

    Don't worry, we'll be OK. We are building our own little empires, buying property and living life like its meant to be lived, all without a matriarchal albatross around our neck.

    "Spending a lot of time home alone"

    Honey, all I have to do is roll up in my flash ride to any nightclub wearing what I wear for work and flash a little cash and girls are all over me like lice in your hair.

    I am rejecting that lifestyle, the lifestyle is not rejecting me.

  3. Sniff...sniff, sniff... hmm, smells kinda fishy in here. Did someone have fish for dinner and forget to brush their tusks?

    (psst, nymom...fuck off, skank)

  4. Man you should read the book "Who is pulling your strings - how to break the cycle of manipulation".