Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! 'Tis the day to be thankful, so here I am...

I am thankful for my country's anti-divorce laws, so I was raised in an intact home.
I am thankful to my family for raising me and shaping me.
I am thankful to my father for being a father to me, giving me a sense of direction and supporting me through some of my blackest periods.
I am thankful for my God-given abilities, intelligence and looks. Whatever I have, I make do with.
I am thankful for my place in the world, as a relatively high-earning man in the richest country in the world. Thankful with the knowledge that it can be snatched away in the blink of an eye.

Love you all, may you all have something to be equally grateful and thankful for.


  1. I've always been kind of thankful that people don't get stuck together when they fuck, like dogs do.

  2. Hey Pete,

    Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Of course God forbid you should thank your mother for giving birth to you in the first place...

    Typical selfish male...

  4. " country's anti-divorce laws..." ?
    Ok, so now we know you're NOT AN AMERICAN!
    That is delusional. American laws incentivize women to bail on their marriage, take the money & run with the kids like NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!
    So who do we thank that State Legislatures have seen to it that a generous husband, good father who had the misfortune to be 'played' by a "princess" (spoiled, ungrateful) American wife- has seen to it that said husband(s) lose their fortunes, have their life style torpedoed AND (worse of all) lose custody (85% of the time) to the 'little wife.'

    Dude, whatever you're smoking, I want some.

  5. Well we have to be mindful that on the internet a person can pose as anybody they wish to be. Many of the anti-western diatribes we hear daily from those in the Mens Rights Movement could easily be from men in other civilizations.

    Just as in the Cold War, we had to be aware of the many disinformation campaigns put out by the KGB and their fellow travelers in the west, so too we must be aware of this symdrone today...

    In other words: let the reader beware...

  6. Ok, so now we know you're NOT AN AMERICAN!
    That is delusional. American laws incentivize women to bail on their marriage, take the money & run with the kids like NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!"

    Hey Jerry, I am not an American. I am just a guest in your fine land. As I have mentioned earlier, I didn't grow up in the US - I came here for college and stayed for the money. This is how I can appreciate the differences and look at the laws and customs as an impartial observer.

    You may be shocked to know that my real name is not Pete Patriarch either! ;-)

  7. Lol! Pete Patriarch, the only person on this blog whose name is known for certain is NYMON!

    NYMOM: Margaret Temple, from Columbia University. Who was ignored by the Google Police. AKA: Walmart Walrus.

    How was your Thanksgiving Cod Dinner, Walrus? You did remember to brush your tusks this time didn't you? We are getting a little tired of the fishy sea breath here.

    Perhaps, Margaret Temple, you should be thankful that you weren't always so god awful ugly that once upon a time some man was able to take a bullet for mankind and impregnate a blubbery sea cow like you. ((Shudder)) Lol, he must have been thinking about baseball just to maintain an erection!

    Sigh, NYMOM, why do you come around here? There are no fish, krill or clams here! The only way you're going to get any tuna is to hit on one of those feminist indoctrinated lesbian students at Columbia. Though, I imagine that even lesbians would be repulsed by a sea cow that looks like you and would quickly tell you to...