Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Herr Doktor sued for accidental pregnancy

Here's another one for the "child support is a bitch when you're a doctor" camp. Here's some opinion fluff: A reason for doctors to get nervous about providing contraceptive services to women.
Here's the actual article: Doctor ordered to pay for unwanted baby.

The doctor must pay his former patient, now a mother of a three-year-old boy, 600 euros ($769) a month because she became pregnant after he implanted her with a contraceptive device.

When it comes to a fat wallet, any nearby man will do! The sperm donor not rich enough? Just look around, you're bound to have interacted with someone richer than him, you GO girl! Or is that go-go girl? Whateva, I'm empowered!!

Here's two more gems:

It should be welcomed that a doctor can now be held to account in the same way as a shoddy plumber
[The court ruled that] The father should also be compensated for the maintenance he was paying toward the child.

This is so awesome. Any bets on how much money the Dad will actually receive? I'm thinking of a number... a number between zilch and nada.


  1. Imagine the mother:
    "My dear child, do you know why we have so much money? I tried not to get pregnant, but sadly it failed. Now you are the outcome. At least we get money from the stupid doctor.
    No, you will not know your father."

    A low birth rate is a consequence of feminism: women have the right to split up with their legitimate husbands. When a woman is not together with a man, obviously there are difficulties to have more children.
    Splitting up and divorce when children are involved has to be made illegal.
    Splitting up and divorce has to be made illegal for antotehr reason, too: the father wanst the children to be with him. In most cases he has no right to see them.

    I would so much like to have a good wife, who gets 10-15 children.

    The laws make it impossible.
    It is like laws who make businesses hard to lead and found: in socialism no one earns money and works and enriches himself because it is forbidden or very difficult.
    In the western world the same applies to marriage.

  2. How much do you want to bet that chick yanked out the implant just so she could sue the doctor? Ah, the dirty tricks we women come up with...
    Forcing a man to make crushing child support payments apparently aren't enough for women any more. Let's see who else we can blame for unwanted pregnancies and cash in!
    It is immoral and irresponsible to trap men into unwanted pregnancies. A woman ordinarily ruins two lives when she does this ruling looks like the sky's the limit! Nice job, this ruling somehow filter down to the US. I'll be stuck with a whole brood of children my husband and I can't afford if doctors become too afraid to prescribe reliable birth control. My hat's off to the lady who may have successfully reduced the choices available to me and my husband.