Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dating Drama

Google suggested me this link, based on what I was reading when I was going through my emails... I went there, and laughed out loud at the contents. Here, you can see for yourself:

Entering your email gets you a page which tells you how to buy this wonderful new book, no secret unlocking or anything like that. I'm sure you can imagine what the book will contain - lots of blaming, lots of shaming, lots of "You go girl!" and lots of "He didn't deserve you anyway, you special, unique flake... err snowflake."

Let's go over the promises this book makes...

How to decode men's behavior.
This chapter explains how to get men to spend more money on you.

Why men pull away as things start to get serious.
This chapter explains how to suck him into the trap before he realizes what's going on. With a bonus section on palimony and how you too can strike it rich!

Men's 6 secret commitment fears EXPOSED.
Well, there's domestic violence - his bank accounts, his job, and his children, all of these can be snatched away with one phone call. With no-fault divorce, Men commit, women don't. What else, oh and he knows that you will turn into a vile shrew as soon as the vows are done. As far as I'm concerned, the "you may kiss the bride" should be "You may now blow the groom to demonstrate your commitment."

11 Simple Steps to attracting men.
How best to display your wares, you budding whore you.

The Calling game decoded.
How to wait by the phone waiting for the playerz to call while ignoring the "nice guys" who are, like, so pathetic, right?


  1. One thing they forgot to take in account is that when they throwing away their prime years to bad boys and thugs, they are pissing off the good hardworking men.

    As a result, good hardworking men want to stay very far from these worthless gold digging whores.

    More men realize the only winnable outcome with western women is just not to play the game with them. If you give a western woman a chance, they will take you out for all you got!

  2. Anon 64 here.

    My son-in-law, not only the best son-in-law in the world, but also one of the best dads now that Little Accident has been born, had totally given up on the dating game, not to even mention marriage, when he met my daughter at a teacher's summer class. I gotta' tell you there aren't many like her any more, but there are millions of good guys just like him. Men who if they are treated right will work themselves to death for their wives.

    Among other things, she had far less than the now average eleven lovers of the American woman before marriage. Like 11 less!!!!!!!!!!! I joke that she was the first virgin bride on her mother's side for 400 years, which really pisses off her mom. Then, I make it worse by adding that I am only joking about the 400 years, we are only sure back 125 years.

    I have to admit I hammered on her head since she was around seven years old, telling her what a woman is supposed to be like, and how bad it is for women who mess up. All that feminist crap just bounced off her Dad-Shield.

    Let me say again, there aren't many like her. I know two, her, and one of her best friends. Period.

    Wrong. I mean in the USA. I know lots of them here in Mexico, though even here a majority of women are self-centered, ornery brats. But the law gives them very little power to mess up a man. So, large numbers of women don't even try the crap we take for granted in the US.

  3. "Men who if they are treated right will work themselves to death for their wives."

    Hallelluya sista!!!!

  4. Seriously too funny. I'm all for self-help books, but you are right..this looks like a you go girl type of book! I like your bi-lines...if they would advertise like that I would probably be more tempted to buy ;)

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