Thursday, November 02, 2006

Teen female promiscuity blamed on the usual suspects

So here we have some authoritative sources blaming men and society for the fact that more teen girls than boys lose their virginity when they're young.

World Sex Survey Reveals Surprises

Here's a quote:
Multiple sexual partners, it turns out, are more common in industrialized than in developing nations.

So why is sexual health such a huge problem? The study suggests that unequal treatment of girls and women as the major sexual-health issue.

Is there anything that can't be blamed on society and men? These poor oppressed women are PERSECUTED into giving up their virginity (not like she could actually want sex!) in the back of the handsome jock's car, don't ya know? That's after he tortured them with a movie and/or a dinner where he cruelly opened his wallet as far as it would go, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

We should castrate all our boys so that this inequality can be rectified.

"The data make a powerful case for an intervention focus on the broader determinants of sexual health, such as poverty and mobility, but especially gender inequality."

These people see gender inequality in everything, and isn't it funny how the playing field is always uneven for women, never for men?

  • Marriage is no safeguard of sexual health. It is more difficult for married women to negotiate safe sex and condom use than it is for single women.
  • Among girls who marry at a very young age, "very early sexual experience within marriage can be coercive and traumatic."

  • All sex is rape, so it figures that sex within marriage is also rape. And its the first rape, so it has to special - specially coercive and traumatic. I wonder how these people look at their naked bodies in the bathroom everyday. Oh wait, they may be pedophiles like Germaine Greer!

    "Sexuality is an essential part of human nature and its expression needs to be affirmed rather than denied if public-health messages are to be heeded," Wellings and colleagues argue.

    They actually mean female sexuality, a simple slip of the tongue there. Male sexuality is violent and to be kept in check. Coercive and traumatic sexual experiences are caused when the pustulent male comes in contact with the pure and virginal female. Kind of like how members of the Women's KKK whipped up the men around them into a fury by complaining that a nigger had looked at them the wrong way.

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