Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey, haven't I seen this before?

I was bored and started clicking the button, and came across this gem. My life in Atlanta: Good to be home

I'll quote the relevant part so you don't have to go through the inane rantings of some self-absorbed woman, but the gist is that she's a Singaporean living in the US, and she is almost totally westernized by the looks of it. Remember guys, foreign women are not different from American women - once they're brought here, they get the same poisoning and turn into the same bitches that American women do.

I picked up the latest copy of The Sunday Times and found it amusing that ST seems to run the same old stories over and over again. The headlines screamed "Why foreign brides are HOT while local brides are NOT". Hello? Didn't ST cover this story many years back? Why are we revisiting this issue AGAIN? Singaporean men who marry foreign brides should know by now that they can't keep up with intelligent Singaporean girls and should just shut up and go back to their quiet, submissive foreign brides.

Well hello there, I bet you'd make a great feminist, and probably self-identify as one too, but of course you're "not one of those feminists" if asked.

In the comments section:
Anonymous said... dear carrie,

there's always 2 sides to the coin when it comes to an argument, in this case the foreign brides issue.

maybe we singaporean men have found that local woman are getting simply too demanding and obnoxious?

Her reply:

J? I've nothing against anybody nor am I ignoring the flip side of the coin, just peeved with ST's angle to the the story and the headlines. ST seems to imply that local men prefer wives from overseas because there's something fundamentally wrong with local women. Perhaps, next time, should they like to run the same, old story again, they should use a different headline, one that does not incriminate local girls for the lack of attractiveness of local men who can't measure up to them.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Change singaporean girl to american girl or british girl or australian girl, and you've summed up the same argument that gets repeated in countless forums, blogs and newspapers - that the men are stupid and dumb and abusive, and foreign women are submissive, which a Real Man™™ would never want, as this strong and independent woman knows that a domineering local woman is the best!

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