Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Poem and a comment on the marriage strike

Saw this comment over at Eternal Bachelor.

Regarding out of wedlock births in the USA soaring, this is due to the tremendous success of the ever escalating Marriage Strike of the American Male!

Go American males! I've even made up a little cheer for our boys:

We'll give no ring,
We'll give no vows,

We'll turn those witches

Into cows!

But seriously, if we would also just completely stop giving single women any of our sperm, we could bring this whole matter to a head (so to speak)and cause a sane, sensible and peaceful settlement of the Femnazi-initiated gender war in America.

Until we American guys succeed in completely withholding our DNA -- not just our marital vows -- women will not be forced to join forces with us men to drive sanity and equality back into our legal system when it comes to family matters.

So I offer this original poem to your blog readers:

No Sperm No ring,
Until you sing,
To set men free,
from the lawyers' spree.

You chicks are pawns,
to pay for lawns
of houses big

of the lawyer pigs!

Stop being used in this stupid scam
if you ever hope
to have your Fam!

See American women need to make our legislatures know that even they are sick of the female-victim culture here and its horrible consequences for women.

We need to help them connect up how all of this "protection" is actually making them so unattractive that we guys would rather stick our dicks into the back of an electric fan than get involved with them.

I like this kind of work, mostly because I'm no literary genius myself. In fact, I pretty much suck at poetry and most prose.

One thing I do believe is that the marriage strike as an organized movement hasn't gained much strength yet - most men (and yes, women) are avoiding marriage because of a multitude of reasons.

Many men are avoiding, or rather, delaying marriage because of reasons like staying in college until later, being afraid of financial ruin until they get lonely and their resolve breaks down, and not being able to find a good woman. Feminists are trying to train men to look for women around their own age, and a 25 year old guy looking for a 25 year old girl isn't going to find one willing to commit. The women start their shrill whining about "no good men" and "men are afraid of commitment" and "I want to stop working, someone bankroll me, I have a vagina and I know how to use it!" around 30+, when their biological clocks start ticking.

Many women are delaying marriage because they really think that they don't need a man - the reality of their ticking clock doesn't hit them until men stop approaching them and they realize they're not growing any prettier. In their prime, they reject the decent men and fuck the exciting bad boys, and when they pass their prime they realize their Plan B has already walked down the aisle with a different woman. Some do realize that their chances of finding a good man go down with each birthday, but many don't. Marriage at a young age is seen as a loser thing to do - why stay with one man when you could have a different one every night?


  1. I worked with divorced fathers from 1984 till 1993. My conclusion is that men simply can't organize anything that has to do with publicly standing up to women. A lot of men have tried, and done everything by the book, but in the end, other men attack; attack; attack.

    However, a totally disorganized, one by one, marriage strike can work because it doesn't require men to organize.

    So, don't worry about an organized strike. I haven't been able to see the original article which says 22% of men are on strike. But, looking at the figures produced by the National Bureau of Statistics certainly indicates it is working.

    The most wonderful part of this is that even if women don't change nor demand law changes -- which is my prediction -- the number of men and children harmed by these women is going way down. Neat! This is a win/win situation.

  2. Here are the studies (2 of them), for those that are interested:


    The 2004 Updated and Expanded Research based on the findings of the 2002 Rutgers University Research (Why Men Won't Commit)


    Excerpt from the Study's Introduction:

    The National Marriage Project seeks to fill in this missing feature in our portrait of the nation’s social health with The State of Our Unions. The report is divided into two sections. The first section is an essay in a continuing series devoted to exploring the attitudes toward mating and marrying among today’s not-yet-married young. The second section includes what we consider the most important annually or biennially updated indicators related to marriage, divorce, unmarried cohabitation, loss of child centeredness, fragile families with children and teen attitudes about marriage and family. For each area, a key finding is highlighted. These indicators are updated annually and provide opportunities for fresh appraisals each June.

    We have used the latest and most reliable data available. We cover the period from 1960 to the present, so these data reflect historical trends over several decades. Most of the data come from the United States Bureau of the Census. All of the data were collected by long established and scientifically reputable institutions that rely on nationally representative samples.


    Sorry, I'm a little computer stupid and don't know how to make computer linkies, you'll have to copy and paste - but, still, I'd like to remind you to show up at the MGTOW library to search for info such as the above.

  3. Hmm, obviously, the two links I provided did not go down well on blogger. If you go to the MGTOW Library, and then go to the MGTOW section, look under "Marriage Strike" and then "Marriage Strike Research and Data" and you will find the two studies.

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