Monday, November 20, 2006

Secret Santa Time!

Guess who this is going out to.


  1. Koo Koo Kachoow Ms. Temple!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me but I have a family and friends I'll be spending the holidays with already...

  3. hey Nymom, why are you projecting the image on yourself? You are not fat, are you?

    The walrus is cute - I mean the walrus on the shirt...

  4. "You are not fat, are you?"

    No I am not...

    I was never as fat as you think and I've lost a lot of weight lately being sick...

    I just haven't had time to update my picture.

  5. OH NO! Another outbreak of the Online NYMOM Herpes Virus!

    Once your blog catches it, IT NEVER GOES AWAY!

    Margaret Temple, I thought you were going to send us all to Google's cyber prison? Lol! What happened? When you belched your demands to them, did the sea-breath make them pass out? Remember, Margaret, don't just brush your tusks - but the tongue too!


  6. Rob Fedders, why don't you worry about your own blog who few people, men or women ever post on?????

  7. Lol! Margaret,

    I'm surprised that people post on my blog at all! Since I don't advertise it and hardly ever write on it. It amazes me how people find shit on the web.

    But I truly do enjoy following you around and pestering you. Just like you feel it's your mission to troll men's site and belch your walrus breath in our faces, I too feel it's my mission to follow you around and annoy the hell out of you.

    Luckily, when you drag your big fat walrus ass along on your journeys, you leave distinct walrus prints - making you easy to track.

    Therefore, Margaret Temple/Walmart Walrus/NYMOM...

    Can you guess what I'm going to say?


  8. "..I truly do enjoy following you around and pestering you..." are a pest.

    Some kind of self-appointed monitor who goes around telling others what blogs they should and should not comment on.

    The owner of this blog and others can speak for themselves. As every blogger has a great big mouth which is why they are bloggers to begin with, and are certainly capable of telling someone to not post on their blog anymore if they don't wish them to.

    They don't need you running around to do it for them...

    Just because you don't care if anyone posts on your blog don't assume everyone else feels the same way. People don't start blogs on the internet to talk to themselves.

    Wake up.

  9. NYMOM, again, stop annoying the decent posters on my blog. Your feminist woman-firsting won't work here, the first person to go will be you.

  10. NYMOM,

    I'm not a self-appointed "monitor".

    I am a self-appointed WALRUS HUNTER!

    I am only interested in annoying walrus's and ridding the world of the Online NYMOM Herpes Virus.

    I will pester you to the end of time. I promise.

    Life's a beach when people treat you the same way, eh Walrus?

    Time for you to go fish for dinner, Walrus, so why don't you...


  11. Does it come in a size 400 with a matching veil?

  12. That walrus has tusks, the Walmart Walrus does not.