Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marriage today

I saw this article today by the Oregon Live website - Marriage today: Fewer 'I do's' and more just 'I's'.

Its yet another article meant to shame and blame men for not wanting to marry a Western Harridan and subject yourself to the scrutiny of a court which is based on lies, deceit, and bias. Like what was said for me in my previous post, marriage today brings ZERO benefit to the man, and a big "Fuck You" to ANYONE who dares to imply that men should sacrifice themselves in marriage for women. Women aren't worth that level of self-sacrifice, and a society which hates men certainly isn't worthy of self-sacrifice by men.

However, contrary to the way some folks in the MRM believe, I don't think that the marriage rate is going down solely because of the marriage strike. I think women are contributing a lot to the late-marriage/no-marriage culture. First of all, careers are very important to women because money is how you gain independence, and independence (from consequences) is very high on western women's list of priorities. Children are also very important, but family and a husband isn't. So we have women in their 20's who still have a very adolescent frame of mind, like a teenager with a job and no limits. They hate their Dad, they tolerate their Mom, and just want to spend, spend, spend. The amount of TV they watch is inversely proportional to the number of intelligent, independent thoughts that come out of their head - more TV, less thought. Less TV, more thought.

These women with their adolescent frame of mind want to find a white knight (or rather, want a white knight to find them), but not before they're done partying. Kind of like how a 16 year old wants her parents to come pick her up, but not before she's done hanging out.

So that is why I think women are also contributing to the marriage numbers. Note that this line would be taken as misogynistic in the mainstream media, so you never see it. Its allllll men's fault. Whether they marry or not, its our fault. It seems that its men's job to carry women, kicking and screaming, to the altar, impregnate them as they are kicking and screaming, and force them to stay home and live off your salary as they continue kicking and screaming.

Could there be a bigger lie? It seems that the only time women stop kicking and screaming is in the post-coital afterglow with the latest bad boy who makes them feel so good.

Despite their strategy, and individual successes, their county -- and Oregon -- is less married than ever. New census data reveal the share of married adults has shrunk noticeably since 2000. And the drop has been steepest in rural counties and suburbs.

Nationally, the percentage of people ages 15 and older who are married has declined 4 points since 2000. The drop in Polk, Umatilla, Yamhill and Klamath counties was twice as steep.

If you think it's young, unattached people moving in, you're wrong. Compared with 2000, a smaller share of Oregon's adults are under 35. The state's population surge has come primarily among people ages 55 to 64. Oregonians at that, and every other age span, are less likely to be married than before.

What's happening? Marriage has changed, even in the most married places, researchers say. People no longer consider marriage the first step into adulthood, and they marry later. Living together has become a normal part of courtship, and for some, an acceptable alternative. Divorced 50-year-olds remarry at lower rates, avoiding economic entanglements close to retirement. And Oregonians live longer than ever, making "until death do you part" a long time indeed.

The unprecedented changes unsettle many people, who are uncertain of where they fit and what will happen to children. Some lash out at same-sex unions or no-fault divorce.

Funny how they make it sound like same-sex unions are as harmful to marriage as no-fault divorce is. They intend to do that, they intend to imply that the same kooks who are against same-sex marriage are against no-fault divorce. Media = propaganda.

"And marriage is more open to renegotiation. Is it for a lifetime? Until I'm not happy? What does it mean? People aren't as sure, so they're a little more hesitant to get in and a little more willing to get out."

The trends emerge from the 2006 American Community Survey that allows the Census Bureau to compare the population mid-decade. And they frustrate Tom Dressel. "Couples are looking at their parents, at divorces and difficult marriages and saying, 'We don't want a marriage like that,' " says Dressel, who helps run the nonprofit Every Marriage Matters in Oregon City. "So they're putting it off or choosing to avoid it completely."

But marriage is not doomed, says Stephanie Coontz, a sociologist and author of "Marriage, A History." Optional? Yes. Fragile? Certainly. But a union today is more likely than ever to be a lasting love match with more joy, intimacy and satisfaction than our ancestors dreamed.

A last love match with more joy, intimacy and satisfaction? Pure, 100%, Grade A Bull Shit.

The content of the article belies its title and its premise - that men are to blame. Here we have a man who can't find a woman. I thought they wanted to be married? Picky, picky.

When Dahl finally took an economic development job in John Day, he thought he'd have time for a personal life. A Canyon City official thought so, too, bringing him a list of eligible local women. Despite the list, and a few forays into Internet dating, Dahl discovered the exquisite difficulty in finding someone right. At 40, he became economic development coordinator for Grants Pass. He's still single.

And here comes the misandry:

Researchers say that women, whose remarkable gains in education and the workplace mean they no longer must settle, may be the greatest complication of all.

"If you talk to young guys, they are terribly confused by women who are just as smart and sexually empowered as they are, " Kimmel says. Such struggles over equality, power and expectation are slowing remarriage rates among older men who still haven't adjusted.

Angie Sandercock has found a job she loves, close friends and raised an 18-year-old daughter alone. "I would love to be married," says Sandercock, 36, of Oregon City. "But a lot of men my age don't seem mature; they're not focused, and I'm not going to settle. Because I really can do it by myself."

Smart = Slept her way into middle management.

Sexually empowered = Slut who likes bad boys.

Equality = Some are more equal than others.

36 year old single mom = Abused her child by denying her the father she rightfully should have had. Another poisoned western woman created.

"Older men who still haven't adjusted" is quickly becoming "younger men who don't want to adjust." Better watch out, girls. And older men are the most likely to get caught out by the marriage scam since they grew up with parents who stayed together and they sincerely believe that women are better, more moral and nicer than men. Remember, a gentleman is a man who is prepared to draw his sword to defend women. A man who doesn't draw his sword at all is a pussy, not a gentleman in entitled women's eyes.