Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Divorce Insurance for Men

The past couple of days, talk has been going around of a concrete idea for "Marriage Insurance" or "Divorce Insurance" - the idea being that the man can pay to keep his assets protected in times of divorce - maybe he is under pressure to marry no matter what, maybe he really loves his girlfriend, maybe he's just insane.

No matter, never fear! Divorce Insurance is here! The claims are that you can pay the insurance, and if you do end up losing the game of Russian roulette where the woman is holding the gun and the bullets, you won't end up living under a bridge because that is the only place the restraining orders and registries allow you to be.

I think its a fucking terrible idea. There are many reasons. First of all, if you have ever taken insurance, you know that they are only too happy to take your money for years, but as soon as a claim comes in, they will weasel their way out of it and pay as little as they can, and then jack up the prices to astronomical levels for years.

Next, the idea of divorce insurance is terrible because just like pre-nups, it will give scheming women a chance to lasso innocent lovestruck men with claims of "its going to be OK, we have the insurance, see? I'll even pay half of the premiums!" Make no mistake, the 75% of divorces initiated by women is not because all the men are assholes.

Finally, and more importantly, the government needs to be held accountable to fix what they broke. I don't mean to patch it up with more half-assed solutions that hurt more than they help, but to repeal no-fault divorce, to introduce the foreign concept of equality into the courts, and fire fry misandrist and misogynist judges.

So what do you think? Am I totally off-base here? I just think its a terrible idea, and I pay for car and home insurance. I'm not stupid enough to pay for the other kinds of insurances you get offered at every place you shop, but a lot of people are. And while I wouldn't say