Friday, August 24, 2007

The white man's burden

Way back in the day, when Africa was known as the Dark Continent and America had just been discovered, taming the natives was the White Man's burden. The natives were so savage that it fell upon the white men (missionaries) to tame them and harness their power for the greater good of (white) mankind.

Today, men are the fairer sex's burden. It falls upon women to tame men, to harness them for the greater good of womynkind. Interestingly enough, this dictionary recognizes womankind as a word but doesn't recognize misandry.

Anyway, I present to you the travails of a teenage boy who just wants to have safe sex. This series of posts was made by Pentium 4 on SYG:

I was talking to my 14 year old nephew just now and he said that he had to go get a booster shot in order to go to school this year.
So, at the health department he asked for some condoms. He was told they only give them to females unless he is tested?

What does "tested" mean?

Can someone explain the logic in giving MALE birth control devices ONLY to females???

Called them, my nephew was telling the truth!

They give them to women who come in to get birth control or pap smear.

I asked if there was any condition where men could get them for free and she said only if they come in to be tested for an STD and are positive!
So let me get this straight. Women get free birth control pills and free condoms. Yet men get nothing UNLESS they are positive for an STD!!!
She said: "It was just too expensive to give them out to men".

How is this not the government giving women FULL reproductive control when they can get both the female contraceptive and the male contraceptive for FREE more readily than men can get male contraceptives for free?

Well, my nephew isn't into Men's Rights, he was just telling me what happened. He thought it was funny. I DID NOT!

Where I live (ND) they are out on the counter, where he lives apparently they are not.

I have no problem with the "it's too expensive" stuff. My problem is that the ones they do give out are given to FEMALES ONLY...unless a male has an STD.

It is all about women. They seem to want to give 100% reproductive control to women by giving them free birth control for both males and females. That she might punch holes in it is just one aspect. It sends the message that SHE is control of the use of contraceptives (ex, to use it or not to use it is not his choice as he isn't the one who brought it to the party) and if she did poke holes in it you can bet she will be pushing him to wear HER FREE condom not the one he BOUGHT! Men like to save money, even when horny.

They will give them to males ONLY if they have an STD. It is all about protecting women from men with STD's but otherwise, it is about women having 100% reproductive control in a sexual encounter. No matter how you look at it, they don't appear to give a shit about male reproductive rights but are all about helping to protect the woman if he has an STD.

A post by Brian:

Sounds about right. The woman is a victim and so she gets taxpayer paid for services for free. The man is told to get a job and pay for his own(and hers too by virtue of the taxes he pays) condoms. Now switch it around and watch how quickly the NAGS file a discrimination suit. Tell you nephew to make an EO complaint.

One from typhonblue:

I think it's even more insidious.

The idea behind it is that women need to have their precious sexuality protected. But a man only needs protection if it's necessary to protect his female partner from him.

I guess they believe STDs only go one way. From man to woman. And protection is only needed if you're protecting a woman from a man.
BTW, what about gay youth?

You could get him to ask the nurse why she thinks a girl needs protection, but he doesn't.

This is the kind of thing we're dealing with here. People just naturally assume that teenage boys aren't worthy of getting the same services that teenage girls are. If boys cost the healthcare system as much as girls do, what with routine visits, monthly appointments, pap smears and whatnots, people would blow a gasket and tell them to "man up and stop running to the doctor for every little thing."

Turning around the feminist canard of "If men got pregnant,"

If men got pregnant, they would die at childbirth, because nobody cares when men die.