Friday, August 17, 2007

Our Own Enemies

Here are a couple of posts I made recently, about how I feel that men are our worst enemies.

It started with this post by Mr. X:

yeah that whole ED stuff is really pissing me off. Men haven't changed. Its not like some meteor hit the earth and all of a sudden men are impotent. I think women are actually insulted men aren't on the jazz 24/7 and thinking with our groins like they were told.

As usual, my reply was tangential. I responded:

The problem is that men are their own enemies. Men are the ones who keep prattling on about how we men think with our little heads, we tell our daughters that their boyfriends are only interested in one thing, and we are the ones who make a big deal of wanting to bone every attractive woman who crosses our line of sight.

Not all men obviously, but too many.

To that, LAYM said:

Rather,such men are the enemies of independent thinking MRA men,and pretty much whoever comes his way the wrong time,like a father hating on his daughter's harmless boyfriend. Of course they are hypocrites,as they allowed themselves to inseminate a young woman once in their youth,despite the similar guys of the then generation giving the same look. I don't think you believe what you wrote really hard. As it implies all of men's problems are caused by men and only by men.

And I said:

I don't think all of men's problems are caused only by men, but its pretty close. Men have willingly allowed themselves to be sacrificed for the good of societies for hundreds of years, and its showing now - in the way that misandry is everywhere, in how feminism took over our justice system and in how men commit suicide more than women at any age.

Often, men are the first ones to cut other men down. I don't expect a positive response from women, but I also don't expect such a negative response from men.

And its true. How can men catch a break when the people most willing to hold them back are other men? When a thousand men will stand up and say "there's no problem" in any discussion about gender issues or about boys falling behind for every one man saying "there is a problem," how can we get ahead?

Feminists are all too quick to point to the bootlickers and say "Well these men don't seem to have any problems," how can the rest of us persuade any audience that there is a problem?

How can we be in any debate when other men are the first to muzzle us and push us down, and out of sight?