Monday, August 20, 2007

For Single Guys

An excellent post by uzemandluzem... about how western women are sluts...

from Unhooked:
"Stepp follows three high school girls and six college women through a year in their lives, chronicling their sexual behavior. These girls and women don't date, don't develop long-term relationships or even short, serious ones -- instead, they "hook up." Hooking up, Stepp writes, "isn't exactly anything." It can "consist entirely of one kiss, or it can involve fondling, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse or any combination of those things."

As I stated in another thread, "The real and not often recognized root of women’s power in our society is that 90% of them are really only truly interested in 5% of guys. Just as importantly, when these girls are young (under 30) they’d much rather share the 5% than have one of the 95% all to themselves."
Obviously, it can only be a best guess but I would breakdown the 5% as follows:
Players: 2%
Bad Boys: 2%
Good players are smooth talkers so they generally do well in clubs. While they do get plenty of sex, its not necessarily easy sex because they still have to make the effort and encounter lots of rejection. While they do have many more one night stands than the average guy, most of the time they still have to take the girl on at least one date before they get any action.
As for bad boys, women perceive them to be very masculine, adventurous and dangerous - and when dealing with the shallow, arrogant creature that is WW, perception is reality. If a bad boy isn't a smooth talker then he won't get laid like crazy but like rich dudes, he will always have a girlfriend because girls tend to be drawn to them like stink on shit.
The Studs however, are the true chosen ones: they get easy sex and lots of sex because they have the package (like the bad boys) and the skill (like the players) that allows them to bypass the whole dating scam - I mean scene. The classic example of the stud is the hi school or college quarterback. The following are just a few of the characteristics of the stud:
He has lots of female friends (and many of these girls have borefriends) and he is the king of the "one thing just led to another" hookup - No need to get numbers and certainly no need to waste time or money "dating".
For example, as the article above alludes to:
He'll be just hanging out watching a movie with 2 girls and the next thing you know (ATNTYK) he's piling both of them
He'll be studying with a girl at a library ATNTYK they're fucking under the stairwell
He'll go to a party ATNTYK a girl's blowing him while her bf's in the other room
He'll go to a club with his buddies ATNTYK he's fucking a girl in the bathroom
He'll give a girl a ride home from work ATNTYK he's riding her in the back seat or
He'll meet a girl on the street ATNTYK he's on her sofa with her ankles pinned behind her ears like bugs bunny.
Of course, the distinction between players, bad boys and studs is not black and white but the important thing to remember is that women are really only truly interested in the studs and the bad boys. They are entertained by players and the good ones do get lots of action but mainly because there are not enough bad boys and studs to go around - despite the fact that they do their best to spread their seed.
So what about the other 95% of guys?
As far as WW are concerned they are worker bees and sexual drones. In other words, WW simply are NOT INTERESTED IN 95% OF MEN. Instinctively, your gut has been telling you that and your gut has been 100% right as the article above proves.
It proves it because you can only be "casually hooking up" with these whores if you are already in their circle. Women operate in cliques and they only let the studs and bad boys into their cliques because they are the only guys that they are really interested in. For everyone else, including the players, they make it extremely difficult just to talk to them. This is not an accident.
The players and rich dudes are third and fourth in line but they are still made to jump through hoops (i.e. do the dating thing) whereas the studs and bad boys get the "advance straight to pussy - no need to ask for my number and no need to take me on a date" pass.
To Summarize
For non gold digging woman their genuine preference in men before they are ready to get married is as follows:
First Choice: The Stud
Second Choice: The Bad Boy
Third Choice: The Player
Fourth Choice: The Rich Guy (he can provide material excitement)
Fifth Choice: The Catch (good looks, right family & fast track career)
Last Resort: The Average Joe (who in reality is far more of a "catch" than the average WW)
When WW are ready to get married the key thing to remember is that their preferences stay the same but their choices change. So even the non gold diggers will try and get a rich guy or a catch. Since there are not enough of those men to go around they will begrudgingly settle for an average Joe.
And therein lies part of the reason why the typical wife is so angry. She is deeply resentful that she wasn't able to land a meal ticket and retirement plan so payback comes by cutting her hair, ballooning into a beached whale, making her husband's life as miserable as possible and of course (in 75% of the cases) the coup de grace, eventually divorcing his ass and cleaning him out.
Of course, we can't forget that if she thinks she can get away with it she will try and find a stud, a bad boy or a player to knock her up and have the sucker (the rich guy, the catch or the average Joe) raise it.
The irony is that even if a WW can land a rich guy or a catch, in her shallow, arrogant, twisted and entitled little mind, she still will not be happy because to her, such men are not really men, they are personal slaves - suckers, just like the average Joe - only a lot more useful.
Always remember that a western woman's "heart" will always be reserved for the studs and the bad boys.
To summarize:
WW love Studs & Bad Boys (to the extent that WW are even capable of loving)
They respect players (women only fuck guys they respect**)
They use (while resenting) rich guys and catches & (most disturbingly)
They contemptuously think of average Joes as last resorts
Since bad boys and studs are born not made, unless you've always been getting tonnes of easy pussy while rarely spending a dime, the only self respecting option - aside from opting out from dealing with WW completely - is to (learn to) be a master player.
Uzem & Luzem
**hopefully by now, having the "respect" of WW means about as much to you as having the respect of a vulture or a rat - it only matters if you want to fuck them.