Thursday, October 25, 2007

Noted female chefs say that bias smolders inside the kitchen

Accomplished female chefs still face deep-seated bias in the restaurant business, seven prominent female chefs tell New York magazine.

Seven prominent and presumably accomplished female chefs claim to struggle against Teh Patriarchy when they skated in on their Pussy Pass? Will wonders never cease?

In the fine-dining atmosphere where restaurants are identified with their chefs, these female cooks contend with regular reminders that the industry isn't comfortable with the idea of women in charge.

Here, naturally, the industry is wrong and the little princesses are right...

The chefs, all of whom have run well-known kitchens, describe situations in kitchens in New York or Paris where male colleagues insult or ignore their female counterparts.

And of course, male colleagues never insult or ignore their male counterparts, female colleagues never insult or ignore their male counterparts, and female colleagues never insult or ignore their female counterparts. Nope, no way. Or maybe they do, but its only notable when men do it to women. Its funny how the chefs find the time to be such good cooks when they're patriarchally oppressing these poor widdle women all the time.

Chef and restaurant owner Anita Lo says that her mail is frequently addressed to "Mr. Anito Lo."

Now that's just hilarious.

Wary of the machismo found in the main kitchen, women are more likely to gravitate toward pastry, a relatively calmer and more traditionally female area.

Ah yes, can't stand the heat, so they get out of the kitchen and whine about it. That is these women's motto. The pastry area. Relatively calmer, more female dominated, pays less but the work is easier? Sounds like all the pink collar jobs women flock to in droves. And when women run HR, guess who they hire. And bonus, they then whine about "the pay gap" and want to be paid more for less work.