Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Losers hit the mainstream

I got "The Ex" from the library yesterday. I hadn't watched it, but it was there and I figured I'd check it out to see what its like. I'm pretty much sick of misandry in the media, i.e. TV and movies, and as such don't really watch much of either.

Anyway, it was horrible. I really felt for the guy, you know? He has to move back to Ohio from NYC because his princess "fell pregnant", "got knocked up" or whatever you want to call her pregnancy that places all the blame on external forces conspiring against a wee little girl.

So he moves back, moves in with her parents, her father gets him a job in a stupid hippy-cultured hyper-sensitive company, working under.... drumroll please... the guy who his wife cheerleaded (is that a word?) with in high school. Fucking high school. Not even college, we're talking aeons ago here. And apparently the bitch is getting all chummy with him again, allowing him to do whatever with her, while our long-suffering, long-duffering "hero" watches.

In one sequence, when the ex and the wife meet, they do a cheerleading routine which ends with her balanced on his hand by her ass.

It would make my blood boil to see something like that, and I would dump the bitch in a split second. Sorry, but I don't play that bullshit "Oh are you jealous?" *coy eyes* game. Fuck yes I'm jealous bitch, but you're nothing to me anymore, you're not even worth a speck of dirt on my shoes, out you go on your ass. I only feel emotions like jealousy and anger for people who matter to me.

But wait! We're married! Which means she gets to keep half of what I earned while she enjoyed her early retirement sucking off the 7 year old kid next door (I think we can reasonably conclude that a lot of women are pedophiles eh, the least we can do is repay the favors they did us for 40 years) and watching Court TV.

Best of all, the sex completely dries up as soon as they hit Ohio. Completely. Fucked. Up. And of course he can't acknowledge that he's a man and that he has sexual urges that won't be satisfied with his hand, because to admit as much means that he's some kind of fucking monster.

I stopped watching at the point the 7 year old kid gets smart with Zach Braff (God I want to punch that guy for being such a pussy).

I started to think - why is it that so many movies are coming out with this loser theme nowadays? Why was Spiderman such a big hit, and Harry Potter too? Why are so many "main characters," can't even call them heroes, such pussies and idiots?

Make no mistake from my title - Loser in the mainstream does NOT mean loser is acceptable. It isn't. But so many men are buying and watching these movies and are nodding their head, I think its possible that more and more men are turning into losers while still beating themselves up and being beaten up by society about it.

Could it be that more and more men nowadays are turning into beta males? Have this many men really internalized the message that they can never be good enough, that the girls will always flock to the thugs and jerks, that they will always be beaten around by the ones they love and cherish the most? And that they will be helpless to do anything about it?

What is the answer to this? Will there even be a backlash if so many men really feel they have nothing to live for except shitty video games and occasional sex from some broad who is banging five thugs right now?