Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rape Rape Kill Kill!!!

Respect Men's Rights


There has been a semi-famous case in South Africa recently, about a man accused of being raped by a woman. The man in question is a top official, reputed to be the next Presidential hopeful. And while I hate politicians, especially African politicians after having lived there, that is not the subject of my post.

Apparently, after a long fight which attracted a lot of international media attention, Jacob Zuma was acquitted of rape charges. And the media is not happy about it. Now blather on all you want about kangaroo courts and justice not being served, I will point you right back to the US Courts and the amount of "justice" they dispense. And that's the shining beacon of freedom in the west. Don't even think about the courts of Europe, which have still not shaken off their socialist, fascist and nazi roots.

The man has been acquitted after a sketchy rape allegation, and naturally, his life is ruined. He has had the legs of his campaign for President cut off, and it remains to be seen whether he will be welcome back in his party or whether he will be quietly disposed of.

Here are some quotes from the linked article:


Zuma is not fit to lead a country where women's rights are high on the agenda, where the fight against Aids is, or should be, an urgent national priority and where the protection of the weak and vulnerable is the duty of the powerful. South Africa deserves a president who can lead by example. Jacob Zuma has shown that he cannot do that.

And how exactly is being accused of a crime showing that he cannot lead a country? That's like throwing mud at someone and claiming they are too dirty for your company. The media led the charge, with most companies vilifying the man before his trial even began, and now instead of issuing apologies, they have the gall to say that he is guilty even when proven innocent.


Jacob Zuma's predictable acquittal is a setback for women's rights and for political stability... He has brought the party and the country into disrepute. His path to the presidency must be blocked firmly and permanently.  

How was his acquittal Predictable? Oh, maybe you knew he was innocent all along, eh? The female who accused him of rape has brought him into disrepute and so has the media which put spice on the story to sell it.

Oh, and naturally, the feminazis are going to be using this high-profile case to further their own agenda, probably passing legislation that cements the guilty-when-accused mindset that everyone seems to have, in the media at least.

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