Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome new visitors

What you see may shock you. This is not your typical whining blog. This is about serious matters. I'm angry, and so are many of the fine men who are with me. We are not going to take this assault on masculinity lying down. There is misandry in the media, there is misandry in greeting cards, it seems that the very same people who would call me a misogynist happily engage in man-hating with their friends over an afternoon lunch. (By the way - did you recoil when you read the words "I'm angry"? Did you stop to consider where you would be today had the way before you not been paved by angry men? Do you think that the Marines who are fighting for this country are pacifists? Do you think the founding fathers should have been arrested for domestic violence?)

Men marched with women to secure equal rights back in the 1960's. It is time for another hand-in-hand march. It is time for women to admit that they are more privileged and march with men for equality once again. Feminists couldn't have done what they did without men, and while we seek women's help, men are fully capable of reversing the current women's rights/men's responsibilities by themselves if they need to.

For more background, check out my first few posts from the sidebar. Understand why I created this blog and why it is strong even today. Understand why the Eternal Bachelor blog is such a force - how many men are deciding that the price is too high. This is a movement with no leader, nobody that feminists can tar and feather. It is an inexorable movement that can only be halted by reversing sexist, discriminatory and hateful laws.

Most of us, when we see someone call the justice system unfair, write off that person as a lunatic. Call me whatever you wish, I'm here to tell you that the justice system is unfair. And I'm not only talking about family law and divorce and child support here.

Women routinely get off with lower or NO sentences for crimes that would land a man in prison or on death row. Last year, a woman in Texas was acquitted of murdering FIVE children on the grounds that she was insane, by her own testimony. She planned that murder to the minutest detail and carried it out when her husband wasn't home, and still people were asking "Where was the husband?"

The majority of child abuse and child murder are committed by the mother acting alone, with the father acting alone the least likely to abuse or murder a child. Yet whenever a father goes to watch his son practise baseball or his daughter try out for cheerleader, he is all but fried in vat of hot oil by public opinion, which is poisoned by false statements that outright tell lies about fathers to an uninformed public.

Like I said, this is like no other blog you will read. I'm not a conspiracy nut, and what I write is the truth. Not because I wrote it, but because I only write about the truth. The truth that the mainstream media doesn't want you to see. Or if that is too "conspiracy" for you, the Truth that the mainstream media doesn't tell you.


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