Thursday, May 10, 2007

iVillage propaganda

I was home for lunch, just got back. While I was eating my delicious home-prepared meal, I turned on the TV and the only channel that didn't have ads on when I surfed past it was CBS 11, which was showing a program called "iVillage Live." is of course a very female-oriented site (how many aren't?) and they mainly cater to housewives or welfare queens. At least that's what I got from the TV program.

After a commercial break, the announcer said that there had been a new recently-released study that said that housewives should earn $138,000 a year. This of course was the blatantly untrue "study" conducted by last year, which kicked rhyme and reason into the well and made sure to put the largest dollar amounts they could find into the various made up sections. With titles such as CEO for deciding whether to get the Lean Cuisine or the Banquet and CFO for mailing the utility checks, its a wonder they didn't come up with a salary in the millions. (Lean Cuisine and Banquet are TV dinners)

Women of course get a golden parachute when they sever ties, just like top-level execs.

So anyway, they decided to go out on the street and corral unsuspecting proles. First they caught a family of four, which was pretty peaceful. They ostensibly posed questions to the man, but as soon as any female started speaking, the camera and the mic swung to her. Questions like "how much housework do you do" - the man replied "well, I do yard stuff, general guy stuff" and then mid-sentence, the focus shifted to the woman who had just opened her mouth.

So anyway, the "Certified Public Accountant" that was with them calculated that the woman earns $80,000 per year, and the man earns....


$17.76. Yup. The man earns less than twenty bucks a year for cooking, doing the "guy stuff" (defined as all the dangerous work around the house) and the woman earns $80,000 for cleaning.

OK, on to the next victim. They corral a black man with his 3-4 daughters, and ask him, "how much housework do you do." The man misunderstands the question and says he is a truck driver. So as the presenter is clarifying, the little pipsqueak, she must have been 7 at the most, pipes up - "HE DRIVES A TRUCK AND WATCHES TV" and the poor guy is relegated to the background while the "Certified Public Accountant" says "$14.92".

Yep, apparently your true market work is worthless on daytime TV. Driving a truck is on the same level as crashing on the couch and watching TV. And the worst part is, this was the young daughter saying this and the presenter allowing the child to speak before the father. Need any more proof that men are spit on by everyone else in this society and that male is a curse word?


  1. Ivillage live is on NBC

  2. The western world is fucked. No respect for men any more, ridiculous demands of women, absurd understanding of housework, blatant neglect for a man's work which is much dangerous than women's.

    I would love to marry but not here and now.