Thursday, May 10, 2007

On Child Abuse

Continuing from my "Trippin'" post...
I met an old lady who I thought was wonderful and kind, but who showed her true colors yesterday. Anyway, this old hag has a fat daughter. This fat daughter has the accomplishment of being a single mom at the age of 20. Yes, she is 20 years old, weighs more than 250 lbs and has a 18 month old daughter.
This 18 month old daughter is the subject of my post. These guys live like hicks in the middle of California, just minutes away from the $1+ million homes of the Napa valley. There are geese honking and shitting in the front yard, a deaf dog, and the everpresent rusty old cars. So it isn't a wonder that the (grand)daughter is not in the best condition. I know that the bitch draws welfare (WIC) and probably child support from the father as well.
However, the fact is that she is an abused, neglected infant. She is alternately neglected and abused. She has bruises in various places on her body, her mother doesn't give a single shit about her, and she roams barefeet all around the house. Yes, including the outside with all the goose shit. Its no wonder that she has had pus running out of her ear, a chronic hacking cough, and who knows what else. Yesterday the temperature was in the fifties, the old hag didn't want to turn on the heat, and the poor baby was walking around barefoot. Her mom? Sitting cozy with a blanket and fuzzy slippers, talking to her friends and watching TV.
I really think I should call and get the poor baby taken out of the fat whore's hands, but I don't know - whom should I call, and will it do any good? Even if they do take the baby, will they give the baby to her father or will they keep her in some kind of government facility? Something tells me that the social services will just come and see that there isn't a single male in the house, and promptly leave.
I know the father's name and general address but don't know if I should contact him anonymously or something. And I don't want to upset the apple cart and somehow get myself in trouble or kicked out of the house either.


  1. This is a tough situation. If you contact anyone, whether it is Child Protective Services or the father, you will probably end up being the primary suspect. I really feel for these poor kids. They don't have a chance, and will end up just like their shit bag parents.
    You might want to consider moving to another place and then turning them in. Good luck, and I hope everything turns out o.k.

  2. If you tell CPA, it will probably get all turned on you and the fat old hog will scream DV or, owrse, sexual harrasment with a infant. However, your thoughts of saving the child should be commended. I'd probably at least tell the father that you feel the conditions may not be suitable for raising a child and let him do HIS fatherly duties.

  3. Inform the father. There is no reason to give in to those horrible women who are not doing their duty.