Thursday, May 10, 2007

Great comment on Alimony

Saw this comment on NYC Buck's blog. Wonderful comment by a person I would love to have on my blog here.

Rob Case said...

There is absolutely no logic to the claim that married women have a right to their working husband's assets and income.

By luck rather than good management, I'm still a bachelor at 47, and have been retired now for 2 years. I own my own house and am financially secure. I came by my money just like most other guys - I held down a regular job. The difference is, as a bachelor, my earnings didn't get spent on dresses, shoes, jewellery, exotic vacations, hair-do's, ridiculous education, cute children's clothes, high-end furniture, extravagant housing and god knows how many other extravagances that bedevil the poor struggling married guy my age.

By the time I got to 45, I still had the cash a wife would have blown. I didn't have the debt she would have buried me under.

I know I'm not just one of a small percentage of guys who do ok unmarried. Look at the life of any married man in your street, and you will see the house he lives in is full of crap that he would never have bought for himself - stuff he would have left at the dump had he seen it going for nothing. He lives in, and pays for, a house and life-style whose primary purpose is to service the vanity of his wife. Most guys would be vastly better off without their marriage.

The notion that a woman makes a contribution to a man's wealth doesn't border on the absurd - it crossed that frontier miles back, got its passport stamped and was given the keys to the kingdom.

The simple fact that no woman will ever concede this point, no matter how easy it is to demonstrate, is proof enough of why this fiction is maintained. In their minds, their interests come before any man's. All reason and logic, all argument, are to be used to serve their primacy of interest.

So Buck, and any other young guy reading this, take it from an older dude that your instincts are 100% reliable. Stay single, stay sane and enjoy your life.

Really, what the man is saying is the truth. Women don't have an implicit right to have their husband support them when they're no longer supporting him - they may have had a right to a minimum level of support when they were doing work like raising children or cooking meals or cleaning house, but when the levels of arrogance displayed by modern women have reached such extremes as to claim that they should be paid $138,000 for work that amounts to nothing, they should be lucky to get kicked out with the clothes on their body.

But of course that's not what happens. What happens is that the golden parachute is made out of the skin of the slave, and then salt is poured onto his body with the double jeopardy of child support and alimony. All of this is after a marriage where he presumably gave his all and worked long hours to support the bitch at home and thought that the marriage was for life, through thick and thin. Turns out it was - thick for her, thin for him. Ha Ha Ha.

Its really a wonder that so many men marry even today. Its the natural instinct and centuries of social conditioning in us, we want to spread our seed, but if that's not gonna happen, at least pass on our genes. And the feminists have made full use of that, to push through ever more punishing laws. Do you think its a coincidence that the 500 year old law that states that any children born during marriage are presumed to be the husband's is still in the books?

MGTOW is the answer to these blatantly unfair laws. "Must keep her in a manner to which she is accustomed to" my ass. I will not be a slave.

If men as a group won't stand up to tyranny for once in history, we must each work for ourselves. The last person I expect shaming language from is a fellow man, but unfortunately, the first person I get insults and shaming language from is usually a man.


  1. Your last commit is true. I love these MRA sites and I read from them daily. I was also becomeing a active member on the Tom Lykis unoffical forum but, when a brother has nothing to contribute but more shaming nonsence then I will move on. Arguement and the ability to agree to disagree is still furthering both partys, while cheap insults are no better then the fembots who come here and post anno-nonsence.

    Keep it strong brothers and when a fellow man turns his back, watch it, dont stick him one for some twisted gratification.

  2. Great post Pete...but I must say, you've got one point COMPLETELY WRONG!

    "The last person I expect shaming language from is a fellow man, but unfortunately, the first person I get insults and shaming language from is usually a man."

    It should be: "The last person I expect shaming language from is a fellow man, and real men haven't dissapointed me. The first person I get insults and shaming language from is not an angry feminist female -- but usually pussy-whipped, spineless, feminized, manginas!."

    Shaming language is much more effective when it's based on truth...and any "man" who tries to shame a brother into subjecting themselves to feminist domination is not a real man to begin with!

  3. In the 80's, I was a very visible MRA in our Midwestern city. I was in all modesty one of the best known men in our city. I not only supplied no-fee counseling to an estimated 1,600+ divorced men from my home. I also wrote over 90 op-eds to the local newspaper.

    From time to time, some guy at work would approach me to tell me what a stupid, pathetic cretin I was.

    Virtually 100% of these guys eventually called me at home, with a scream of despair that went on and on beyond the ability of a human being to scream. Guess which idiot just got his papers???

    If they really thought I was so wrong, why did they call me when they got served with their papers, huh?

    The local feminists hated me, but they respected me as a dangerous opponent, because they of all local people knew I was telling the truth.

    I finally started receiving so much enjoyment from the screams of agony and despair from all the spineless manginas around me that I decided it was unethical to continue counseling them. One should have some empathy and I realized that most men in the US do indeed deserve every vile thing done to them, all because they will not stand up for their basic human, civil, legal, and constitutional rights.

    I have an extremely racist, smart alecky brother who once asked me why white people made black people into slaves. I well understand that the Avengers will go crazy, and when I first heard his answer, I was really enraged because I hate racism even worse than I hate feminists. But, I soon realized as much as I hated it for its surface racism, there is truth in it.

    The answer is: Because they could. Put chains on an Apache and tell him to chop cotton, and in the morning, the Apache will be gone, and you will be there with your testicles cut off and shoved in your mouth, with your throat cut.

    AM are treated this way by our women because they can. Period, end of debate.

    If the men of this nation decided it was enough, it would be over in, um, fifteen minutes or so. Instead, they fight and bicker amongst themselves, and sleep with each others wives, and make each other miserable.

    Anonymous age 65