Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hey folks, sorry for the interruption. I've been on a road trip. I have moved, and my new address is Wine Country, USA.

Yessiree, I am officially in the People's Republic of California. Wine country actually, about an hour north of San Francisco. There is a winery/wine resort within walking distance of my new place, and my work is a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bike ride. People pay very good money to visit here and drive on the same roads that make up my daily commute. It is so peaceful here in the country, a complete change from my usual big city living.

Yes, the life of a consultant is not that easy. :-D

The only thing I'd change are the bugs. A metric shit-ton of them trying to get in from every nook and cranny, and let me tell you - I hate bugs. Always have. They frighten and disgust me. So I really dislike not being able to go out after dark for fear of bugs, whether they bite, crawl or just brush up against me.

Anyway, an unfortunate side effect of the move to this beautiful place is that high-speed internet is not available here. I hope to get it soon, because I'm going to go nuts here. The old lady who rented me the house is very sweet, but her daughter is a real piece of work. I'm actually going to do a piece about that bitch. Every encounter I have with a piece of shit like that, and seeing the power she has in the court system further cements my desire to never marry, and to never have children with a woman in the US or any other feminised state, until women themselves take to the streets along with men in a show of solidarity like so many misguided men did back in the sixties.


  1. Yeah, problem is, women have a long history of lying, and not doing. It is really quite telling, after all of the sacrifices men made for women, the speed and vigour of women's backing of feminism.

    No questions asked. No thoughts of the consequences for men. Nothing.

    Just a resounding 'me me me!!!'

    They also all fly the flag of double standards. Wanting to be treated 'traditionally' (ie, when they need a man for something, they can't do themselves, or won't) and then 'girl power' (which revolves around them screwing men over in some way.)

    No honour in women. But's an obvious statement isn't it lol.

  2. Oh shit we live pretty damn close to each other.

    I live just 20 minutes North of San Francisco.

    I go to school in Sonoma County; well for two weeks that is, then I will be done for good.

  3. FM Watkins - its true that the female sex is more susceptible to be led astray - why do you think most of marketing is targeted towards women? And why the fuck do men just hand over their wallets to the women in their lives? Why don't they put their foot down and make her realize that all of his salary is not for her fancies?

    Its really sad - taking back control of the purse strings is financial domestic abuse now.

  4. Hi Pete

    I got your message on my blog. I don't see your email address here. You can send me a private message with your email address on the Don't Married Board or send me a message through my blog and I wouldn't publish that comment. I can send you an email and give you my email address.

    I will be extremely busy the next two weeks but after that it work on my end to find a time to hang out.