Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rewriting History

Today we had a small training session here at work. It was for a small group, very specific. The presenter had an image of two things on the screen, and asked us what we found common between them.

The guy sitting next to me piped up "They are both man-made!"

.... "Well man-and-woman-made, people-made, I want to be politically correct."

And that got me thinking - how is it that we minimize men's contributions so much in this era? I'm betting that most of the architects who laid out the plans for the Pyramids, the "people" who hauled the gigantic boulders in the Egyptian heat, who suffered the lashes from the task masters, and who gave their lives to the pharaohs, they were all men. Just like today in fact. What has almost 50 years of feminism done? It has just ensured that the easiest of jobs still go to women, and that the hardest of jobs still go to men, but now, instead of being paid a fair-market rate reflecting the reality that the men's jobs are harder and more vital to our survival, the pink collar jobs are paid at inflated rates to correct for the imagined "wrongs" that men committed in the past.

Now we seek to inflate the contributions of any valuable female a hundred times while not giving the same amount of admiration and respect to men who have done more. One female faints soldier faints in the field, she is rescued and her name is all over the media, but the men who gave their lives to get her out are faceless.

And when I say "imagined" I mean that feminists have lied in order to paint the female sex as long-suffering oppressed victims.

But anyway. The second object was something invented by a man and it is named after him even today. How the heck do you thank a woman for that? Do we thank the woman for being in the background? Cooking and cleaning? Do we thank his cobbler for making the shoes that he wore? His milkman for supplying the milk that he drank? Where does it end?

Men didn't keep women down, women happily kept themselves "down" while actually leading easier and oftentimes more fulfilling lives. Think of the average worker, not of Einstein or James Bond. He has a boss at work who ensures that he works his hardest, and a boss at home who ensures that he works his hardest. And who bosses the boss at home? Nobody.

One fucking bitch dies in Iraq and we bawl our collective eyes out, while not even giving two shits about the thousands of men who have died in this war that is taking place in our "gender equity" times. Then we bawl our eyes out that women don't work as hard and consequently don't get paid as much as men.

When a woman can't lift a box or climb a wall as part of a job it is "disparate impact" but when she fucking kills somebody she gets off because she had PMS and oh she's a woman so she obviously is more emotional and nurturing, she was probably driven to it.

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  1. "One fucking bitch dies in Iraq"

    I can get on board with most of what you say, but this is a little over the line. I see your point, but it sounds like the only crime this "bitch" has done is to be an American soldier.
    That's like the news saying "A few dickheads were killed in a car bomb on Tuesday".

  2. Dear anon, I'm not accusing her of anything. On the contrary I wish there was more cannon fodder of the XX variety. But I'll call her a bitch because she just lapped up all the bouqets. Maybe it wasn't her fault that the media didn't cover her rescuers, but she sure had a nice tan from hogging the limelight.

  3. Who are you talking about? Jessica Lynch is still alive. ARe you talking about women soldiers in general? Women in general?