Friday, May 18, 2007

Some choice comments

I saw Eternal Bachelor's post about the woman who thinks men are just ATMs and decided to check out the article. I found a few gems there, which I'm going to post for your enjoyment...

Wake up to modern living, men of Britain do your duty and look after your kids & stop being lazy! Women should not have to choose between career & a family. We are all born of woman, right?
Posted by John Clachan

Choice may be a good thing, but I can envisage situations where mothers who would prefer to stay with their baby are persuaded to go back to work so the father can take some leave. I agree that a father's input is of far more benefit when the child is older, and surely we should be encouraging mothers to breast feed.
Posted by Mary Jackson

I say this Richard, the day women provide sex to average looking men who are financial losers, then all men will stop work, and stop trying to support them.
Posted by Charles

Men are not nurturers. They are hunters and protectors. They bring home the booty. "Baby, baby bunting, Daddy's gone a-hunting; he gone to catch a rabbit skin to wrap his baby bunting in."
This move is all part of the one-worlder, anti-capitalist Stalinesque agenda of levelling out the world: Weaken the workforce.
It's abnormal. That's why the socialists love it.
Posted by Verity

I think this is going a bit too far! Whatever people say in these politically correct times, the mother is usually the primary caretaker of a child in its first year of life. After all, fathers cannot breast feed!
However, having said that, I do think that fathers should be allowed between between two and four weeks off after the birth of a baby. In the first month after having a baby, most mothers really need that extra support with recovering from the birth and the disturbed nights. Because mothers tend to be the primary caretakers in a child's early life, fathers need to fulfil their provider/protector/supporter role during this important stage of family life (yes, even in these 'enlightened' times!). There is nothing worse for a mother with young children than having a partner/husband with a dodgy career at this time!
Posted by Alicia Fox

Women bear children because they are best at rearing very young children. The time the father should take off is immediatly after the birth to assist the new mother to adapt to looking after the new child, and then he should return to work leaving the mother to do what only she can do.
Posted by Ian K Pestell

Ah yes! We start out with a little bit of shaming, an appeal to the maternal with John's comment. Hey John, you idiot, women don't WANT us sitting around the house, they want us to earn money so they can buy shit like self-rocking cribs and musical pacifiers.

Mary's asinine comment shows that she thinks that whenever a man tells a woman something, he is victimizing her. Of course, a woman telling a man something is the natural order. A sexual harassment case waiting to happen because if she has a male boss she sure will resent his authority.

Hey Charles, maybe when women stop being such shallow gold diggers and try to look deeper than the the man's wallet, they will find true love.

Ah Verity, where were you when the feminists came along to upset the natural order of things? Let me guess, you were marching with them?

Alicia Fox's comment really shows what is going through the average woman's mind. "Less privileges? For me? NEVER!!" Maybe we should make breast feeding mandatory eh, because I know many mothers who never breast feed, and plenty who breast feed wherever, whenever including at work. Fathers can hold a bottle just as well as mothers, you sexist sow! And of course, the rest of her comment is about how men can support women, slaving away in the background so that the princess doesn't have to lift a finger.

Ian, women bear children because they bear children. Men are stronger because they are stronger. Their societal roles are a result of these biological realities.

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