Friday, May 18, 2007

Women-only craze infecting America

I saw this article yesterday. Its about a new J.W. Marriott hotel opening up in Grand Rapids, MI which will have a special floor for women only. The entire 19th floor of the hotel will be reserved for members of the royal sex, in addition to an entire lounge also reserved for women only. (Be sure to visit the article and do the poll)

You know, I don't have a problem per se with women-only buses, seats, whatever. But it really jangles my nerves that we alternately hear that women are strong and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men, and that they are weak and need protection. Its very irritating. I wish they'd make up their damn mind. Being the sex that possesses the womb shouldn't get them so many damn unfair privileges.

Anti-discrimination legislation is de riguer in most western countries - you can't discriminate against anyone for a variety of reasons, including sex. But I guess all that goes out the window when its special privileges we're talking about, eh? We only hear about sex discrimination lawsuits when its a woman being discriminated against, not when its a woman being discriminated for. Just imagine the furore if they had made a floor for whites only.

Fairness - that's the root of all of this. I think most men know or have figured out that life is not fair. But it seems feminists haven't. They whined and whined until they got what they wanted - special privileges that are not equal to their responsibilities. And you know what they say about the squeaky wheel - it gets the most grease. They could throw Molotov cocktails, bomb buildings and get away with light sentences or no punishment by playing the innocent woman card. Not much has changed in the last 100 years has it.

Men are aware that life is not fair, but when the government has enacted laws to force fairness, well we jolly well want some of that fairness for ourselves! And this is why I'm opposing this hotel that will have a floor and a lounge for women only, while not having one for men only. Heck, I wouldn't even mind if this particular hotel didn't have a men-only section if feminists had not made men-only spaces illegal.

They claimed that men were making deals and excluding women in their exclusive clubs, so men-only clubs and colleges were made illegal. As soon as the first female CEO hit the Time magazine cover page, they should have made female-only spaces illegal too. But they didn't. All the privileges, none of the responsibilities. Now women can hobnob all they want, make all the business deals they wish, all without men. Of course, now its about sexual harassment - these undoubtedly fine career women don't want to get hit on. Where the hell do these people come up with these theories?

Spokeswoman Andrea Groom said more than half of all business travelers are women. She told The Grand Rapids Press that they want be able to relax over a drink without getting hit on by guys.

Ahhh... its a female. Deluded as usual.

If you're as angry about this sexist, discriminatory policy, let Marriott know. I have.


  1. Up until the 60s in Australian pubs there was a men only section. Feminists killed that and now look whats happening! I can but cannot believe it!

  2. When women were not allowed into men's clubs, they complain it was sexist.
    And now they wish for separate floors. Hypocrites !


    She told The Grand Rapids Press that they want be able to relax over a drink without getting hit on by guys.

    But on the other hand, Women miss being complimented by men.

    One in eight of the 1,000 women surveyed said that not a single man had complimented them in the past three months.

    "If a man says, 'Your hair looks nice', she should not be saying, 'It needs washing'. "Or if he says 'You are in great shape' it is churlish to reply, 'I am four pounds overweight'."

    Some 81 per cent long to hear that their hairstyle or outfit is nice, followed by 79 per cent hoping to hear that they are stylish and 73 per cent that they look slimmer.

    Question : What if a lesbian hits on another woman ?

    As for the relaxation part, The days of women quietly sipping a gin and bitter lemon in the pub while the men knocked back pints are long gone. Women are drinking more, and getting violent with it.

    And it's true that More woman are drinking in excess of the recommended daily alcohol limit than ever before, and though alcohol tends to have a more rapid effect on women., for the sake of equality - It has long been acceptable for men to drink heavily. It is now acceptable for women to do the same

  3. Here is my comment to them (PS I am a longtime Marriott rewards member who spends tens of thousand of dollars a year in their hotel...and I gave them my member number.:


    I am appalled that your company has turned in to Feminist Haven (special floors and lounges for women only). Do you really want to alienate your predominately male business customers who keep your company in business? Do you really think that is the best policy to have?

    The poor dears claim to be 'strong' and 'independent' yet your company believes they need to be protected and held to a higher regard? Please. Get a grip and do away with this horrible policy.

  4. Great job anon 10:08. They need to feel the heat for this asinine and sexist policy.

    Mikeray, awesome and informative comment.

  5. Days of Broken ArrowsMay 21, 2007 2:48 PM

    This is the first step towards didaster one way or the other. It's either gonna be men taking it or there will be a major backlash. I'm for the latter.

    Also, this smacks of jim Crow. If they're complaining that men are predators, why not single out black men who statistically commit more crimes?