Thursday, May 17, 2007


Parenting is very much taken as a woman's job. This is why Mother's Day is such a day of appreciation - husbands appreciate, sons appreciate, fathers appreciate, everyone appreciates women every chance they get. Why, I think Mother's Day is set to approach Valentine's Day in the number of flowers and other gifts given to women. After all, who wants to be shamed or put in the doghouse? Remember who holds the reins in the house and who wears the skirt, while reserving the right to wear the pants at any time.

And of course Father's Day is when the most collect calls are made. What is the father's role again? Ah yes, to be a walking wallet.

Parenting is a woman's privilege. Women get the right to choose to kill, they get the right to choose to abort, they get the right to choose to abandon, and they are praised for acting selfishly no matter what they do. Its as if women are celestial beings that have done so much good for the world that its A-OK if they do a little bit for themselves.

But anyway, where does the father or the husband fit into all this? His job is naturally to provide the financial womb for the woman's choice - whether she wants to work at a career, work part-time, or not work at all and claim that she should be earning $138,000 a year for doing work that does not have to conform to anybody's schedule, has no set standards or quality control and if she is fired, she walks away with half the assets.

His job is to be the family ATM... just like we don't worry about where the ATM gets its money from, so we don't care that the husband has to work to get the money that enables the wife to live in the manner to which she has become accustomed to. No, we only think about the ATM when it is not working. So we encourage nagging and moaning about housework, we encourage laws outlining men's responsibility to "share" 50-50 in the housework, while not making simultaneous laws for women's responsibility to earn half the household income (Spain). And of course, we take men's work and consequent absence as evidence that they don't really care about the children. Naturally, if a man doesn't work, he is roundly criticized and the fact that he doesn't have a job will be used against him, to deny him custody since he is obviously an irresponsible lazy bum. Men, with childcare have to continue to work full-time and be a father in their spare time. Women have the option to be a mother full-time and go to Mom-tini parties in their spare time.

Feminists would have you believe that taking care of a baby/child is such a drag, and that most women only have babies because they are pressured to. For that, just remember - whatever a feminist says has to be the complete opposite of the truth. A little closer look and a little personal experience goes a long way towards disproving the "women only have babies because the patriarchy forces them to" myth.

And taking care of children may be a drag, but so is going to work. So is driving. But they have their good sides too. Heck, I have heard some women claim that shopping is a drag! Speaking of taking care of children - the other day, I was at a cousin's house - they recently had a baby, and I saw a very fancy contraption they bought for the new arrival - it was a cradle... that rocks itself! So you just place the baby in there, turn the soft music on and turn the motor on, and the cradle rocks itself!

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