Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Strip club patrons hit up for man-hating fee

Texas just passed a law stating that men who go to strip clubs have to pay $5 each time, for a "new state sex assault prevention fund." Beats me why they're only worried about sex assault, and presumably only for females, but that's the reality - men are being forced to give up money for false accusers and real victims, both of which will be overwhelmingly female.

The measure, pushed through the House earlier by Rep. Ellen Cohen, would require the clubs to take a daily count of patrons and pay the state $5 for each one. Those records would be subject to audits from the state comptroller.

It would be up to the clubs to determine how much, if any, of the burden to pass on to the customers.

West had the gumption to call the fee nominal. In other news, West also said that war is peace and freedom is slavery. The burden would of course be passed to consumers in the same way that any mandated fee that is allowed to be passed on is passed on. Think cellphone bill. Do any of you actually pay $39.99 plus taxes? No, they tack on all these fees that you only see once you get the bill.

Anyway, this sets a dangerous precedent. Pretty soon any male-dominated industry will be under the spotlight by big government - "Can we milk these f*ckers some more?"

In other news, I had a great Memorial Day weekend, met Outcast Superstar in person (he's a great guy) and taught my nephew how to swim.


  1. This industry is female dominated. Who is dancing? Women!

  2. Strip Clubs are a waste of time and money. If you want more bang for your back, I suggest you save up and start traveling over seas.

    P.S. I had a lot of fun playing pool, we should get together and play again sometime.

  3. Anon, the entire industry is set up to rob gullible men out of their money and leave them with blue balls. I don't understand why people go in the first place, but then 40 year old wrinkled up single moms ain't my thang anyway.

    OS, I had a great time at pool too. We should definitely get together again.

  4. I feel compelled to respond to several of these comments.. First, the sex industry is NOT controlled by women. By and large, it is men who own, operate, and control not only establishments but also much of the industry. Many women do strip of their own volition, but others are coerced. There are also many who are coerced into prostituting, even though they only signed on to strip. She may seem like a willing participant, but what you don't see is the man who has manipulated and threatened her. Granted, this is not the case all the time, but it is certainly something to consider.

    The other comment related to going overseas to get "more bang for your buck" was troubling..... not that the blogger implied that the services solicited would be illegal or coercive, but that type of thing is so much more common abroad. Many, many women and children are forced into working in brothels-- it's called human trafficking-- and must service 20, 30, 40, 50 men a day. It's a haven for abusers. How does this all relate to stripping? Many owners of strip clubs turn a blind eye to a lot of what goes on and it's not a far leap to find clubs hosting "players' balls," which are huge pimp gatherings....

    Check out the following for more information and be an educated, ethical consumer is all I'm saying:

    Thanks for reading.


  5. YOU are responsible for your own actions, don't blame anybody else for your circumstances. Forced prostitution amounts to probably 0.1% of all cases. Get real Vanessa.

    It is the nature of women to expect monetary exchange through sex whether it is prostitution or conventional contact with man.

    Sex is never for free be it through marriage, a girlfriend or worker.

    Anthony from Australia

  6. I'm no fan of strip clubs either. The whole concept is a bit dimwitted. That said, note that this fee had to be some fembot's idea. It targets men based on the feminist idea that all men are sex-crazed rapists anyway, so why not make them pay?

    Vanessa, there are women forced to strip, but in everyday American strip clubs they would have to be very, very few and far between. I have heard so many teen girls and young women say over the years that they are interested in doing this that there would seem to be little need to force young women into it. Prostitution is a rather different issue involving other factors.

    Usually the teens who are interested in stripping are from homes were the father was absent or, in the rare cases where he was home, sexually abusive. Counselors and others have picked up on this trend, including Dr. Drew on the syndicated radio show Loveline. This is tragic, but it's clear that most American strippers start work of their own volition.

  7. On the whole, they're not victims. They don't have to strip. They could always go and work on a building site, on an oil rig, or any other job.

    They CHOOSE it because it is easier than the rest, and it probably pays better.

    What the hell is this. Everytime women choose to do something feminists yap on about how they were 'forced' into it.

    It's like wearing makeup. That's not patriarchal oppression. That's complete bloody vanity.

    Stop talking bollocks Vanessa and get real. I don't know what goes on in filthy strip joints and I don't care. Like I said, if they don't like it, I'm sure they can leave and get a job in Burger King...

    Thanks to Feminism, the age of women being seen by men as all 'girly, delicate and need protecting' is over. You wanted equality. You wanted to be treated in the same 'lucky way' men are treated.

    Now you bloody well are. Deal with it, 'be a man.'

  8. Quotes from the recent DC escort scandal...

    Palfrey recruited women by placing ads featuring her telephone number in local alternative newspapers and campus publications, including the University of Maryland school newspaper

    From career professionals to graduate students, most women who came to Palfrey to work did so because they needed money -- to pay off credit card debt, cover school loans or pay tuition fees, according to Palfrey. "I had a gal, for example, who was at Georgetown Medical," she said. At different times Palfrey employed a college professor, a medical researcher, a Navy officer, a legal secretary and a suburban realtor.

    "I think I ran a very nice operation," Palfrey said

    "I think I empowered a lot of women."


    Stripping, escort services, prostitution, atleast in the West, are now careers - that too empowering ones - thanks to feminism. In these times of the sexual liberation women are urged to go out and have it all, and this career is easy money for them. As mentioned, even 'respectable women', like professors and researchers, like to take advantage of it. After all, it's just sex. And guess what, even children as young as 12 are being taught pole-dancing (under the excuse of exercise).

    So a question to women : If you need money, would you
    1)take up an extra job for a few months which may pay a little less, or
    2)simply sell off your body and provide sexual service for a few hours and make quick money?

    Case 1)Since money is slow, women complain of wage gap and demand quotas and affirmative action, maternity and child care benefits, and still feel overworked and underpaid and ofcourse, 'oppressed' by the patriarchy.

    Case 2)Women complain of being exploited and treated like an object and feel 'oppressed' by the patriarchy.

    Thanks to feminism, every woman is a self-made victim. Hence women feel empowered by whatever a woman does - whether it be selling children for sex or selling a girl's virginity to buy a car or raping their students or making false rape allegations... and no feminist will ever stand up for these victims; they will find excuses for these women, after all they are 'oppressed' by the patriarchy.


    Without denying that human trafficking exists, along with women and children(Read : girls, no boys need apply), boys and young men are also victims. Have you ever heard of child soldiers in Africa - these boys(and few girls too) are kidnapped and forced into the armies at a young age. But since males are dispensable for the matriarchy, this never gets into the news. And if at all prison rape is discussed, it is treated lightly in a humourous way - even though more men are raped inside prison than women outside of it(after ignoring false allegations and disproving the '1 in 4(or is it 2?) women is raped' myth).

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