Friday, June 01, 2007

12 year old girls will learn how to pole-dance in classes

Check out this great article (thanks, Mikeray) about how an empowered cunt is going to start teaching girls (and boys, but how many do you think will want to or be allowed to attend?) as young as 12 how to use their bodies for cash - how to dance with a pole.

Naturally, she tries to distance herself from the "other" pole dancing that millions of strippers do every day. Fucking typical. Trying to claim that as a cunt, she is so impossibly pure, that she has the moral high ground over anyone who links her quasi-striptease class for pre-teens with the strippers she imitates and claims to be different from at the same time.

Ms Riddell insists the classes are nothing but good exercise for children who are at risk of obesity.

But the fact is that many many women will send their daughters to this class. There will be high society girls and low class ones. Their mothers will think "Oh this is so cute" because maybe they themselves take similar classes. After all, stripping-as-exercise has been around for a few years now and is gaining legitimacy, primarily since when you compare those classes to stripclubs, you are automatically the dirty old man for making that connection. So people keep quiet.

Now, of course, there will be plenty of innocent girls in these classes. But the fact is that pole dancing has traditionally been the domain of those who use the promise of their body to extract cash from men. Once they learn how to do the tease, they're well-prepared for their later years. Fired from your job and got bills to pay? Time to fall back on stripping!


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  1. If a man had proposed this, can you possibly imagine the fembots' shrieks? Sexism! Oppression by the patriarchy! Teaching girls that looks are all that matter! What a blow to their self-esteem!

    But a woman proposed it, so that makes it all right. How insane. And we all thought the creepy footage of JonBenet Ramsey in those beauty pageants at age 6 was bad enough.

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