Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Conversation with a co-worker

I was talking with a co-worker today. He is about five years older than me, and is just about ready to find a wife. He isn't American, and neither will be his wife. As if that matters though. If you marry a foreign-born and raised woman in the US, she will still be able to get everything, including a fast-track to citizenship if she cries abuse. And you think her family back home won't believe her? Ha ha. And look forward to getting your bones broken if her family ever sees you in their turf.

Anyway, so we're talking about investments and college savings for children and stuff. I'm talking about the 529 plans for saving for college, and whether its better to let the kids go on their own or finance their college and whether they'll have to take jobs in high school or not.

Then, all of a sudden, he pipes up with, "I think girls are better than boys." As I'm digesting this shocking bit of sexism, he continues, "I think girls on the whole are better than boys. Girls don't make as much mess, they're more obedient, and they're on the whole better."

He is the type of guy who will see the Trojan commercial portraying men as pigs and nod his head and agree. Then he will probably flog himself with a cat o' nine tails before going to bed. He is a victim of the mainstream media's feminist programming. Most intelligent men I know have unplugged themselves from the TV's feminist drivel, but he hasn't. And he's a reasonably bright person. But his view totally shocked me.

I made a comment on how girl children used to be unwanted (female infanticide in China and India) and now boy children are unwanted, and he said that percentage-wise, girls are just.... better. That's what rankled me. He is basically telling me that men as a sex are inferior to women. Talk about self-loathing.

I'm going to have to stop talking with him, because while I've tried to introduce him to the Men's movement by way of Tom Leykis and a couple of Chris Rock's videos, but if he is this far gone I have no interest in beating my head against a brick wall.

I just pray to God that he doesn't have a son.


  1. Just goes to show the power of propaganda Pete. I tend to show men the door out of the fematrix but they have to walk through it. And to be honest, like you say, there's no time to be wasted on just one dumb bootlicker.

    By the time they would have realised it will be too late.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Did you ask him, how would he feel and what would he think, if told that nationality or race, or whatever A is better, than whatever his nationality is?

    Whatever his answer is, tell him that's exactly what you think of him.

  3. When he was giving his pathetic little list of reasons why "girls are better," your response should have been as follows: "Yes, they are more malleable and obedient, just like female dogs."

  4. This is just a sign of the feminist propaganda machine hard at work. I remember growing up and parents having unconditional love for the children no matter if they were a boy or a girl. There was hope for every child. now boys are just "more troublesome". Things like this are the reason that I do not see myself ever having kids with my feminist wife. No matter how bad I would love a child of my own I will not have my son raised to feel the way I am made to feel for being a man in my house and I will be damned if I have a daughter that is raised it the current feminist mindset that is so common in our world today.

  5. You should visit Online Dating Rights dot com to discuss the IMBRA law where the fems have made it illegal to say hello to foreign women.

  6. Ustael...dump your feminist wife. You deserve better (and even being alone would qualify).

  7. I remember a book written by a man, on parenting. He commented on this very issue, and said boys up to 13 are much harder to raise, but between 13 and up, girls catch up, and in the end the stress is equal.

    I have a different view. Let me be a major parenting influence, and the girl will be easier, because she is going to learn the truth at every point. Girls properly raised ARE easier to deal with. In the US/UK, they aren't properly raised, so they are Hell on Wheels. Let a woman raise them, and all is lost.

    Note I am not saying adult women are more important then men. Look around you and see how many things you see which would exist if they hadn't been invented by men. Maybe a lipstick? We would still be living in matriarchy like Papua New Guinea and your closest ghetto if it weren't for men.

    Anonymous age 65

  8. I always say to people, if women are so smart, then why did a man invent the tampon?

  9. Men are there for male tasks, women are there for female tasks.

    This man is totally brainwashed.

    I think girls should marry young they do not need studying.

    The reason is not misogynist, it is practical. While it is true that they have good marks at school, most of them marry fast after college and never get to use there knowledge.

  10. You know, its kinda funny that it surprised me so much. He likes to listen to the teenage "divas" that love to hate men so much like Avril Lavigne and basically every other young female singer, so its no surprise that he thinks men are fit to lick women's boots and no more.