Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got called a male chauvinist

Yep, I just got called a male chauvinist by my girlfriend. I clam up whenever someone makes accusations like that, because I recognize them for what they are - attempts to shout me down from an assumed higher moral ground. So they roll off me like water off a duck's back.

However, this is my girlfriend, and I want to make her see, to bring her over to our side. Its so easy for women to choose the path of privilege and victimhood, but I want her to see that women are not the woebegone helpless trodden-upon creatures they are made out to be. Of course, that's against all her training and she resists a lot.

Her: "one day you're going to wake up and realize how much you care for her by the time you do she'll be waking up next to the guy who already knew."
11:09 AM is this quote negative?
or positive?
i can't figure out
11:15 AM me: -ve
totally negative
11:16 AM Her: really
11:18 AM me: of course
she's saynig that she will leave him for someone who praises her
11:19 AM by the time he realizes he should have praised her, she will be gone
Her: i think its the other way around
me: and she throws sex in there too.. "waking up next to the guy..."
11:20 AM Her: its about the girl finding someone who appreciates her
me: then she should go and do it instead of shaming the guy into appreciating her more
its not all about her
11:21 AM Her: its the guy not understanding her..
but its both ways
don't you think
11:24 AM just like some things you realize only after you lose it, right?
11:28 AM me: yea
i guess
Her: does this apply to that quote
me: but listen to songs by men and by women
i don't know but only angry songs by women are popular
11:29 AM whereas the love songs by men are more romantic and hopeful
even you commented about that
11:30 AM Her: well woman have also given nice romantic songs
and popular
remember..."you are still the one" by Shania Twain
Kiss me by sixpence none the richer
me: nowadays?
11:31 AM i mean, its the volume of those songs
a few romantic songs versus a ton of angry songs
whereas there are no angry songs by male singers
Her: men have a lot more angry songs too
me: at least not in the mainstream
11:32 AM irreplaceable by beyonce
versus anything by john mayer etc
remember the "wanna make you feel beautiful" song
Her: i don't think you can compare it like that
me: "i don't mind spending every day
out in the corner in the pouring rani
look for the girl with the broken smile"
hate sells here
11:33 AM and women love to hate men
Her: its not about me i like that song
me: you don't believe me?
11:34 AM Her: when you say that it feels like you have learn from dealing with me
i am the women you have in your life right now
and you are getting this impression because i am behaving that way
me: i haven't been restricted only to the women in my life
my last girlfriend was a big feminist
big in all ways
she said all men are pigs
11:35 AM that's the common thing to say
Her: hmm and you never defended then
me: whereas no man can say in public similarly about women
Her: yeah right
what about whore,
cunts and all
thats such a praise for women
isn't it
11:36 AM me: is it acceptable to say those phrases in movies and TV
but its ok to say
dick dickhead asshole
Her: its acceptable to say "men are pigs on TV too"
me: its A-OK to kick men in the balls
yes it absolutely is
how do you think so many women say it
those exact words
11:37 AM why are you defending your sisterhood anyway
you can accept that some women hate men
can't you?
men don't defend other men just because they're men
Her: i am so sad to see you be such a male schononist.. what ever you call it
me: women do defend other women just because they're women
11:38 AM Her: you are doing the same
me: its ok
Her: you are defending your fellow men
me: because its high time men stood up for themselves
women ain't gonna do it for us
Her: wow
ok i am done
11:39 AM me: women are too busy defending female rapists and murderers
Her: i am going to eat with Jen
me: have fun baby
Her: i don't know i am in the middle i don't want to be a feminist
11:40 AM but then i can't say yes to whatever u are saying
its not a fight
me: i don't want to be near a man-hater so its great to hear that
Her: well i am not saying this to please you
thats what i am
and i feel bad you are a male chauvinist
i will be back
ok bye


  1. I wouldn't honestly call that comment very anti-male. However, the statement "You won't appreciate what you've got until it's gone" is a very typical statement to be used by females with regards to a relationship.

    How many times have you heard something like that from a guy being directed to a girl? It's really not very common.

    So I can see that particular phrase definitely causing a bit of resentment. I know I personally hate that sort of crap.

  2. Thanks for the comment suckerfish. I called her later and she completely minimized the incident, but I've got my antennae up now.

  3. I keep getting into fights like that with my now ex-girlfriend. What happens everytime is that we argue about it a lot and at some point she decides to leave. Usually the issue stays in my mind and I plan a highly structured defense for my case, but when I talk to her the next time she acts like nothing ever happened, or maybe comments with a brief "Did you get mad at me? Let's just forget it ok.."

  4. I get into these fights all the time with my wife. But she is a feminist, and a lesbo at that. Note the fact that my buddy pete here never calls his lady friend any names. Never calls her a feminist or a man hater. He ASKS here where she stands. But she comes out and calls him a male chauvinist without batting an eye. She just labeled him for doing nothing more than having an opinion. It is so sad. I feel your pain man. My wife brings in feminist books that put down men all the time. And has NO respect for me. Women think that if they SAY the have respect for men (or anyone else for that matter) enough that that automatically makes it true. Stand tall man. You are no male chauvinist. You are a man with rights. And thus you have free speech and the right to opinions. Even if your girl disagrees with them. It makes them no less valid.

  5. When she says something misandrist, call her one.

    When she asks what the hell that means, tell her "See, we have a word that is commonly understood as Men being bigoted towards Women, but the word that describes Women being bigoted towards Men is not even recognized by most of the general public!

  6. In the words of Tom Leykis...DTB.

    Dump that bitch.

  7. Hey Christinaj - you actually get to listen to the Leykis show in Australia?

  8. DTB: Dump That Bitch.

    Aw, rats! Somebody beat me to it! Good on you christianj!

    BTW: Anybody with a net connection can listen to Tom Leykis. Just go to his web page and click on the appropriate link.

  9. I'd dump her.
    "I feel bad you are a male chauvinist"

    She should feel good that you're a male chauvinist.

    My MRA weblog:

  10. I take that statement as a threat. If you don't do what I want, you are toast.

    I agree. DTB. Before she decides to get pregnant and you are scrod.

    there are two billion women in the world. At least half of them are tolerably attractive, and most of them are nicer to men than AW. The only ones I absolutely couldn't handle, except for AW, are those women with the filed, pointy teeth and the rings around the necks.

    Anonymous age 65

  11. I appreciate the concern, Anon 65. But she isn't an AW. Far from it. I think feminism is the natural state of being for the female mind - shaming a man who doesn't believe in the same thing that she does is as natural as breathing to women.