Friday, June 29, 2007

Sweet Jesus. Man to be arrested for being shot - by wife

Yes, you read that right. A man was shot in the head by his wife, and the police says that he is going to be arrested when he gets better.

He is SHOT. In the fucking HEAD. While he is SLEEPING. By his wife, who is a CONVICTED FELON.

And they want to arrest HIM? What the fuck?

Bullet Headache

Michael Moylan was admitted to hospital in Florida on Wednesday complaining of severe head pain. His wife April fled when a bullet was discovered.

She was subsequently arrested for illegal possession of a firearm.

Moylan, a convicted felon, later told police she had accidentally shot her husband as he slept when she drew a gun kept under her pillow.

She fired the weapon by mistake after being woken up by a burglar alarm in the early hours of Wednesday morning, reports quoted Moylan as saying.

Her previous conviction for cocaine dealing disqualifies her from owning a firearm in the United States.

Mr Moylan, meanwhile, remains in hospital in a stable condition.

A spokesman for the local sheriff told the BBC a decision had yet to be made on whether to charge Mr Moylan, who is also a convicted felon.

The sheriff's spokesman said it was "logistically not a useful thing" to arrest Mr Moylan at this stage.

If arrested, he said, Mr Moylan would have to appear in court within 21 days and the sheriff's office would have to pay any of his outstanding medical bills.

"There is no reason for the public to have to pay for this crime," he said.

Conflicting accounts

Mr Moylan arrived at a Florida hospital on Wednesday, saying he was woken up with a headache so severe he thought he had suffered an aneurysm.

He also reportedly told doctors he thought his wife had elbowed him in the head during the night.

A local newspaper, The Fort Pierce Tribune, quoted the sheriff as saying: "The nurse looked at him and said: 'It appears that you've been shot.' And he said: 'No way.'"

A police search of the couple's house uncovered a gun and blood-stained rags.

When initially questioned by police, husband and wife reportedly gave conflicting accounts of what had happened.

Just look at the story - and this is one of the less biased ones. At least they're not poking fun at the victim in this one. Or maybe they reserve that for the ones whose genitals were ripped off.

Conflicting accounts? You fucking idiots, he was SLEEPING when he was shot! Its a miracle he survived, why don't you go after the fucking shooter, the criminal, the one who had the gun, the one who fired the gun? Why the fuck are you making the victim's life miserable you fucking numbskulls, you fucking evil bastards, you fucking thugs?

There is no reason for the public to pay for a woman's choice to whelp out bastards, for the woman's choice to raise them into criminals, for the public to pay for her bad choices, but we do it every fucking day. Who the fuck appointed you as the judge of what the public should and should not have to pay for? We pay for all the fancy equipment you have, all the guns and tasers and teargas you use against law-abiding men to remove them from their families, who the hell are you to decide what the public should pay for?

If there is anyone to go after for this crime, it is the woman, who, being a member of the royal sex, is not even mentioned. Any guesses on what sort of "time" she'll do?

She fled. She fucking fled after the bullet was discovered. I'll give you three guesses on whether a man wouldn't already be in handcuffs sprawled on the concrete if a woman was found in this state.


  1. As a wild guess, I am thinking they plan to arrest him because he was knowingly in the house where there was a gun which he is not supposed to do.

    And, I am betting he screwed up and admitted he knew it was there.

    gun laws, like sex laws, are deliberately written to send as many people to jail as possible. And, it is axiomatic, even in pre-fem days that felons aren't allowed to have firearms.

    Anonymous age 65

  2. You're right Anon 65, but I don't know if its cynical or realistic, but I'm guessing that the police would have been out searching for the perp had the victim been a member of the "correct" sex.

    Out looking for the criminal instead of grilling the victim.

  3. What?? Throw a woman in jail just because she tried to kill her husband? Perish the thought. Especially when you have a valid excuse to toss a man in jail.

    Also, DV centers are actually underground railroads, and have been so since mid-80's. So, she is probably lurking in a DV center somewhere, helping write 'studies' on domestic violence.

    (I am not joking.)

    Anonymous age 65

  4. The woman was arrested the day of the shooting.

    He may also be charged seeing as they were both convicted felons and both in posession of the gun.