Sunday, July 01, 2007

Female pedophilia

Just like most other crimes committed by women, female pedophilia is very much swept under the rug. It has historically been women who have had the trust of society, and we as a people are extremely uncomfortable in suggesting that women/mothers can be anything less than perfect.

So its no surprise that female supremacists have found a way to leverage their claims of oppression into demanding that NAMBLA be legalized - only they want to have the privilege of molesting children solely for themselves.

Here is the website: Butterfly Kisses - Celebrating Love Between Women and Girls.

Just take a look at the homepage:

Isn't that so sweet? A mother's love is so tender right? WRONG! Pedophilia is wrong whether its perpetrated by a man or a woman.

Here's the intro paragraph:
Hello and welcome to "Butterfly Kisses". This web site is about and for women who are attracted to pre-teen and adolescent girls. Our primary goal is to give women and girls a tool for expressing their feelings and their love about this controversial topic, and to get people to open their minds to ideas about romantic and erotic attraction between women and girls that our society in the past has not been able to discuss openly and rationally. We also want to provide a place where women and girls can express themselves and can learn about their love in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to feel good about themselves and their sexuality.
This is some sick stuff, all wrapped up in the "women can't do any wrong" lie and packaged so that it tugs at your heartstrings, like most other things that are women's specialties. The manipulative sex indeed.

Here's a testimony:
My Daughter and I

by Sonali

My daughter and I have a healthy close relationship. I have been separated from her father for a year and a half so it's just the 2 of us. We love to cuddle and give each other tender kisses. Since her father and I separated, my relationship with her has gotten deeper and closer.

We have been in a "consensual sexual relationship", almost 2 months now. Before we admitted that we felt very stong feelings for each other we would cuddle and we would hug for long periods of time, maybe an hour at a time. That started when Jessica was 8, she is 10 now. She is a very giving child, always has been. I am so lucky. :D

I am so happy to find this site. It has helped me deal with what I thought was a strange and un-natural relationship. I thought I was the only one. I thought having a sexual attraction to my daughter was bad. I now do not feel guilty or conflicted. Just recently Jessica asked me about masturbation and I didn't feel at all uncomfortable talking about it with her. What we do is loving and comforting for the 2 of us. Tenderness is an arousing thing. I love putting my nose in her hair and filling my lungs with her sweetness. I love stroking her neck with my hand and feeling her softness. My daughter and I are very happy.

You couldn't make this sick stuff up. Eve Ensler's "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could" is also in there. It says Eve Ensler [editor], so I'm pretty sure the pedo is in there. I wonder if she's taken any vacations to Thailand recently... oh wait, I forgot, she's a woman. She can have all the little girl pussy she wants right here in the USA. If she gets caught, which is a slim chance when you're a woman, female supremacists will defend her "right to make love to whom she wants to" and chivalrous judges will look for the nearest man to throw into jail.

Now I have a little video for you. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK so don't even open it unless you're sure of your company or don't have any.

Spoiler (highlight to view): Just look at how the mother is forcing the child to suck at her breast even though it doesn't want to, just because she wants to get pleasure. Just because she wants to get her rocks off. These kinds of abuses happen every day, but they are invisible because women are not even suspected of abusing children as a matter of course, while any time a man goes out with his daughter on a walk, he is accused of being a pedophile, a child-snatcher or both.

In Erin Pizzey's Prone to Violence, she writes about how women casually use their children for sexual relief, recounting one time when a mother came in to the living room and gave her son an open-mouth kiss - a lover's kiss, right in front of Erin. That's the kind of stuff that fucks up a child irretrievably. You can imagine what else goes on behind closed doors because women today are brazen enough - they know that the children are their possessions, and they treat them like that.

Here are some comments by typhonblue over on SYG about this issue:

"In Japan there is an entire industry catering to female pedophiles. It's called "Shota".

I would bet that the majority of child-sex-tourists in Thailand come from Japan and not western countries. As for the *precentage* of male vs. female... not sure. Although when they did studies on incest in Japan they found *very* high levels of mother-son. (I think it was the largest incest catagory.)

BTW, this all overlooks one avenue by which women can have a sexual relationship with children: motherhood.

The same hormones that regulate nursing regulate human sexual responce. In other words the act of nursing can lead to a sexual experience, including orgasm, in a woman. The fact that a woman has a legitimate avenue to having a sexual relationship(as any relationship that results in orgasm is, by definition) with a child probably reduces the number of women who have to go out and prey on unrelated children(and thus make their interests more readily visible.)

Puts an interesting twist on all those "earth mommas" who nurse their offspring till they're pre-schoolers or older, don't it? Couldn't be these women are after a sexual thrill and are pedophiles could it?"

"(Responding to a poster who was later uncovered as a troll) And why not? If a woman is nursing a child until said child can have a coherent conversation with her, why *couldn't* it be due to purient interests on her part?

In other words, she's using the child to achieve orgasm for her own gratification. (Incidentally, many children start to become lactose intolerant at around the age of 3-5(2 for Asians and Black people), which means nursing isn't that healthy after a certain age and has little nutritional value.) "

"Just to illustrate the bias: Let's imagine a father cuddling with his three year old boy or girl. The father then, without any penetration (which makes it even less intrusive then nursing), allows the child to play with his genitals to orgasm.

Hold that feeling... the feeling of instant condemnation and revulsion.

Now look at a woman cuddling and breast-feeding a 3 year old. At that point the child has lost much of the lactase that allowed him or her to deride nutritional benefit from his or her mother's milk, or, even more preversely, his or her mother has ceased producing milk yet lets her child continue to nurse. The mother allows the stimulation of the child's nursing to sexually excite her to orgasm.

Why no parallel feeling of condemnation or revulsion? Is it because one is seen as "bonding" and the other isn't? Why?"

"BTW, I've been finding some really interesting stuff on breastfeeding and sexual abuse:

"In this nationally representative sample, self-identified childhood sexual abuse is associated with an increased likelihood of breastfeeding initiation[by the mother]."

In other words mothers who were victims of sexual abuse are more likely to initiate breast feeding with their infant (instead of letting the infant initiate.)

A possible explanation offered by the article was "concern over proper parenting" but perhaps an alternate explanation is offered by the observation that abuse victims often become victimizers and that these women are using their infants to cater to their sexual needs."

"I mean, what if the situation was reversed. What if it were *men* achieving orgasm whilst providing nourishment for their children. Let's say a man decided to prolong the activity long past the time when the child ceases to benefit from it, wouldn't his motives be suspect?
If you're getting sexual pleasure from breast feeding your child, then you are engaging in a sexual relationship with your child.

If the mother tries to avoid orgasming while breast feeding or ceases breast-feeding, she's obviously not a pedophile. However if she seeks out using her child to pleasure herself this way I don't see how thats any different then a male pedophile. I suppose _ignoring_ the fact that it's happening and continuing to breast-feed is a grey area.

Except, of course, this form of pedophilia is completely unrecognized by society and nearly impossible to combat."

"If a man got an erection when-ever he hugged his kids (not so unlikely since I've read about men who become aroused from hugging, even someone they would never have sex with) and then he decided to cuddle his infant while masturbating. Wow! Would he be dealing with a shit storm. Not so with this lady, and countless other shadow-pedophiles like her who have, undoubtedly, abused their own children through breast-feeding.

Imagine what that statistic would be if we were able to quantify the number of women who, like the sexually abusive mother in one of the links I posted above, use their nursing infants for their own sexual gratification? This is currently *invisible* sexual abuse that most probably has an effect on the psyche and when it manifests it may be ignored or, worse, blamed on a father(also like the link I posted.)

Interestingly, there is *no* medical study about the potential for sexual abuse of children via breastfeeding(breast rape, I suppose), yet many mothers seem to be on the defensive against some vague sense of disapproval. Feelings of persecution without any actual persecution (imagine how quickly a M.D. or researcher would be shamed into silence if he or she was to even broach such a topic) usually arise from guilt.

Both men and women have their dark sides, but our society is fascinated to the point of insanity with the dark side of men while ignoring the dark side of women."

"What bothers me is that he never answered my question.

I gave him a plausible scenario about how women could turn a nurturing activity into an opportunity for sexual predation on children (even a few examples of them doing so to prove that it does happen. One could imagine the outrage and immediate calls for studies and research if it were a nurturing activity that only men could do that a few men turned into an opportunity for sexual predation on children.)

And then I asked him, "what's stopping women?"

No answer. Although I imagine his answer would be along the lines of "women are more moral then men." Thus they would never, well not never, but very rarely take advantage of such an opportunity to sexually exploit children.

And I'm sure that his answer is the same reason why research has never been done on women's sexual exploitation of children via common nurturing behaviors. And thus why it *appears* (without adequate research) that there are more male pedophiles.

The bias protects itself."

Here's an damning post by jaketk:
A few years ago there was a woman out in Naperville who forced her 8-year-old son to breastfeed. He told his babysitter, who then informed the police. It was later discovered that the woman forced the boy to sleep nude with her and forced him to breastfeed several times a day. I believe at this point she was no longer producing milk. DCFS removed the boy twice, and then placed him back in her home twice knowing that the woman was sexually abusing the boy. Interestingly, an organization called La Leche International backed this woman's "right" to force her son to breastfeed when he no longer wished to.


  1. Hi Pete,

    A bit off-topic but I just noticed that Captain Zarmband, a British MRA, has now closed his blog and apparently deleted all of his older posts. The recent end of the Eternal Bachelor blog makes this event look very suspicious to my eyes, almost as if someone put pressure (through work?) to close the blog.

    Best wishes,
    Off Centre View

  2. Wow, good post man. I completely agree. When women molest, they molest is much more subtle ways.

  3. Holy shit, I just saw that for myself, OCV. What the hell could be going on? I hope the Captain is alright. You guys in the UK better watch out...

    fem scum, that's completely true. When female supremacists talk about "women's ways of knowing" they should be countered with "women's ways of molesting" and "women's ways of abusing"...

    Seriously, this blog closing is fucked up.

  4. Thanks Pete,

    I wonder if anyone's going to come after my blog too? I haven't updated in a while, as I've been busy with a lot of other things, but I'll take up the banner for the UK MRAs if need be.

    Off Centre View

  5. Damn Pete! You've really done a swell jobe representing this piece! Well done! How come a mans sexuality is wrong? It's so oppressive in so many ways. It's gone from our schools to breastfeeding to who only knows. I feel pissed right now I have no clue what to say. nice post.

  6. Captain Zarmband is gone, too? Now that is very suspicious.

    Women can be pretty dangerous. They try to breastfeed 8 yo. They steal unborns of other womens wombs with knives.

    And all this goes unreported.

    I am sure Captain and Eternal Bachelor were pressured. The Why would they have deleted everything?

  7. What's scary is that we have no clue where the pressure came from. Are they still OK? I hope they're safe from harm.

  8. Here's a possible clue, since both blogs were based in Britain, which is a European Union member. This is from the MRA blog (based in Ireland).

    "27 April 2007
    "EU Positioning to ban Dissident Opinions on the Internet

    "A commenter highlighted this very serious development in the European Union which will effect Freedom of Speech on the Internet, and will have a direct effect on all counter-Establishment, political blogs including those of Men's Rights Activists.

    "We must remember that the only reason we can use the Internet in the manner that we do is that the Internet, as it stands today, is Anarchy. Free Speech in its truest form requires Anarchy. We can thank the Americans for the way the Internet developed as a means of public and private discourse. There is a long tradition, and indeed pride, that in Free Speech in America that is enshrined in its Constitution. Granted, Free Speech is continually under threat in the State for both commercial and political reasons.

    "The European Union, with its overt coziness for Marxist/Socialist ideals, does not have as strong a record in this regard. We must watch this development very carefully and be prepared to defend our Free Speech if we must. Due to social constraints, gender politics and gender bias among employers, men's rights activists cannot speak out in the general public. The Internet has emerged as a veritable lifeboat for free-thinking men worldwide. Don't take this threat on our Internet freedoms and right to expression, language and speech lightly:

    "EU Moving to Ban Online 'Hate Speech':

    "In a typical move, Europeans want to ban something they don’t like. In an English-language article, the
    Danish Heise Online reported several members of the European Parliament, which is the elected body of the European Union, will submit a draft of a declaration next week that 'calls on providers in somewhat vague language to make provisions against "hate pages" part of their standard terms and conditions' with the ultimate goal to 'banish racism and hate propaganda from the Internet altogether'." [End of blog entry]

    K-Dog's further comment:

    Perhaps the crackdown has begun a bit early by targeting two of the most prominent and visible UK men's blogs? From what Duncan Idaho (EB) and Captain Zarmband often said, we should not be surprised at anything from the present British government.

    Some weeks back, in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, some idiot(s) posted comments on EB saying that they hoped the gunman had killed lots of women. The commentary spread here too. I warned that these posted comments were possibly provocations by fembots or their allies designed to make the blog look bad and get it labelled as "hate speech". Duncan deleted the offending comments, but perhaps the damage was done.

    Captain Zarmband had mentioned that he was being harassed, and I wonder in his case if the harassment wasn't escalated by targeting his blog.

    You might think your posts and web visits are anonymous, but you'd be surprised what computer forensics specialists can find and trace. Perhaps Duncan and the Captain were victims of a fishing expedition there.

  9. My guess is that the feminazi cyber police are very active, at least for UK now. Some compliant internet service provider's co-operation sought for elimation of 'spiteful, misogynist hate speech'.

  10. This is the same method used by the femiscum years ago in Canada. Tried to erase all men's sites with the help of government assistance....

    Shows we are winning and we have them heading for cover..getting desperate.

    Angryharry is still running, he would have to be the major target as he has been in the past..

    I am not convinced about the conspiracy theory yet. Remains to be seen, I think.

  11. I don't think many of you guys here quite understand the full view of this phenomena. Its not as if this is a feminist, or man hating women, or pedophile teacher, or even women specific so to speak lobby. The desire for this to go on and continue forever is intense amongst the majority of men as well. And, with the advent of free online pornography it just become a more entrenched and immovable position. The majority of men, sickos really, think it is great jackoff material to see young boys or girls being molested and sexed up by older women. I exaggerate in saying they consider it jack off material, as many other men just think, who cares. They probably are motivated from a desire to fit firmly within the masculine status quo and never say a single negative thing about women as it might cut down on their volume of booty calls if their comments get out. Then there are the large and visible groups of women, the non-pedophilic groups, who think its not such a big deal and quickly if they feel their sorority being overly criticized and attacked go to the issue of men who do wrong and attack and assassinate the character of men as being overwhelmingly criminal.

    My point is this. The majority of world simply DOES NOT CARE for one reason or another. They care if the reverse happens and a man is a pedophile. But, not when it is women. You will, and I encourage everyone to, change many of the majority opinions of the world if you want to stop this from being accepted. The trouble in doing that comes in the fact that the older and oldest generations are not the subscribers as much to the pedophilia when it is women doing it is good and makes you gay if you disagree with it. It is the younger generations that have a greater presence of this opinion. The internet porn generations and the VHS porn generations. I am talking about Generations X, Y, and now Z. They are the perverts who push the legitimacy of sexy "MILFS" having their way with everyone and anyone they see fit. And of course sexually repressed and confused women respond to it by feeling a sense of more freedom. They feel they now are less tied down, which is in line with the collective delusion amongst younger women that says that women's sexuality (with all of the hanging out of their butt thongs and scantily clad dress trends and general drunken hypersexuality) is extremely oppressed, and now be as close to the uber sluts that they worships in media and popular imagery.

    This is a firmly complex issue to somehow solve. You better have a army of men as persuasive as Bill Clinton and John Kennedy combined. Otherwise, this will be a losing battle.

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