Saturday, July 14, 2007

Choices for women

Suckerfish gave me this link yesterday. Its full of various women gloating over how they have it made, how they have a buffet table of choices and they can make whatever choice they want with no real consequences to them because of all the safety nets they have.

new majority of working moms in the United States would be happiest in part-time jobs, with fewer seeing full-time work as an ideal, according to a study released today.

In a notable shift during the past decade, working mothers overwhelmingly view fewer work hours as the best option for their busy lives with young children. The proportion of mothers who feel that way jumped 12 percentage points since 1997.

And they acknowledge men in the same way that a Queen acknowledges her slaves. The slaves are there like a pillar holding up a roof, and her empire is built on their back, but they amount to nothing in her eyes.

"We found that the younger people are more family-centric than boomers are," Galinsky said. "Most young people have seen someone lose their job, and they have lived through 9/11. It's not that they don't want to work. They just want to work more flexibly."

Rachel Schumacher, 36, of the District agrees that her generation is a factor. She feels lucky to have negotiated a part-time arrangement at the nonprofit organization where she is a policy analyst. This has meant some financial cutbacks and compromises.

"It lets me keep a hand in my career, and it allows me to be home more with my son, who is my priority," she said.

Schumacher's mother worked full time, without such an option, she said. A generation later, "we have the luxury of making these choices because of all the blood, sweat and tears our mothers put in," she said.

Its the same way with women. They barely acknowledge that there's almost always a man behind a woman's ability to choose. There was a father behind her ability to choose college, there was a boyfriend behind her ability to choose to leave her wallet behind every time she went out, and there were policemen, bouncers and countless unpaid bodyguards bound by the code of chivalry behind her choice to wear that revealing slinky little dress and lead on every guy in the bar.

The same is true of a mother's choice to work, not work, to work full-time or to work part-time. It is her husband's work that enables her to be able to make that choice, to enable her to become a parasite, to suck his lifeblood.

"Nowadays, in this society, you've got to be home with teenagers. You need to know what they are doing, You need to know their friends. You need to supervise their phone calls," said Wyche, a teacher. "You cannot do any of that if you are not in the house."

Yeah, teenagers sure are home all day including normal business hours, making calls using the phone in the living room and inviting friends over. Is this woman even connected to reality?

Many women get so used to not working that they would rather work their slave to death than to get their own hands dirty. Let's just say I have a friend who's mother doesn't have anything keeping her at home - the kids are grown up and moved out, and now she's trying to fill the emptiness by traveling to see them and being a good grandparent. No doubt that most people appreciate her being there for the new parents and the grandchildren, but people don't appreciate the fact that her husband is slaving away right now to pay for those air tickets. He is slaving away at that very moment to make enough money for both of them.

It is understandable that they came from a different era, one in which the woman was not expected to work, but its about common sense and a goddamn sense of honor ya know? The husband was likely to get laid off and it probably would have helped a ton if she took some of the bread-winning burden off him by going to work herself, but noooo, her daytime soap operas were far more important. Its not like she can cook and clean house when she's off with the grandkids anyway.

She's only too happy to hasten the inevitable heart attack by not taking responsibility for the financial state they're in and instead dumping it all on him.

And before you say "AW are all fucked in the head," no they are not American. They don't even live here. Every culture in the world treats men like disposable slaves.

You know, I believe that there are two kinds of MRA's and marriage strikers... look for my next post.


  1. I think it's funny in a sad way how the amount of women who wanted to be working full time went up to a high percentage just to start falling back down in percentage again.

    Why is this? Because they tried it, they got their feet wet and they realize that this real-life stuff is hard work and want to run back to the safety of an income generated by someone else while they spend all day with their family.

  2. I agree that men all around the world are the beasts of burden for women. The difference is that in non-feminazified societies, women actually give something in return, whereas in feminazified countries (like the USA), women give nothing in return.

  3. Birthrates (indigenous)well below replacement level in the west,marriage dropping out the bottom of the bucket by 15% Per Annum,state budgets rocketing year by year and no more excuses.
    Men can't go on being blamed- as they will sure as hell baulk at providing the solution that will be needed.
    Used to be- a good war or two would do the trick...but that's old hat these days and too hi tech. Maybe a drop of plague,locusts, magnetic pole flipping or a rogue asteroid.
    Who knows..the golden age may have just passed by whilst women were grabbing the goods of past generations' work and hardship.
    The female populace may tire of watching BB -but BB will never tire of them. Sad!!
    BTW New co-habit laws will just make thing worse...amazing the top apparatchiks don't see this !
    Just shows how out of touch our 'leaders' are.....