Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog transition to Wordpress

From now on, I will be simulposting to both Blogger and Wordpress.

Blogger -

Wordpress -

With Fred X's departure today, I am very worried about this blog being deleted by Google. Anyone know of another blog service that values freedom of speech and won't delete politically-incorrect material?

To the rest of you bloggers, you should strongly consider some alternative, given Google's flexibility with censorship when it suits them. Wordpress also has more features, some that I really like, including comment editing.

UPDATE: I'm going to disable comments on this blog (Blogger) from the next post onwards, so that there isn't a mess with people posting comments in both blogs.


  1. It isn't just smelling a rat, it's actually a pretty bad stench. Eternal Bachelor, Captain Zarmband, and now Fred X all gone in a month's time and all archives deleted. All were based in Britain and all gave terse notes to the effect that it was time to go.

    Does anyone really know the true story? I don't buy Fred X's comment about "personal reasons" for a moment, since he just celebrated his 100,000th hit and seemed happy about it. After EB and the Captain went, he said he was going to continue posting as long as he could. Now, just a matter of days later, he's gone too.

    I think we can assume the worst. Somebody got to him.

  2. John Dias says that if you wish to control your own webspace then you have to pay for it. He reommends this host as they charge next to nothing.

    f it

  3. It could have been work related. You may be being a bit hasty Pete.

  4. Well, it is very odd indeed. I will have to migrate by blog onto my on server. They can kiss my arse lol. The (unanswerable) question is why. What prompted the closure of the blogs? Work pressure, google just deleting them or what?

    Anyway, we need more people to start up blogs. They probably got flagged as offensive or something.

  5. male samizdat (MRA Blog with blogger) has this up on his site-"somebody decided to flag this blog as spam and I cannot post new content. I will not be silenced. The entire content of this blog has been moved to"...

    Or see this offer from John Dias page 4 on below link


  6. fred x is gone, captain zarmband is gone, eternal bachelor, too.

    That is very strange. If you go, too, please complain somewhere.

  7. Pete, what did you think of Fred?

  8. Wow, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that we do NOT elect Hilary Clinton. The Democrats are getting bold and speaking about a "Fairness Doctrine". If this happens, free speech will be GONE.

  9. Geez, Pete. I have a sorta pol. incorrect blog on blogger, and a really incorrect one.

    Never a peep from anyone.

    Now, that said, I enjoy reading on Blogger more, and want to comment from time to time.

    Will you reconsider shutting off comments here?

    The Geez

  10. Geezer, please continue commenting on the Wordpress blog since I really would like to move over and it won't help if half the comments are here and half there. You can post anonymously or use a name and link it to your site.

  11. pete, is gone.

    After zarmband, eb, and others, it is aw.

  12. Captain Zarmband returns! I'm now at

    They've tried to shut me up but I'm back.

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