Saturday, July 07, 2007

This is why men are wary of women

Remember this article from a couple of months ago that men don't pay women the "recommended" number of compliments per day? Here's what Eternal Bachelor had to say about it:

Men wary of paying women compliments

Men have become too worried about political correctness to pay women simple compliments, according to a new survey.

We're not worried about political correctness; it's the sexual harassment laws that political correctness bought about that worries us, not to mention the fact that a woman can retort with an abusive insult that you can't respond back to without either getting sacked, arrested or beaten up by a passing Captain Save-a-Ho.

There have been several reports of this today - slow news day I guess - and all invariably have comments or quotes from women saying how they love compliments and want to receive them.

Aw, poor girlies. They're not getting enough attention, or being told how pretty they are. Maybe they shouldn't have followed their 'liberation' movement that demonised and even criminalised male sexuality.

It's like a report from California last year about how career gals were getting all upset because men in the workplace often didn't talk to them or invite them out for after-work drinks because the guys were worried about sexual harassment charges. Back then - like now - there is no talk of relaxing these rules or perhaps changing women's attitudes (like not being man-hating entitlement princesses.)

Fewer than one in five women questioned (16%) received the “recommended” five compliments a day, and 12% said no one had paid them a compliment in the past three months.

What's this about the 'recommended' five compliments a day? Do women fall into a coma if they don't get them?

Another important reason why women aren't receiving as many compliments these days is because many don't deserve them. That seems to have been overlooked by all these news reports on the story.

If women want more compliments, how about acting and dressing as if they deserve them? It's rather hard to find anything about most modern women to compliment (let alone an incentive to do so) when many act and dress like either sluts, or like some bizarre, warped, confused wannabe-man.

Yeah, its not political correctness we're afraid of, its vindictive fucking women who wield their hatred with the full backing of the state.

Like these two women in Denver, who, upon receiving a compliment from a man, promptly called the police and got the man arrested for harassment. Imagine that! Telling a woman that she is beautiful is tantamount to harassment and deserves immediate arrest and a $10,000 bond. I bet even female murderers and rapists don't get that much punishment.

DENVER -- A man who told two women they were extremely beautiful was arrested on charges of harassment last week, Denver police said.

Police said 32-year-old Jeff John Hergert approached the women and "expressed interest in them." He told each woman in two separate incidents that they were extremely beautiful and that they should consider modeling.

Hergert was arrested and is being held on two counts of harassment. He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

What a fucking hellhole the Western world is becoming. He "expressed interest in" a member of the royal sex! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! No wonder that girls are going after bad boys and thugs with such a vengeance, because basically anyone who pays them a compliment has become a thug in the eyes of the law.

Doubtless there will be many chivalrous white knights on their donkeys rolling in to make excuses. They always do. The only thing that sickens me more than women's vehement defending of their own sex is the collaborationists' belief that women are weak, all men are evil, and of course that they'll get sex if they defend women. 

Here its the system that is punishing the men, so it is easy to shift the blame from the women. One could say that if the system were sane, these women's complaint would have been treated like the frivolity it was. But make no mistake, this machinery would not be in place without women's complicity - their knowledge that laws like this will make criminals of their sons, husbands and fathers is what is so damning. Hell, they engineered the systems for exactly this result! They just don't fucking care about anything except what benefits the female sex.

The only purpose greater than more privileges for the female sex, in the mind of women, is more privileges for themselves.

No wonder they're the selfish sex.


  1. In part, I feel sorry for him, of course. But, also I bet he was warned many times by other men it isn't a good idea to compliment women, and he assumed he was special and different, and thus paid no attention.

    Anonymous age 65

  2. There so many beauteous women.

  3. What a poor silly bloke. Doesn't he know it goes against women's rights to compliment them in anyway?!?!?

    Seriously though, whatever happened to free speech? Unless the guy was groping them or physically attacking them or insulting them, I cannot see any logical reason as to why he had been arrested. The over-riding 'rule' these days is that you must not 'offend' anyone ever - which makes everything bland and dull - and so this man was arrested because he somehow offended those women.

    The only Western women that really hold my interest anymore these days seem to be those ones who had strong father figures in their lives to teach them to look outside of themselves and to actually like men. Far too many women seem to either be angry at men (for whatever reason) or try to be like them, it's crazy.

    Having said that, I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours yesterday in the company of a beautiful (inside and out), God-fearing lady friend from Estonia which was really refreshing, and she made a lot of western European women look incredibly unfemminine by comparison. And she didn't mind being complimented about the fact, she just had the maturity to accept it in the right manner that it was given.

    Off Centre View

  4. I wonder if it would have been better to call them a couple of stupid cunts? Maybe that wouldn't have landed him in such hot water.

  5. Hey assholes! Go to google and type in "Jeff John Hergert" and see what you find. He goes from state to state and skips out on his bail. He is 32 and goes after teen age girls, not girls his own age. Next time, before you open your stupid mouth, do a little research so you know what you are talking about. Thanks a lot.


    What he may or may not have done in the past is no defense for unjust laws that affect EVERYONE!

    I don't give a fuck whether a 99 year old man goes around telling 18 year old woman that they're beautiful; so that he can try and get into their panties. As long as they're above the age of consent the government, and everyone else who isn't involved should mind their own business.

  7. Mike Hunter,
    Please get your facts right. He was telling woman they were beautiful in 5 states but the rest of the fact are not clear. In PA he was harassing 2 GIRLS ages 16 and 15!!! He also physically harmed at 19 year old girl! This man has something wrong with him. I don't care if the girls are of legan age, it done not give a perv the right to go after them. Oh and by the way, "Anonymous" is personaly involved fuck face!

  8. Mike Hunter,
    P.S. the grammatical errors are on purpose so that my comments can reach your lower level of intelligence!

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