Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Woman cheats, has baby, boasts about it

This woman cheated on her "The One" (the ox chosen by her to pull her load for the rest of her natural life) with a Mexican fisherman who was 20 years older than her.

Could it be any truer that women only look for niceness, stability and a temperate demeanor when it is time to settle down? Men all over the MRA movement are pissed because American females don't like nice guys like girls from other cultures do, and they are angry that these females spend their prime years fucking and sucking thugs and then want to settle down with a nice guy in the suburbs when the tits start to sag.

But it is only different because the Western world is rich enough to afford it. In a country where even the lowliest of peons can have a TV, a computer and a can of beer in the cupholder, women can afford to fuck exciting thugs until its time to settle/settle down. Of course, the more attractive ones quickly learn the value of their cunt and use it to its full extent, but the more traditional MRA's praise those women.

Women accuse men of having the Madonna/Whore complex, but as usual, it is projection. These women willingly have wild and crazy sex with other men, but don't want to do the same with their husband, because "then he would want me to do that all the time." Can you think of a more selfish thing to do?

These women have the sucker/fucker thing down pat - one type of man to pay for the drinks, one type of man to fuck after the drinks.

So anyway, this cunt goes to Mexico, fucks a fisherman, has his baby and tells her boyfriend that its his - going to the extent of putting him down as the father, and doubtless he will be on the hook for child support for many years all thanks to this evil cunt's lying.

What must it be like to conceive a child during a secret holiday romance, and then have to confess to your long-term partner that you have betrayed him?

That was the dilemma facing Francesca Morosi, 37, when she discovered she was pregnant after an affair on holiday in Mexico. Here, Francesca, who lives in Leicester with her son Julian, aged four, and runs her own financial services business, tells her extraordinary story.


Here are some excerpts I culled from the way-too-long article.

I have no doubt I was deeply in love with him. I remember telling my mother that I'd met 'The One', and he in turn told me that I was the first woman he'd fallen in love with.

Sean dreamed of going to central America to help the street children of Mexico City. We agreed this could form part of a grown-up gap year, so in January 2002, we both quit our jobs - I was working in accounting - and went to Mexico.

He wasn't, of course, my usual bookish type. He was very different to Sean and with his angular face and skinny legs, he wasn't even remotely attractive. Yet there was something about him which was compelling and I found myself looking forward to seeing him when he came in for a drink.

Especially as Sean and I had not been getting along that well since leaving Mexico City. Despite our breathtaking surroundings, there was tension between us and so when Cecilio invited me to join him on a fishing trip, I agreed.

I never planned for anything to happen, but afterwards, as we cooked fish on an open fire on a secluded beach, Cecilio kissed me. To my amazement, I found myself responding, and, carried away by the passion of the moment, soon we were making love on the sand.

Afterwards I felt incredibly guilty at my betrayal of Sean.

Far from our beach tryst being just a brief encounter, it was the start of six weeks of madness during which I slipped away from Sean while he worked in the restaurant, to see Cecilio every day.

He challenged me about my friendship with the fisherman. 'Is anything going on?' he demanded. 'Don't be ridiculous!' I lied. 'How could you think that of me!' To my relief Sean, who'd always been on the jealous side, accepted my denial.

But a distance grew between us and I'd push him away when he approached me sexually. On the few occasions we did sleep together, I'd be thinking of Cecilio. That would make me feel guilty, too. 'What kind of woman am I?' I'd think, hating myself for being so deceitful.

Sean could tell something was wrong, but was stunned when I said I thought I should have a pregnancy test - even more so when it was positive and I burst into tears. I felt panicked. A baby was the last thing I'd planned and I didn't know who the father was!

Though Sean told me how happy he was, I could not have been more miserable and wept hysterical, guilty tears. The two men I'd slept with could not have looked more different and I knew I would not be able to pass off my baby as Sean's if he wasn't his.

I knew he was devastated, but I did not want to break him completely. 'How many times were you with him?' he demanded. 'Only a couple of times,' I lied. I couldn't face telling him it had gone on every day for six weeks.

She is as much at home in a web of lies and deceit as a fish is at home in the water. Female supremacists claim that women lie to make others feel good or so others don't feel as bad, but its clearly obvious that they don't give two bloody hemorrhoids about anyone else's feelings. The entire article can be summed up as "Waah waah woe is me, I feel so sorry... for myself."

Sean must have felt devastated when he learned that she cheated on him. This is what I hate about the societal double standard - a man must prove himself continually, be exhorted to "be a man" and is constantly being judged, while women, they just are.

To be a man implies acting against your own interests, such as to work in a dangerous job to provide for one's family, or to go to war to slake a politician's thirst for blood.

To be a lady (not a woman) implies serving your own interests, such as not having sex outside of marriage so men can't get free sex, not wearing revealing clothes so that men can't get a free peek at her boobies.

Is it any wonder then, that women are the selfish sex?


  1. Pure selfishness. Pure selfishness. B*itch

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