Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Poetic justice - a woman gets her comeuppance

This is a really cool story, in the same vein as my "Reversal of 'This Was No Accident'" post. In that story, a man is cheated on by a woman who claims to be pregnant with his child, but the man has had a vasectomy and knows that the child can not be his. He keeps the charade up for a while, but eventually tells her what's up. Read the story, its very satisfying.

Anyway, this is a similar story in that a woman is forcibly put in the place of a man, but with a less happy ending. In this story, a man spends lavishly on a woman, treating like a princess, but the punchline is that he does it with her own money! He took her bank card when she wasn't looking and spent (most of) the money on her. The relationship was great until she found out. She probably thought she was going to get access to a large fortune by marrying Mr. BMW Driving Department Manager, and instead she got squat.

But the sad ending is that the guy is now in prison. He admitted that he had cheated her by pretending to come from a wealthy background.

Hey guys, you think we should take our ex-girlfriends to court for fraud? They buy bras to enhance their cleavage, they apply makeup to enhance their face, and they have surgery to appear more youthful and sexy - just like a whore, that's all that many of them bring to the table.

Man courts girl with stolen money -- hers

A man in Shanghai's Minhang District courted his girlfriend by buying her luxury goods but their affair ended when she found he was paying for the presents with money embezzled from her bank card, Shanghai Evening Post reported today.
The 24-year-old suspected fraudster, identified as Zhang Guyuan, was arrested over theft yesterday. Zhang admitted he had cheated the woman by pretending to come from a wealthy background, the report said.
"She revealed the password of her bank card inadvertently, and I took away the card secretly," Zhang told police.
Zhang was reported to have embezzled at least 50,000 yuan (US$6,562) from his girlfriend and most of the money was used to buy her gifts to please her.
Zhang's girlfriend surnamed Jin got to know the man via the Internet.
"He told me he's a department manager with a foreign company and he earned 200,000 yuan a year," said Jin, a designer.
Zhang at the beginning of their affair told Jin that he just bought a BMW and would like to invite her to go on a ride to the beach in Fengxian District, said the report.
Zhang had to behave like a rich man though he had been jobless since graduation from university.
"He bought me luxurious clothes and shoes and a 24K gold ring," Jin said. What she didn't realize was that it was actually she who was paying the bill.
She had not realized that her card had been taken because she was careful with money and seldom used the credit card.
Zhang's embezzlement was not discovered until May 27 when Jin went to withdraw some money on the card to pay for her mother's medical treatment.
"I asked to watch the monitoring video at the bank to see who took away my money, and I was so surprised when I saw my boyfriend on the screen," Jin said.

Oh yeah baby, you thought you were In like Flynn didn't you, you gold-digging materialistic bitch? Maybe now she'll realize that all those gifts and "romantic moments" don't come free.


  1. I didn't see a way to message you directly, but I thought you might find this story of interest:

    Keep up the great work with this blog! It's so important for people to hear these stories of blatant disregard and discrimination.

  2. Hey marina, thanks for the heads up. I posted that story today.