Friday, March 02, 2007

Fuck hard work, I've got Wonderbra™!

Saw this article in the Daily Mail. Its a little old, but I haven't seen it discussed on the MRA blogs I frequent.

Forget hard work - women would rather flirt their way to the top | the Daily Mail

According to the article, "three out of five women would rather work for a man than a woman, while a further 86% would flirt with a male colleague if it meant they got their own way."

We've all seen it before - whether its on the job or in school or even in the family, women are not averse to using their feminine charms to get their own way. Hell, half the time, they don't even have to go as far as suggestive dressing or acting - just being a woman and not having any major disfigurements is enough. But boy oh boy do they know how to lay it on thick if they really want something. Flexible morals, you know.

The best payoff is when they can not only use their tits and ass to get ahead, but then sue the company for sexual harassment later. Double jackpot!!

One thing that has always infuriated me is that women don't seem to have a dress code - they can wear anything from a mumuu, to a short skirt with thong poking out the back, to a pantsuit - anything they bloody well want to. One outfit that's really popular these days is tight tight skin tight sheer nylon pants - with a thong or G-string underneath of course, don't want a VPL! These can be paired with a cleavage-exposing tank top and a loosely buttoned shirt. And if anyone except that cute guy from Accounting stares, dirty looks and dirtier gossip abounds. Its pretty much the uniform, and they know just how much those pants accentuate their ass. They know exactly how much attention they're drawing, make no mistake.

I don't know if most of you notice, but a lot of women don't shower before coming to work. I personally don't care if you guys don't shower in the morning even though I religiously shower every morning, but apparently these women are used to not showering and most of their perfumes and sprays just cover up that smell. You only notice the stench in the really fat cows because they sweat a lot and smell worse, but the thinner ones are just as bad.

The standard excuse is that their hairdo would be ruined if they took a shower, or their skin would become dry, or they don't have time, what will all the other primping a ho must do. Just don't EVER take a whiff of their hair - I almost fainted when I was helping out a particularly pretty blonde with something on her computer, and I thought she'd smell nice so I just took in a breath when I was near her head. I just about gagged, it was that horrible.

Most of the time they put perfume in their hair or one of those leave-in conditioners so it doesn't smell like shit.


It found that while women continue to reach high-powered positions in the workplace, they are still prone to indulging in what could be described as typically female behaviour.

Crying in the loos was a common confession with 85 per cent of women admitting that they had locked themselves in the office toilet for a quick weep.

See, this is the kind of double standard that I hate. They can be all professional and not-taking-shit one moment, all vulnerable and teary-eyed the next. "Quick weep" my ass. They're just attention whores. And woe betide you if you confuse the two. They should be committed for multi-personality disorder, goddamn twats.

And of course they need to be consoled, whatever made them cry has to be dealt with, yadda yadda - remind anyone of their sister?

There are a lot more statistics in the article so go ahead and read it all.

While 70 per cent of women thought that socialising outside office hours brought them more influence at work two in five women had not been invited to traditional male bonding activities such as a round of golf or a game of poker.

Maybe because they aren't any fun and would probably cry sexual harassment on finding out that their male colleague's shots were consistently better and they were more able to suppress their giggling when they got a good hand.


  1. Go to the pissior to cry? Not at the lazy B!

    My cube neighbor openly and noisily sobs, for several minutes, right in front of God and everyone.

    Even the catty wimmin' think it is inappropriate, and we (the catty wimmin' and I) joke about it.

  2. "Go to the pissior to cry? Not at the lazy B!

    My cube neighbor openly and noisily sobs, for several minutes, right in front of God and everyone.

    Even the catty wimmin' think it is inappropriate, and we (the catty wimmin' and I) joke about it." stated the on March 03, 2007 at 12:30pm


    She might be useful if she was brought over to Brisbane, as her tears could be used to raise dam levels and ease the water crisis in south-east Queensland.