Friday, March 30, 2007

Your Ex-Wife is now a man? Keep paying slave!

Check this article out - Ex-wife's sex change doesn't end alimony. Apparently this guy is/was a utility worker and was already saddled with a $1250 a month donation to his wife's tranny fund. She used the money to good effect, and is now legally a man. Sex change, hormone therapy, the works.

But the slave must keep paying. According to the Florida courts, her sex change into a him doesn't mean that he doesn't have an obligation to him.

Look at what awaits you if you marry - look at the fucking double standard. S/He will be able to sue anyone who calls him a she now, as well as draw alimony for the vagina s/he no longer possesses. Just look at the freedoms females are awarded in this country, and know that you, as an ordinary male, will never be accorded the same freedoms and basic rights and privileges.

Naturally, I'm against alimony for any reason - women know they have more options available to them than any given man, and I don't think it is the patriarchy that tells them to go into low-paying, easy as piss jobs, whiling away their time until they are "saved" by a serfmale whose back they will then latch onto until they die.

Alimony is the foulest, most evil concept I've seen in my lifetime, worse than being imprisoned for having a Swastika on your person. At its very core, it is a belief that men must pay women - for companionship, for a fuck, for whatever it is that women provide men. But this payment is couched in terms that elevate the female and denigrate the male, so it is not as if the payment is either voluntary or it is clear what the payment is for. Look at all the well-educated, high-earning women females cunts that have managed to wring out alimony payments from their rich husbands. Hell, they didn't have to lift a finger - the lawyer's cost was either borne by the state or by the husband, and the money just flowed in by virtue of the vagina's innate power.

Can you tell I'm mad as hell?

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  1. You would think women are equal to men and all!!!