Saturday, March 03, 2007


I've written about diamonds here, and the Eternal Bachelor has also written about diamonds here. Now for a few images...


  1. Good stuff!!!

    When I married my Mexican wife 31+ years ago, she not only didn't get a diamond, she bought her own wedding ring. Seriously. And, I let her do it. And, I didn't even apologize. (I had child support to pay, and she was also working) And, I never wear one, as a electronic technician a wedding ring on your finger is a good way to die.

    When our son was born, I gave her a cheap, $50 set of earrings, they weren't even diamonds, and told her thanks for the kid, you got a daughter, now I have a son, and he's mine to raise. Also seriously. I fed him after he stopped nursing; burped him; changed diapers; took him to the doctor and stayed home when he was sick; stuck the thermometer up his butt when he had a fever; gave him his baths; you name it; I did it.

    Turned out to be a real good idea, because he was 10 on the Richter scale of hyperactivity, and he was the only hyperactive in our neighborhood who didn't have an arrest before age 18 -- though he was by far the worst of the lot. (Hyperactives do better with male care than female care.) He is currently in med school.

    Add another item to the list of women to avoid. Women who expect you to give them a diamond engagement ring. Tell her to buy her own friggin' ring, and if she doesn't like that, good riddance. You just saved your *** again.

    Anonymous age 64

  2. LOL!

    That cheered me up Pete, especially after seething from reading about the mexican jealousy, boys spanking girls and keeping up with the janes articles.

    Ah fucking skanks.

  3. Hey FM Watkins, glad it cheered you up!