Monday, March 05, 2007

Stupid or crazy in love?

I saw this article while reading through the Russian Women blog's archives the day before yesterday. I usually like RW's blog, its pretty nice and gives a view of what life in Russia with Russian women would be like. However, I can't agree with rw_man in this one, but maybe I have the wrong view...

Check it out: How Stupid Can this Man Be?

Apparently, some guy from the US was so smitten by a Russian woman, and why not, when they're as pretty and non-vitriolic, non-feminist as they appear? He was so smitten that he sent money over to her - he got $100k scammed out of him.

Then, when he came to Russia for his beloved, she told him that she will call the cops on him and get him thrown in jail on a DV charge. So simple for her - must have took her two seconds to say that sentence. And he must have been ruined. All that hope, all those dreams, dashed in an instant.
But to me it sounds like all the commenters on this story are pretty much dancing on his grave, to use a cliché. There is no need to revel in his foolishness, to call him names and insult him like that. Just as girls are taught that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, boys learn from observation that the way to a girl's heart is through her purse - fill it and her heart will fill with love too. Of course, now cooking is probably legally defined as abuse and the man will continue to pay long after she's left him, but that's beside the point.

By ignoring the scammer's role, he's essentially telling the mark that he was so stupid, he deserved it. And that is never the case. People don't deserve to be scammed, to be beaten, to be abused - physically, mentally or sexually, and in this case, just because he was taken in by a russian woman, doesn't excuse the bitch who carried out this masterplan.

What made me even more sick was that after pages and pages of representing Russian Women as sweet innocent angelic creatures, rw_man is painting this man as a demon, as just wanting "a lifetime whore because money is the only thing he's got and their ain’t much else he can show to represent himself as a Man.."

I don't know, but that passage sounds like it belongs in some feminist blog, not Russian Women. I personally think that scammers shouldn't get a free pass just because the tragedy happened to someone who you can make a caricature of and laugh at. Am I wrong?
Cover of a Russian newspaper I saw in the grocery store today.


  1. The article is good How Stupid Can this Man Be? interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good work. be in touch

    regards Biby - Blog

  2. Well,

    I think the Russian man might know that these types of stories might be bad for his business of getting Western men married to Russian women.

  3. It doesn't take manginas time to show their true colors.

  4. If a woman who flops on the floor of a crowded bar and gives a man sex just before closing time (a nationally publicized case some years ago) doesn't 'deserve' to be raped by the other drunks in the bar, then that man who was victimized by a Russian scam team didn't deserve to be scammed.

    If a woman who spent two hours naked in bed with a man, fondling each others genitals, then once she had her cookies, told him no more, and he was charged with rape and sentenced to prison, because he thought it was fair he got his cookies, too, didn't deserve to be raped, that man didn't deserve to be scammed. (This was another national rape case about the same time as the case above.)

    Of course, you should never send money to a woman you have never met, in Russia or not. And, I will say probably not a woman you have met.

    But, there is a bigger issue here. Y'all need to read Dr. Laura's TEN STUPID THINGS MEN DO. It is pretty much the male equivalent of TEN STUPID THINGS WOMEN DO.

    One of the things men do is take unto themselves messed up female trash, thinking they are a Real Man, because they are going to save this poor, helpless, fragile female from all her problems. (Guilty as charged, Your Honor.)

    His, the Real Man, problems comes about because as you solve a woman's problems she grows two or three more. GUARANTEED!

    So, if you meet this absolutely wonderful woman whose mother needs surgery, or father needs a wheel chair, or her brother needs money to pay a fine to get out of jail, or she herself needs to start a business to keep from starving LET THE FIEND AND HER MOTHER AND FATHER DIE!!! IT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM.


    Go for a woman with education who comes from a healthy, sane, crime free family with no known birth defects, and who provide her with a decent, safe, environment with no hunger -- and there is a father in the house who makes sounds like a man, not a beast.

    Anonymous age 64

  5. I agree with Anon 64.

    What the fuck, women will quite happily pass up on a man who has stressed in his life. Like being broke, problems in the family etc.

    They don't give a fuck. Why should you?

    Get with the type of girl YOU would want to. If you meet girls that have a strange air about them, be extra cautious, and don't give them a damn thing.

  6. Truer words were never said. Most men fall into the trap of being unconsciously trained to lift women up out of the shitty situations they have put themselves in.

    Being a hero is, like Warren Farrell said, more like being a slave.

  7. Yeah, guys do have a sense of wanting to help a 'damsel in distress' but that came from a time when it was appreciated.

    Life is hard enough for a man these days.

    Like I said, guys should look out for themselves first. Because I guarantee these women aren't looking out for you, and neither is anyone else, including the law, the media et al.